NFS Most Wanted APK V1.30.18 Latest Version Download

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Everyone has the desire to go fast, cross others and reach the line. When in reality, all don’t get an equal chance; in the virtual world of gaming, anyone can satisfy that urge. Download NFS Most Wanted APK today and beat the crowd with top cars.

NFS Most Wanted APK

Need For Speed earned its fame in 1994 after the acquisition by Electronic Arts. And in 2012, it took hold of the most wanted IP with NFS Most Wanted.

That year my brother bought the DVD, and we fought over hours to get the first turn. But the good news is you can download the APK on your android now. Wanna  know how? Keep your eyes here.

What Is NFS Most Wanted APK?

APK is the abbreviation of “Android Package Kit”. It is a package file format that lets android users play apps right on their phones. Need For Speed Most Wanted APK is the mobile version of the game you can play using smartphones.

The advantage of APK is it will let you play in the middle of anything. You can download it from the Google Play Store, open the app and start racing. Moreover, it allows for continuous up-gradation of cars. However, to unlock advanced features, you will have to spend some extra bucks.

But alternatives like NFS Most Wanted Mod APK is also available on the internet, which will let you enjoy some premium features free of cost. MOD APK is the modified version of the original APK file; developed by other creative developers. However, it is not legal and ethically wrong. So it’s better not to take that road.

Need For Speed Most Wanted APK Features:

NFS Most Wanted APK comes with some excellent features. That made it different from the other versions of the series. It is the first mobile version of Need For Speed; that allows on-screen steering to make the ride more real.

Need For Speed Most Wanted was developed by Criterion Games in 2012. Unlike other versions, it has most of the cars unlocked from the beginning. However, you have to acquire them through racing. The mobile version of NFS Most Wanted offers excellent graphics, high-speed driving and the luxury of personalization.

 Let’s look at some of the features of Most Wanted APK.

It’ll Dare You:

The game features different racing challenges. Each race has a distinct timeline and milestone that you need to accomplish. And with each achievement, you can earn new cars and the chance to participate in more events.

All-around Quality:

The game features some of the splendid cars [more than 40 models] of top brands. For car lovers, that might provide some soothing impact.

Other than high-quality graphics, it comes with excellent audio effects that provide intense tones of crashing, screeching of tires, and busting.

Touch Control:

The accelerometer helps control turning and tilting; while using a sensitivity slider, you can fine-tune device responsiveness.

For drifting your car, tap on the right side of the screen. The left side of the screen is reserved for brake and reverse gear. With a single touch, you can break the car. But for reversing, you have to keep pressing.

For any acrobats you want to pull out, you will need more speeds and high nitrous levels. You can trigger nitrous by the upward swipe on the right screen, and a visual gauge of the nitrous bar will let you see when it becomes full.

Visual Design:

The tracks of the NFS Most Wanted APK are wide with slow curves. You can pick a high speed of 180 mph without facing any traffic. Spikes and barricades are more tricky and dangerous. However, you won’t find it hard to manage on wide highways.


The game gradually progresses from suburban to sophisticated areas where you will eventually get the chance to race with elite racers and upgrade your car.

The key complaint of gamers against the APK is perhaps the issue of money. To get new cars, you need both experience and money. Even you need to rebuy upgrades after playing two races.

Sure, you can earn money replaying episodes for an unlimited time. But then who likes to play the same things again and again only to earn bucks for unlocking features.

Need For Speed Most Wanted APK File Information

Need For Speed is a solid racing game. It first made available for Android, Kindle Fire, Wii U, and iOS devices in 2012. NFS Most Wanted APK + Data Download is safe to use as long as you are not using the MOD APK of Most Wanted side-by-side.

Let’s check the APK file information of Most Wanted in Google Play Store.

App Name: Need for Speed™ Most Wanted

Current Version: 1.3.128

Last Updated: December 20, 2018

APK Size: 19M

Android Requirement: Version 4.1 and up

Total Downloads: 1,000,000+

Released On: October 29, 2012

Reviewed: 218,179

Developer: Electronic Arts

Download Need For Speed Most Wanted APK + OBB | NFS Most Wanted APK Data:

You can download the Need For Speed Most Wanted APK + OBB from Google Play Store. It comes with all the excellent features and will let you install the authentic app developed by the original designer.

But if you are looking for compressed APK files, then there are many Most Wanted APK MODs available on the internet. However, I won’t recommend you to do so. As I said, it’s unethical and not likely to work along with original NFS Most Wanted APK Data.

How To Download, Install, And How To Use NFS Most Wanted APK:

To download Most Wanted APK file in your android, log in to the Google Play Store. Search using the keyword “NFS Most Wanted”. You will find the app appear on the screen with brief details on size, developer information and rating.

Select the app, and it will take you to the installation window, from where you can purchase and install the file on your android. To download Need For Speed APK Data file from other sources than Google Play Store, first, you need to authorize permission.

For that, go to Android settings, and from there to security settings. Enable the option called “Unknown Sources” from the “Device Administration” Menu. That will let you download and install apps from unknown sources. Now, you can download the Most Wanted APK file from your preferred site.

Unlike Play Store versions, outside apps don’t facilitate automatic installation after downloading. You will have to set-up the file manually.

You will find a separate OBB file on the service site, download that and save it in the device storage. Once done with downloading, open the APK file from the download folder. Click on install and let the device complete the process serenely.

When it finishes installing, let it be like that. Don’t open the app right away. The next thing you have to do is copy the data and bring it from the game OBB file to your Android OBB. You will find that going through “Device Storage”, from there to “Android”, and drop-down to “OBB”.

Now, you are ready to open the app. You can easily do it from the home screen shortcut icon and start playing without any farther installation.

How to Use the App:

  • The app will let you enjoy personalized vehicles with detailed graphics. Select your preferred riding track and car model from available options.
  • Touch and tilt to steer cars on the track.
  • To buy new cars, you have to earn both speed points and money.
  • Participate in racing to earn points and money. Use them to upgrade car mods and level up the score.

Need For Speed Most Wanted is a simple and easy to wield app that will give you an excellent racing experience on screen. The installed games don’t have any restriction on playing. And the game progress through earning reward and money after each successful mission.

Drawbacks of the APP: The major drawback is perhaps the unbearable long time it takes to load anything. Though the long loading time justifies its high-quality graphics, yet it’s irksome, especially for the gamers waiting for the next event to occur.

Another shortcoming of the app is you need to rebuy car modes after two events, which you won’t find in the PC version of the game. And there is no multiplayer option here, but the cross-platform would definitely make it more realistic and exciting.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it risky to download Need For Speed Most Wanted Mod APK?

No, though it is risky for the service provider.

2. Can the original developer take action against me for downloading MOD APK file?

No, they can’t. According to the Copywrite law, it goes against the developer, not the consumer. However, they can easily access your information from the downloading site.

3. Is Need For Speed Most Wanted free for android?

No, you will have to buy it from Google Play Store. But you will find free APK files from other sites that you can download and play on your smartphone.

 4. Is Need For Speed Most Wanted open-world game?

Yes, the whole city of Fairhaven is unlocked from the beginning in NFS Most Wanted.

5. How NFS Most Wanted differs from the Black Edition?

The Black Edition is a collector’s edition of Most Wanted; that includes additional races, bonus cars and some extra contents.


Need For Speed Most Wanted hit the internet with its excellent graphics and simple game plan. But is it exciting? Perhaps not for Pros.

The game APK is all right other than the continuous push-up notifications. It offers high-quality visuals along with clear soundtracks. And you are getting more than 40 cars to ride on, wide tracks to speed up and the chance to win new cars.

However, it has its hitches too. No permanent up-gradation, as opposed to the PC version, might make you question whether the NFS Most Wanted APK worth your bucks or not. However, if you like some diversion, it will fuel you with needed excitement.

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