10 Games Hacker Apps for Android Download | Without Root 2022

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Have you ever come across a character in your game that you really wanted to unlock, but it required you to pay for it? Such cases can put you in a dilemma – you wonder if paying is really going to be worth it.

But you won’t have to wonder anymore once you go through our games hacker apps for android download guide. These apps won’t even require you to root your device, so you won’t have to be worried about any risks as well.

In this article, you will find information regarding the ten apps, and then you can easily choose the best option for you. We have also included the download process for you – so you can get it right away.

1. Freedom APP

This is an amazing Android games hacker app that will not require any root at all. It comes with amazing features and an effortless download process.

Freedom APK


  • Gets you the full version of all games
  • Let’s you acquire gems, coins and other tools for free
  • Removes advertisement from a lot of installed games
  • Can bypass various in-app purchases
  • Supports most of the android games along with their most recent versions

App Information:

This app is supported by all versions of Android that came after Gingerbread (Android 2.3). It will require your phone to have at least 512 RAM along with a free storage space of 100 MB.


Enable Unknown Sources: Before downloading the game hacker without root, you will have to go to the preferences of your settings app and then enable unknown sources.

Download from a Trusted Source: Find a website or a trusted source from where you will be able to download the app without any harm whatsoever.

Open Your File Manager: Once the installation has been completed, go to your file manager and find the Freedom APK. Then proceed to tap on it to open it.

Adjust Settings in the App If Necessary: Adjust any settings that you may deem necessary, and then you can use it.

2. CreeHack

For hacking games and apps, no other app could be more perfect than this one. This game hack no root APK will make sure you don’t have to pay for the special features in your game; find out more right here.

Creehack Pro APK


  • Supports both paid apps and MOD games
  • You can make unlimited in-app purchases without any hassle
  • Quite small in size and supports all devices
  • It is totally legal and does not contain ads
  • Completely safe to use and offers remarkable compatibility

App Information:

This app is capable of managing both paid apps and games. It is completely safe, and it will not require any root for you to use it. Not to mention, you can use it on your phone data, and it will not need any permissions whatsoever either.


  • Download Through a Trusted Source: Find a link that does not contain any malware and is trusted. Then click on the download button.
  • Open Settings: Once the download has been completed, open settings and choose security.
  • Enable Unknown Sources: After tapping on security, enable unknown sources.
  • Start Installing: Go to downloads and tap on the app file; the installation will then begin.

3. SB Game Hacker App

If you want your gaming sessions to have no interruptions or limitations whatsoever, then here is one of the best Android games hacker apps for you. We will discuss more regarding it right here.


  • A simple interface that is easy to use
  • Safer than its alternatives
  • The app size is less than an MB
  • Regular updates make it more stable
  • You can easily hack many famous games with this app

App Information:

This app will provide a whole new definition to gaming without ads because you will simply not even come across one app. It will also provide access to a wide range of resources, and it comes with a premium plan package for more enjoyment.


  • Go to Your Settings and Enable Unknown Sources

At first, you will have to go to the settings of your device; find the security section and enable unknown sources in it.

  • Download Through a Safe Link

Go to a trusted website and find a safe link to download the app.

  • Wait for Installation

Click on the download link, and the app will automatically install afterward.

4. Leo Play Card

This is a great game hacking app for Android, and you can also use it to hack and manage several apps. We will be discussing its features and download process right here.


  • You can get coins and gems for free
  • Provides free games and apps from PlayStore
  • It bypasses the payment method in Google play
  • Does not have special requirements and is small in size
  • Works on various apps and games

App Information:

This hacker app can work on both rooted and non-rooted devices. It will support most versions of Android if not all. You can also hack offline games with it – such as Temple Run.


  • Download from a Safe Source

Find a safe website from which you can download the hacker app. The app will be installed once it has been downloaded to your device.

  • Open the App

After it has been installed successfully, open the app and enable it as well.

  • Select Any Paid App in the Store

Once you have enabled it, go to your Playstore and select any paid app.

  • Select Buy and Pay Now

After selecting the paid app, select buy and then tap on pay now. If the payment is bypassed, then the app works on your device.

5. Game Killer

If you are looking for a hack tool without root that will work well on both games and MOD apps, then you should get Game Killer right away. Learn about its features and installation right here.

Game Killer APK


  • A safe app without any malware or viruses
  • Supports all android phones and fixes malfunctions
  • Let’s you hack games and unlock unlimited features
  • Has a simple user interface and does not contain ads
  • Completely free and requires no root

App Information:

The app is compatible with all versions of Android, and it works with iOS and Windows as well. Not to mention, you can hack all apps and games with it without any hassle. You don’t have to root your Android or jailbreak your iPhone for it.


  • Go to the Settings of Your Device

Go to the settings of your device and open the security section. Afterward, you should enable unknown sources.

  • Download from a Trusted Source

After enabling unknown sources, you will have to find a trusted source. Make sure the link is safe, and then start downloading it.

  • Install the App

Go to downloads and tap on the games hack APK no root, and the installation process will start.

6. Lucky Patcher

Whether you want to remove ads or simply hack your games to get the best out of them, this app will serve your purpose just right. Get to know more right here.


  • Hacks games and buys coins for free
  • Can restore and back up apps as required
  • Kill unwanted apps and build modified apps
  • Takes up little space and save battery life and memory
  • Introduces app exercises and limits authorization

App Information:

This app can easily control and manage the apps in Android – and it is not limited to games only. It comes with several useful functions and has a size of 9.2 MB only.


  • Download from a Trusted Source

Download the app from a trusted website. Just click on the download link provided.

  • Install and Open

After downloading, the app will be installed, and then you will have to open it to check all the apps on your phone.

  • Select the App That You Want to Patch

After selecting, a pop up will appear along with a menu of patches.

  • Select the Type of Patching That You Want

Select the type of patch that you want and then tap ‘apply’.

7. GameCih

This no root game hack will let you get more credit by using it to hack games and apps. And these credits can be in any available form. Find out about its features and downloads right here.

Gamecih APK


  • Requires no root to be used by an Android device
  • Works with most versions of Android
  • Can get you free coins, in-app purchases, and such
  • Has regular updates for more stability
  • Can be used for most apps and games

App Information:

This app requires a minimum Android OS of 4.0. It will work with most of the apps and games of Android, and it will require no root whatsoever when using it.


  • Go to Settings

Go to the settings of your device and then visit the security section. Enable unknown resources in that section.

  • Download from a Trusted Source

Visit a trusted website from your browser and get the download link; tap it.

  • Install It

After downloading, tap on the APK file, and then it will start installing.

  • Use It in a Game

Once it has been installed successfully, you can try it out by using it in a game.

8. Cheat Engine

This is one of the most famous game hacker tools for Android that does not require any root whatsoever. It is simple, fast and quite easy to use; you will find more information regarding it right here.


  • Suitable for cheating in games and hacking apps
  • Provides great memory management and has many new tools
  • You can unlock premium features using it
  • It is completely free and supports new games
  • It requires no root and comes with a professional scanner

App Information:

This is a completely safe app with a small and convenient size, so it won’t take up much space in your device. It will help you fix errors in your apps as well and be beneficial in unlocking in-purchase features.


  • Download from a Safe Link

From a safe and secure website, you can download the link to the app.

  • Enable Unknown Sources

Once it has been downloaded to your device, you will have to go to your device’s settings and enable unknown sources.

  • Install It

After enabling, tap on the downloaded APK, and you will be taken towards the installation process. It will take a few minutes to install afterward.

9. Xmodgames

For the best experience in your gaming sessions, you will need an app that will make sure you face no difficulties in the process. And this app will provide that facility and much more; you will find out right here.


  • Manages games with high accuracy and efficiency
  • Achieve your targets and manage multiple modes of games
  • It is completely free and does not require any root
  • You can access all the hidden features of games
  • Will allow you to screen record when gaming

App Information:

This app will help you access the hidden and advanced features of many online games. On the other hand, it will also help in the allocation of many game modes.


  • Download from a Secure Link:

From a secure website, find a safe download link without any malware or viruses; tap on the download link.

  • Enable Unknown Sources

After you have downloaded the APK, you will have to go to the settings of your device and then enable unknown sources.

  • Install It

Once you have enabled unknown sources, tap on the downloaded file, and the installation process will start.

10. Game Guardian

One of the best game plugins for all sorts of games is the Game Guardian. This is very powerful and will support all games, but it is mostly used for action games. Find out more regarding it right here.

Game Guardian APK


  • You will be able to use it to crack games very easily
  • It will unlock many characters and speed them up
  • It comes with a numeric search feature
  • Will not require any rooting but includes a root option
  • It comes with a lot of clean cheats

App Information:

This app will unlock many features and cheats on your games. It will support most versions of Android and will work with all devices.


  • Download from a Safe Site

Go to a safe site and click on the download button. It might take you to google drive, and you will have to download from there.

  • Enable Unknown Sources

After downloading, go to your settings and enable unknown sources.

  • Start Installing

Tap on the downloaded file, and it will then start installing.

Are games hacker apps safe?

Most games hacker apps are safe if you do not download them from risky sites. Therefore, you will have to find sites that are safe and trusted.

Do I have to pay for games hacker apps?

Some games hacker apps might require you to pay to unlock some of its premium features. However, most of them are free because their entire purpose is to make features and tools free for you.

Do games hacker apps work for apps?

Yes; games hacker apps can work for apps as well, and some of them even come with additional features for apps. However, it varies from application to application.

Do games hacker apps require rooting?

A lot of games hacker apps will work better if you root your device. However, you will find many apps that will not require any rooting.

Can the same games hacker app work on both Android and iOS?

That depends on the app that you will be getting. Some apps work on both operating systems, however, others are more specific and will only work for one.

Final Words

We hope this article has helped you understand the 10 games hacker apps for android download and has helped you choose the best one for yourself. Any one of the apps will totally change your gaming experience.

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