TWRP for Redmi Note 4 & How to Install Guide

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TWRP refers to the security system or a device’s unlocking or recovering process; every device has its own method, but the article shows only the TWRP for Redmi Note 4. No matter what model from the Redmi brand you have bought, the TWRP or recovery system is almost the same.

TWRP for Redmi Note 4

I never owned one Redmi Note 4, but I have been working with several devices due to my career; thus, I have this experience. Well, isn’t it essential to know how to install & operate your device’s recovery & security system, TWRP?

Anyway, let’s see how it’s done on Redmi Note 4; that would be useful if you have one at home or plan to buy one.

How Can You Install TWRP Recovery Item on Redmi Note 4: Step by Step Guidelines

Follow these steps given below to install the Redmi note TWRP; please make sure you didn’t miss anything.

1. First of all, you are supposed to turn on your mobile’s boot loader mode because you can’t install the TWRP without it.

2. Next, you have to enable the developer settings; please go to the settings, about phone, & lastly MiUi & tap it for 7 times to enable the additional settings. Once you have the additional settings open, you have to go there & enable the developer setting for the further process.

3. After that, you have to enable the debugging mode from the developer settings &you must take the phone to the fast boot mode; turn off the phone first. Then you have to press the volume & power button together until the logo comes on the screen; please ensure your memory’s zip is set.

4. In the next step to Redmi Note 4 TWRP, you must turn on your PC & connect the phone with a USB cable, download the ADB folder, & copy-paste the inner TWRP recovery file before renaming it.

5. Next, you have to open the ADB folder, &click on the “open the command window here” with the help of the Shift key & right click on the mouse.

6. Please check if the fast boot mode is turned on or not, after the command prompt is open; moreover, you can check if your device is properly connected to the PC or not.

7. Then you have to type the command codes to enable the fastboot flash recovery TWRP image on the PC; please check if your device has flashed well or not.

8. Lastly, if your Redmi Note 4 memory has flashed well, you have to reboot your phone &here your device is completely recovered, ready to use.

The flash TWRP Redmi Note 4 may seem to be time-consuming or it can take longer, but once you have learned & practiced the steps more & more, you can easily recover the device. You shouldn’t skip those to do the task perfectly; much to your surprise, the procedure is almost the same in all Xiaomi devices.

When Do You Need the TWRP for Redmi Note 4?

TWRP is for not only Redmi mobiles but for all androids that help to clear the 3rd party software that you can’t casually delete from your phone. Anyway, some common causes of downloading or installing TWRP are:

  • Suppose someone else tried to get access on your phone, but couldn’t break through the passwords; that may create problems on your mobile & you have to flash your device.
  • You may need to omit some unwanted software from the hardware & ROM; installing the TWRP is the only option left then.
  • TWRP recovery Redmi Note 4 helps you to recover the necessary information & back them up if any of them gets lost; that’s another important reason for this option.
  • Moreover, you may need to secure your device’s information to be safe; therefore, you have to flash your mobile before selling it for some reason & your confidential things won’t leak out.

So, whatever your need is, don’t waste your time & complete installing the TWRP on your Redmi Note 4; it’s better doing it yourself rather than depending on others.

Are There Any Other Option to Recover or Flash Your Phone?

Well, the common way to flash phones & clear the things inside is to either reboot, or factory reset the android; on the other hand, some unique methods may vary due to different manufacturers.

Anyway, these flashing procedures may not be as effective as TWRP because they will delete some of the necessary information along with the unwanted ones; you better install the TWRP.


You must read the article well so that you don’t have any confusion about TWRP for Redmi Note 4 & the whole process; please be careful about the uses & do it only if you need to do. Moreover, be conscious while proceeding & don’t miss anything when doing the recovery otherwise you will waste a lot of time.

I admit that the experts are quite fast in recovering your phone, but you can also save your time & money by doing this yourself.

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