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If you can not remember your Google Account and the password you used to sign in on your device, bypassing FRP is the only way you can follow. Again, if you have sold the device to someone else and he/she does not know the details of your account and resets the device, he or she will get stuck unless he or she can remove the FRP lock that is set by default with your Google account. So, in this article, we are going to focus on What is FRP and how to remove FRP lock by using different FRP bypass APKs. Keep reading.

FRP Bypass APK

What is FRP Bypass APK?

Google Account verification is generally used to strengthen the security of your device. It is a recognition that you are the owner of the device. Setting up a Google account for the first time on your device is easy. What you all need is a Gmail ID and password. However, you might not be aware of the fact that as soon as you sign in on your new device with your Google account, you enable Factory Reset Protection or FRP on your device by default. It is a useful feature when it comes to protecting your device from strangers or unauthorized access. However, there are times when you need to bypass the FRP and remove that protection level so that you can access your device easily.

How to Bypass FRP Lock?

There are different ways that you can follow to bypass FRP from your Android device. Here are the 4 most common ways to bypass or remove FRP Lock by Google:

  • Disabling FRP from your device.
  • Resetting the device to bypass the verification (It does not work on all devices).
  • Bypassing during setups (works on a few devices), and
  • Bypassing with FRP Bypass App. (The most popular approach)

However, in this article, we are going to focus on Google FRP Bypass APK to remove the FRP from your device.

Download FRP Bypass APK Latest All Version Free

Here is the download link for google account manager apk 2023.

FRP Bypass 2.0 Latest VersionDownload Link
FRP Bypass 1.0 (old version)Download Link
FRP Bypass 5.1 (old version)Download Link
FRP Bypass 6.0 (old version)Download Link
FRP Bypass 7.0 (old version)Download Link
FRP Bypass 8.0 (old version)Download Link
FRP Bypass 9.0 (old version)Download Link
Here is all information for the android FRP tool apk
APP NameFRP Bypass APP
File Size2.3 MegaByte
Android Version SupportAndroid 5.0 And Up All Version
DeveloperFactory Reset Protection
Last UpdatedSeptember 2022
Downloads10 Million +

Download All Android FRP Bypass Tool APK

How to Bypass FRP Lock from Android device with FRP Bypass Tool

If you have forgotten your mail and password you might need to for FRP bypass. There are two methods you can choose from for bypassing FRP with FRP Bypass App. The first way is with OTG and the second way is without OTG. We are going to discuss one by one for your convenience.

How to Bypass FRP with OTG

If you have got an OTG cable, you can make use of that to bypass FRP with FRP bypass APK. Here are the steps you need to follow:

[*] First of all, start with FRP Bypass APK Download.

[*] After downloading the app, copy the APK file on a USB drive.

[*] Switch on your Android where you are facing FRP Lock.

[*] You will see now a setup wizard with the necessary instructions for you to follow.

[*] Now there will appear a screen where you will be asked for Google account login information. But, as that’s not available to you right now, you have to connect the USB pen drive (where you have pasted the APK) with this device using OTG cable.

[*] File Explorer will now open on your Android device. Go to the USB Pen drive and browse the folder where you have saved the APK.

[*] Click on the APK file to start the installation process. However, your device might refuse to install if downloading from an unknown source is not enabled. Go to the settings to enable downloads from unknown sources by turning it on.

[*] Now proceed again to install the APK on your device. 

[*] Once installed, open this app and go to the settings menu.

[*] Choose backup and reset option from the settings.

And finally, tap on the factory data reset and confirm the action by pressing the confirm button.

How to Bypass FRP Without OTG ( Google Bypass APK

Google FRP Bypass APK Download From, also known as Samsung Bypass APK can also work without OTG. Here are the steps you need to follow to bypass FRP on Samsung and other devices:

Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK
  • Turn on your Android device. Your device will show you a setup wizard to set up your Google account.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen. You will soon see an FRP bypass tool screen. Once it appears, open the keyboard and then tap on its settings.
  • Type whatever you like and then click on the share button.
  • Then go to the messaging option of your device and proceed to compose a new message. In the ‘To’ section, write any number you want.
  • Now, tap on the contacts icon by choosing it.
  • Then, tap on the call icon and then proceed to the new call. Once you see the dial pad, type  *#*#4636#*#* on your device.
  • Now tap on the usage statistics option and then again tap on the back button to open the settings menu.
  • Choose backup and reset now to proceed with the factory data reset. Once it seeks permission, confirm your action.

And that’s it. This is how you can bypass the Google account verification with the help of the FRP bypass tool using and not using OTG cable. You can use either the first option or the second. However, always make sure that you have followed all the steps properly. Do not skip any option. If you do so, you might not get your FRP bypassed.

Google Bypass APK 2021 List

  • Android 5 Google Account Manager APK
  • Android 6 Google Account Manager APK
  • Android 7 Google Account Manager APK
  • Android 8,9,10 Google Account Manager APK
  • FRP Bypass APK
  • Apex Launcher
  • Es File Explorer APK
  • Google Setting APK
  • Hushsms APK
  • Menu Button APK
  • Nova Launcher APK
  • Phone Clone APK
  • Setting APK
  • Quick Shortcut Maker APK
  • Test DPC APK

FRP Bypass APK Download For Samsung

Samsung FRP lock successfully protects your phone from unauthorized use and safeguards privacy in the smartphone. However, if you forget your Google Account password and want to access the phone anyway, the Samsung FRP Bypass APK is essential.

Samsung FRP Bypass APK

It works on all Samsung Smartphones that enabled Android 5.00 or Lollipop and over. The bypassing APK is necessary to bypass the Samsung FRP lock. For this, you will need to download the Google verified Samsung FRP Bypass Tool APK from the internet.

FRP Bypass APK Download list

The most trusted and dependable FRP Bypass APK for Samsung includes Unlockjunky FRP Bypass Service. It works with nearly all Samsung smartphones and takes less than 5 minutes to unlock the phone. Some other suitable APKs include:

  • SideSync APK.
  • FRP Bypass APK Download for Android
  • Remote Google Account Bypass Removal

Samsung Android Model List That Works with The FRP Bypass APK

The following Samsung smartphone will work best with the bypassing APK:

  • Samsung A10 FRP Bypass APK
  • Samsung A2 Core FRP Bypass APK
  • Samsung A30 FRP Bypass APK
  • Samsung A20 FRP Bypass APK
  • Samsung A50 FRP Bypass APK
  • Samsung A70 FRP Bypass APK
  • Samsung A80 FRP Bypass APK
  • Samsung J2 Pro FRP Bypass APK
  • Samsung J2 FRP Bypass APK

How to Bypass FRP Lock from Samsung Smartphone:

We are going to show the steps to bypass the FRP lock using SideSync APK.

  1. Download the APK bypassing tool.
  2. Now run the app securely on your PC and then use the USB cable to connect your Samsung phone with the PC.
  3. A pop screen will be visible on the phone, showing Google Chrome, Galaxy Apps, and the Internet. Choose Google Chrome to download the bypass APK app on the phone.
  4. After downloading the file from Samsung Apps, also download and install the ES File Explorer.
  5. Open the ES File Explorer and open the APK app from the download section.
  6. After installing the APK bypass app, scroll down to the Backup and Reset function from the app.
  7. Then tap on ardently the Factory Data Reset option. Finally, tap on the Device Reset option, and you are all done.

FRP Bypass APK For Huawei Devices (For Remove Google Account)

If you want to unlock the Huawei devices, you can use many APK apps available on the internet. Even you can use the Samsung Android Device to bypass the Huawei FRP lock and access the phone.

FRP Bypass APK list for Huawei

Some of the most used FRP bypassing APK apps for Huawei include:

  • Huawei FRP Tool
  • GSM Flasher ADB Bypass FRP Tool
  • Working FRP
  • Pangu FRP Bypass tool

Some Huawei Android Model List for FRP Lock Bypass:

  • Huawei P30 Pro
  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  • Huawei P30
  • Huawei P40 Pro
  • Huawei P40
  • Huawei Mate 30 Pro
  • Huawei P40 Pro Plus
  • Huawei Mate 20

How to Bypass FRP Lock from Huawei Smartphone:

In this tutorial, we will describe the steps to bypass FRP lock in Huawei smartphone using the Huawei FRP tool.

  1. Download the tool from the internet on your PC. If it asks for any password, use ‘”
  2. Then download and run the Huawei USB Driver on the PC.
  3. Then click on the ‘HuaweiFRPToo.exe’ file and run it.
  4. After that, you will ardently need to restart your Huawei smartphone in emergency recovery mode.
  5. Once the recovery mode is on, connect the smartphone with the PC using the USB device.
  6. Once connected, scroll down to the FRP Reset button and tap on it. This way, you can quickly reset the Google account and bypass the FRP lock.


This APK tool will help you bypass the FRP lock in case you have forgotten your Google account password and unfortunately, locked your smartphone. Different models may have a slightly various pattern and FRP lock bypassing customization for the APK tool for OPPO.

FRP Bypass APK list for OPPO:

There are many alternative solutions to bypass the FRP lock in Oppo. However, the most trusted tools include the following:

  • FRP lock Google Verification Bypass Tool
  • Pangu FRP Bypass tool
  • FRP Bypass Solutions

Some OPPO Android Model List for FRP APK Bypass

  • Oppo A12s
  • F17Pro
  • F17
  • Reno 4 and Reno4 Pro
  • Oppo Find X2

How to Bypass FRP Lock from OPPO Smartphone:

OPPO smartphones come either in Qualcomm or MediaTek chipset, and each has a different procedure to bypass the FRP lock. However, most Oppo phone is available in MediaTek platform, and you will need to use the NCK Box Tool for this purpose.

After disabling the Anti-virus software, download the NCK Box and OPPO Device Driver tool on the computer. Then run the NCK Box extension tool. Then run the tool in administrator mode. Then choose the MediaTek version and turn off the phone.

Find the Factory Reboot option and then tap on the FRP Reset. Then connect the device with the PV in recovery mode and bypass the FRP lock.

Xiaomi FRP Bypass APK

If you have accidentally forgotten the Google account password or the pattern unlock for your Xiaomi phone, you can use the FRP bypass download to get access to the phone securely. There’re many useful tools for this purpose.

FRP Bypass APK list for Xiaomi:

Xiaomi has the broadest range of smartphones with different chipsets. Hence, there FRP bypassing tools are not limited in one or two.  You will actually find an array of bypassing app for the manufacturer that broadly includes MRT Dongle, FRP Bypass Solutions, and so on.

Some Xiaomi Android Model List for FRP Bypassing:

  • Redmi 7
  • Mi 8 Pro
  • MI MIX 3
  • POCO F1
  • Redmi K20 Pro

How to Bypass FRP Lock from Xiaomi Smartphone:

At first, turn on the WIFI connection and type ardently Then, open the app by selecting the text. From the app, go to the “YouTube Terms and Conditions” option.

Now, open the link in your Google Chrome. After that, download the Google Account Manager APK and, finally, the FRP Bypass APK.

After installing the APK app, your on-screen instruction will showcase the ‘Retype Password’ option. Click on the visibly ‘three dots’ and ardently select the Sign-in option for Browser. Once you use the login credentials to sign in the Google account, it will automatically bypass the FRP lock.

FRP Bypass Helpfull Video Here….

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is FRP in android?

Answer: The FRP for android stands for Factory Reset Protection. It is a security feature to protect your phone information that includes data encryptions and screen locks. It runs on all android smartphones running over Lollipop or Android 5.1.

2. How do I turn off the FRP lock?

Answer: At first, access the Google option from the account settings on the device. Now, select the Google ID that you want to remove by tapping on it. In the top right corner of the screen, you will see ‘more. Click on it and select the ‘Remove Account,’ and it will automatically turn off the FRP lock.

3. Is it possible to bypass FRP?

Answer: Yes, you can quickly bypass the FRP lock. For this, you will need the FRP bypass APK tool and the designated device driver software. Then, you can follow or guideline that we mentioned above for different brands and bypass the FRP and Google account.

4. How do I fix custom binary blocked by FRP lock without a computer?

Answer: When you root your smartphone or flash the ROM, the ‘fined binary unlocked FRP’ text will appear in red color ion top of the device screen. Depending on the issues that caused the error, you will have to apply various techniques. We will discuss them in a separate article.

Final Words

We hope that now you know enough about FRP Bypass APK and how to use it. Use this tool and remove the FRP lock from your Android device without much difficulty.