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Last Updated on May 12, 2023 by XDA Team

SamKey Crack Tool is also known as Samsung Unlock Code Reader, a small application for Windows computers that allows you to unlock Samsung smartphones and tablets in one place. It supports all the latest Samsung devices including Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

SamKey Crack

Samkey Crack does not require you to have root access to get the job done. Simply connect the device to the computer and turn on the Sync app and click on unlock codes to get the task code. It lets you choose a port of the port, network, USB SIM, SPCK, subset, or refrigerator. You can log in to sync, unlock the codes on your Samsung device, and factory reset your Samsung device.

Download SamKey

Official Website Download SamKey (Code Reader) and SamKey TMO, download the direct link SamKey latest version!

Download SamKey CodeReader

– Note: The Simi (code reader) does not support T-Mobile, Metropolitan, Verizon, Sprint, Track phone, and WM (Japan) phones!!!

SamKey Instructions, How to Use SamKey TMO Cracked Tool

Download Samkey Crack, use the synchronization to unlock a Samsung phone immediately using the standard USB cable provided by your phone, enable USB Debugging only, connect the phone to PC and click “Read Code” in the Sammkey Tool for Unlocking, 3-5 minutes Save your time, very fast. Sammy supports very recent models, and no route is needed!

Download SamKey TMO v1.74.3, SamKey CodeReader

Samkey Full Crack Download Samsung Phone without Timo Unlock Box, No Root, No Sneak Trip, Samsung S9, S9 +, Unlocking Galaxy S8 S8 Plus, Unlock Note8, Unlock Galaxy 8 Plus, J7 Pro. Official Website Download SamKey (Code Reader) and SamKey TMO, download the direct link Samkey Tool Crack the latest version!

  1. G950U BIT3 and the latest BTT 2 (CRC version) Unlock support has been added
  2. Unlock G950U1 BIT3 unlock support
  3. Unlock G950W BIT3 Unlock support
  4. Support unlock G955U BT3 and latest BT2 (CRC version)
  5. Unlock G955U1 BIT3 Unlock support
  6. Unlock G955W BIT3 Unlock support
  7. Support Unlock N950U BIT4 and Latest BT3 (CRC Version)

How to Use Samkey TMO Unlock (T-mobile)

How to Unlock phone Use Samkey TMO Crack to Unlock T-Mobile Phone Without Note Routine, After Unlocked Keep Original IME, T-Mobile Galaxy Note 8, S8 Plus, Unlock …

Unlock Samsung T-Mobile Phone Samkey TMO:

  • Enable USB debugging (press the help button in the theme for instructions)
  • Disable all locks from your phone.
  • Connect the phone to the USB port (powered ON)
  • Activate USB Diagnostic Port: * # 0808 #> “DM + Modem + ADB”> Choose OK
  • Press calculate the SEC

* If you see an error, or the program hangs while reading data> enable ‘deep count’ and start from the beginning

* If you see unsupported firmware messages, you must first write firmware

Calculate the SEC SamKEY TMO

  • After the count operation is over, wait for the phone to boot (on the home screen)
  • Press SEC to enter

* First try to find an error, then activate the ‘Delete Delete’ option and enter the SEC again.