QFIL Flash Tool Setup Download (All Version) 2024

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Do you have a problem with your Qualcomm smartphone? Is your phone running slow? For the solution, we bring Qualcomm QFIL Flash Tool All Version to flash your Qualcomm device. It will reset the setting and flash stock ROM.

Qfile Flash Tool

The full abbreviation of QFIL is the Qualcomm flash image loader. It is a utility for flashing smartphones, tablets, and other devices that have chipsets on board from Qualcomm. There has a portable version of the program, which means no need to install the program on your computer. In one click you can download and flash .mbn files (stock firmware).

What can you do with Qualcomm Qfil Flash Tool?

  • Flashing smartphones with a Qualcomm chipset.
  • Flash stock firmware
  • Relatively simple and intuitive interface;
  • Easy to use.
  • Support for Windows 7 and higher.
  • Transfer your phone to the Recovery menu

To do this, simultaneously hold down two volume keys, or the volume adding a button and the power key. The correct combination depends on the model of the smartphone. Further, keeping the buttons pressed, connect your phone to the computer with the original USB cable. If the PC successfully detects the device, a corresponding inscription will appear in the QFIL program with the model of your chipset.

Now you only need to specify the firmware in the program and download the XML files (usually come with the firmware). Make sure that you have selected the correct files and clicked the Download button to start the flashing process. In the Status window, you will see a log of current actions. Wait until the process is complete and turn off the phone.

Download Qualcomm Qfil Flash Tool (All Version) 2023

QFIL Tool VersionDownload Link 1Download Link 2Download Link3
  • Working with the program

Working with Qualcomm Flash Image Loader does not differ much from working with other utilities of this kind. After loading QFIL, the user only needs to run the executable. Installation of the program is not required because it is portable.

Next, you need to click on the “Browse” button next to the “Programmer patch” and specify the path to the firmware (MBM format). Now turn off your portable device and transfer it to the service mode.

Usually, it is necessary to infect the volume down key or both buttons on the “rocker”. After that, you can connect the device to your PC using a USB cable. If it is recognized as “Qualcomm QDLoader 9008” it means you can proceed with the firmware. If not – you need to install the driver, the links to which you will find in the download section.

Once everything is ready, click on the “Load XML” button and “feed” the program to the file “rawprogram0.xml” first, and then the file “patch0.xml”. All, now click on “Download” and wait for the end of the “firmware” process. Upon completion, the device must reboot.

Final thought,

During operation, QFIL flash Tool is not recommended to use the computer and touch the smartphone with the cable to avoid the accidental shutdown. Before using, you must download and install all the necessary drivers for your device. Next, download the appropriate firmware for your smartphone. It also requires the presence of other software, in particular – Microsoft Visual C ++.

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