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Xiaomi Mi Flash Tools with USB Boot Repair Option. Xiaomi Flashing tool helps you to flash stock firmware (fast boot files) on any Xiaomi Mi Android device. It is an official flashing tool. It will much handy in case you have bricked the device. You can easily unbrick by flashing stock firmware (Fastboot file) using the tool. But remember that it meant to flash the Fastboot firmware only. You don’t use the tool to flash OTA files. Xiaomi provides the tool to its users for flashing the firmware on their devices. Android is the running OS on all Xiaomi devices. You can download the firmware from the internet.  Then use the tool to flash them straight to your device.

Mi Flash Tool

Mi Flash Tools All Version

Today we want to discuss the Mi Latest flash tool. It is very useful to flash ROMs in our Xiaomi devices. Most of people are unaware of the tool.  Xiaomi Inc. developed the tool. It is useful to flash ROMs in Mi devices.  The tool is comfortable for all devices. In the article, we learn the basics of the Mi flashing tool. We also share the official Mi Device flash tool download link with Google Drive links. The tool is mainly used to overcome the brick situation.

Xiaomi Flash Tools Latest Version Download

Mi Flash Tool VersionDownload Link 1Download Link 2
Mi_Flash_Tool_MiFlash V20130420DownloadDownload
Mi_Flash_Tool_MiFlash V20140509DownloadDownload
Mi_Flash_Tool_MiFlash V20141107DownloadDownload
Mi_Flash_Tool_MiFlash V20150601DownloadDownload
Mi_Flash_Tool_MiFlash V20150731DownloadDownload
Mi_Flash_Tool_MiFlash V20151028DownloadDownload
Mi_Flash_Tool_MiFlash V20160401DownloadDownload
Mi_Flash_Tool_MiFlash V20160830DownloadDownload
Mi_Flash_Tool_MiFlash V20161222DownloadDownload
Mi_Flash_Tool_MiFlash V20170425DownloadDownload
Mi_Flash_Tool_MiFlash V20171212DownloadDownload
Mi_Flash_Tool_MiFlash V20180528DownloadDownload
Mi_Flash_Tool_MiFlash V20181115DownloadDownload
Mi_Flash_Tool_MiFlash V20191030DownloadDownload
Mi_Flash_Tool_MiFlash V20191111DownloadDownload
Mi_Flash_Tool_MiFlash V20191206DownloadDownload

The Feature Of Mi Flash Tool

The  Flash tool is intended to use with only Xiaomi devices. The following are some of the highlight features of the tool.

Support for many devices

The tool works on almost all Xiaomi Mi devices. It is a big plus as you won’t need to download separate iterations for different devices.

Comes with USB Drivers

Rather than leaving the users to find out the correct USB drivers. The tool installs the latest official drivers.  It works across the board for all Xiaomi devices.

Connect many devices

The tool doesn’t limit the user to flashing one device at a time.  It allows for the flashing of several devices at once. You can configure more than one device.  Then start updating them.

Single Installer file

The installation of the tool is quite simple as you would only need to run the installer wizard once.  It would set up all the files for you. The Flash Tool comes as Installer, which means you have to install it first on the PC to use it.  While installing it, you will see the packages that come with the tool. Including the ADB Tool, Drivers and Mi Tool.

Choice of flashing options

If the firmware doesn’t need you to flash all partitions, it supports 3 flashing options. First, flash all, second, flash all except storage and third, flash all except data and storage.

How To Install Mi Flash Tool Latest Version​

– Be sure first you uninstall the old Xiaomi flash tool from the system.
– Double click on the Mi flash Setup .msi to start the installation.
– The first screen clicks Next.
– On the second screen, you can choose where to install the tool.  You can leave it as default and click Next.
– On the third screen, you can confirm the installation.  Let it start by click on Next.
– The final screen,  click on close.
– Now, ready to Flash – Happy Flashing. 

How to use Latest Mi Flash Tool

Step 1: Download the Xiaomi Mi Latest Flash Tool. Then extract on the computer. After extracting the Xiaomi Tool, you will see some files.

Step 2:  Open the Setup File to install the  Tool on the computer.

Step 3:  Download the Xiaomi Stock Firmware (fast boot files).  Then extract on the computer. After extracting the  Firmware, you will see the same files.

Step 4:  You need to install the Xiaomi USB Driver on the  PC. You can also download the Xiaomi USB Driver.

Step 5: Turn Off the   Xiaomi Device.

Step 6:  You need to boot the  Xiaomi Device into the Download Mode (fastboot mode). To boot into the download mode: Press the  Power + Volume Down button for 6 to 8 seconds.

Step 7:  When you have booted into the Download Mode,  you will see the screen on the device.

Step 7:  When you have booted into the Download Mode,  you will see the screen on the device.

Step 8:  Open the Flash Tool from the Start Menu.

Step 9: When the  Tool is launched,  you will see a screen.

Step 10:  Click on the Select Button.  Locate the Firmware Folder.

Step 11:  Click on Flash Button to begin the Flashing Process.

Step 12:  When the flashing process is complete, you will see the Success Message in Xiaomi Flash Tool.

Important Notes:

  1. If you have the older version of the Mi flash installed. You will need first to uninstall it.
  2. The tool supported only Qualcomm devices.
  3. The tool does not support devices older than Mi3.
  4. Xiaomi Stock Firmware: If you are looking for the real firmware for the device. Then go to Download Xiaomi Stock Firmware for all devices page.
  5. Xiaomi USB Driver: If you are looking for the real USB Driver for the device. Then go to Download Xiaomi USB Driver for all devices page

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1.What is Mi Flash Tool?

It refers to the Xiaomi Flash tool, which is software. It is used to flash the stock firmware on mobile devices. The tool is freely available. You can use it to install MIUI firmware in the Xiaomi-made tablets and smartphones.

2.How do I download the Mi flash tool?

You will see many versions available for the Mi flash tool. You need to check the configuration to find out which version of the flash tool is suitable for your smartphone. Once sure, you can click on the direct download link for the Mi tool and install it on your computer.

3.How do I fix the Mi flash tool?

If your Mi flash tool shows error messages, you need to fix it. Firstly, disable the Signature Enforcement feature of the Windows Driver. Also, always install the device in the recommended location and always run it as a proper administrator tool. Finally, for the different error messages, you need to apply various techniques. Also, change the USB device to fix the issues.

Final Thoughts

The Mi Phone app is also known as the Mi Flash Tool. It is a tool for install  MIUI Fastboot ROM packages to any Xiaomi device.   The tool comes in handy to upgrade to the latest version.  If a new version is causing bugs then downgrade to a stable older revision. The tool comes equipped to recognize the device connected to it.  It also helps for the flashing of many devices at once. As explained earlier, the tool is to use to change the system partitions of the Xiaomi device.

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