Pingpong Root APK V8.0.1 Latest Version Official Download

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Rooting a smartphone has always been controversial among many Android users. But one thing you cannot deny that rooting can always enhance your user experience a bit higher than usual. If you own a Samsung phone such as the galaxy s5, s6 or s7, and you don’t want to use a computer or laptop to root your device, you need to get a good rooting apk. Pingpong apk is the best one in this case. The latest version of the software is v8.0.1 with a lot of new features. Today, we are going to highlight the software’s main features and the facts that make it good for Samsung devices.

Ping Pong Root APK

What’s new With Pingpong Root APK?

How To Root Galaxy S6

Pingpong Root APK is a great software for any Samsung Galaxy s6 edge or s5 users. This software is the best solution for any s5 or s6 user for rooting their device. The developer mainly developed the APK for Samsung galaxy s5 and s6 users only. The APK is completely free for users and developers have not used any sort of premium version of the APK. The overall size of the software is just 4.2 MB. The latest version has come with some new features and bug fix issues. You can also root other Samsung devices too.

How to download Pingpong Root?

Downloading Pingpong root is very easy. You can check out their official website for the latest updates. Just going on the link will do the job for you. When you click on the download link, the software download will start automatically.

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How to install Pingpong Root

First, you need to download the Pingpong root latest version APK.

When the download is finished, click on the location where you have saved your APK.

Right after that, Click on the Pingpong Root 2022 apk. If the phone asks for permission, click on te continue anyway option.

After that, the installation process will start and after a few minutes, the software will be installed on your device. Don’t worry if you have Android Nougat on your device. Being Pingpong Root Nougat compatible software, the installation will have no problem at all.

Pingpong Root Support Devices

How to root your Android device with Pingpong APK

Rooting any Samsung device using the Pingpong APK is very easy. After installing the software, you need to open the app. After opening the app, you will find the root device option. After clicking on the Root option, the rooting will start. Waiting for a few minutes is necessary. When the phone is rooted, you will get confirmation. But to be sure, download SuperSU to check out the root status. You can download SuperSU from play store or any other reliable website.


So, we just reached the end of this content. Rooting is a popular way of enhancing smartphone abilities. But it is important to find the right software. For any Samsung device, Pingpong Root APK is always going to be the best choice. The latest version 8.0.1 has come with a lot of improvements and you can root your Samsung device easily. We talked about the process on the go and ope this will help you to root your device.

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