Soloop APK V1.28.2 Download for Android

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Assume you’re on a social media site such as Instagram, YouTube, or Tik Tok. Then you’re probably aware of the importance of a video editor. You’re in luck if you’re using a Realme or Oppo smartphone.

Soloop APK

The Sloop is a video editing software designed specifically for Realme and Oppo devices that allows users to make slideshows of images and videos in seconds. You can add some fun effects and transitions for free to the app.

It has a function that allows us to create a video automatically, but it also allows us to edit individually. Make improvements to your videos to make them more appealing since Soloop Apk will include various professional video editing tools.

Here you can also download soloop APK latest version.

What Is Soloop APK?

It’s a total video editor because it includes not only transitions but also texts and awesome filters. In general, you’ll get all of the essential features that someone will need to edit a video.

With a soloop video editor, you can use a variety of filters and layers to improve the look of your clips. Apart from that, it provides you with a social networking site through which you can share your videos easily.

Share your creativity on the app if you are innovative and have the potential to impress the audience with your editing skills. There are millions of people from all over the world who visit it. They have signed up for the app and are actively using it to share their own creations and gain followers.

You will gain some followers and make new friends who share your interests. The Soloop App, on the other hand, is best known for its advanced editing tools and options since some people find this app to be much more appealing than others.

App Details

Size91.30 MB
Package namecom.coloros.videoeditor
Required android8.0 and up

Soloop Video Editor

Other ways to try out in order to create more fun visual content can be found here. Cut Ying Apk and Nxxxa Ace Video Converter Apk are two of the best applications I can recommend. Try out the apps mentioned above; I am confident you will enjoy them.

The main feature of soloop App (V1.28.2)

The developer of the Soloop app recently modified the app, and you can now download the latest edition Soloop V1.18.0. The apps also have additional change effects and filters, as well as fixes for previous bugs. Though the app is designed specifically for Oppo and Realme smartphones, you will be able to soloop APK download from the App Market if you own one of these devices.

  • It’s a free video editor as well as a video maker for Android phones and tablets.
  • It comes with a variety of filters that you can use in your videos.
  • You can choose from a variety of text and font types to use in your clips.
  • To make them more appealing, simply add custom video models.
  • It allows you to include music and several clips.
  • It can be used to make videos for YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.
  • It has a straightforward and easy-to-use UI.
  • There is a social networking section where you can add or share your content.
  • Professional content creators may use the AI Cut feature.
  • And there are plenty more.

Download Soloop APK Latest Version

What if you don’t own an Oppo or Realme smartphone but still want to check out the Soloop app? Then you’ll need to run the APK file to install the program. Soloop Video EditorAPK offers all of the fun and innovative filters, as well as much more, for free. There are many awesome features available in the app. As a consequence, you can give it a shot at least once.

If you’re an android user but not using realme or oppo but want to try the soloop app, then I suggest you download the most recent version of the app. You’ll miss out on some of the new and updated features of the Soloop App for Android if you don’t do so. Soloop App Download link has below.

The old version of APK:

Version NameDownload
Soloop V1.19.0Download Link
Soloop V1.18.0Download Link
Soloop V1.16.0Download Link
Soloop V1.15Download Link

How to Install and Use Soloop APK?

Despite the fact that the app was designed for some specific smartphones, it works flawlessly on any Android device running Android Pie or later. Yeah, you can install the software on your smartphone even if you don’t have a Realme or Oppo phone. To begin, open the App Market, then type “Soloop” into the search bar and press enter. When the Soloop App appears in the search results, click on it to install it if you haven’t already, or click on the update button if you already have.

Video filters, layers, text, audio, and much more are all available. There is a large selection of video models to choose from. You can also easily add images and make a video clip while adding music. You may also use various types of stickers from various categories to add to your clips.

All of this is freely available, and there is no need to pay or sign up for a subscription. You will, however, need to download some of the app’s filters once it is launched. When you tap on those files, they will be downloaded automatically. This is a fantastic app that you should try.

Create video from images

This is a standard feature of all video editing software. However, Soloop’s feature is more impressive than other apps in the same category. Soloop is still a way to add images and audio to a video or another way to create a video, but it has a lot of cool editing features. These can be one-of-a-kind approaches to creating a video with audio and transition effects. And here’s how to make a fantastic video out of pictures.

  • To begin, open the Soloop application and select build video from the drop-down menu.
  • The next step is to choose the images that will go into the video. The picture folder will then appear; tick to choose the image you want to turn into a video. Choose Import to make a video after you’ve made your pick.
  • By pressing the rectangular button with the number 4: 3, you can adjust the video aspect ratio. You can choose the scale you want to use here.
  • You can select pre-designed video templates if you don’t want to invest more time. They can be found in the Smart Templates section. Alternatively, you can use several features such as split, merge, add audio, and change speed to make it your own.
  • The Play button is used to preview the video during the editing process.
  • When you’re done customizing the video, press the Create button if you’re happy. Finally, just sit back and wait for the video to play.

Watermark option

After the consumer exports the file, almost all video editing software eliminates the watermark. This is one method of promoting the app’s branding. Any consumer, on the other hand, is annoyed by this.

To delete the watermark in other applications, you must purchase the Pro, Premium edition.

However, you can easily allow or disable this function with Soloop. You can easily use soloop APK without watermark. Assume that this software creator built it exclusively for their own phone company, Oppo and that they have no plans to monetize it. This is a feature in this app that we highly recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1. Is this app supported on any other platform?

Soloop is only compatible with mobile platforms, specifically Oppo and realme smartphones.

2. Can I use Soloop on Samsung phones?

Maybe not. But you can do a try from our APK download link. This application is created only for phones of Oppo and realme company, especially for China. And it won’t work on other phones. But we have tested it on a few other phones; it normally works like an Oppo phone. As a consequence, it’s conceivable that this app will operate on a particular phone company, but it’s not assured.

3. What to do when my oppo phone doesn’t have this application?

Soloop is pre-installed on newer Oppo phones. However, this app is not available on all Oppo phones. This is why you’ve been given access to this Redmond post. The connection below will enable you to download Soloop to your phone. It’s absolutely open.

4. Does Soloop insert a watermark?

Soloop has a watermark, as previously described, but you can easily remove it.

5. Are Soloop’s Apk files safe?

Yes, of course. To make this APK file available to our users, we thoroughly checked it. It does not endanger your phone in any way.


This is one of the most professional Android apps available in the video editing category. You can also use the AI cut feature in the app to test it out. Once you’ve downloaded and activated soloop Apk on your Android phone, you’ll be able to discover even more.

It’s a simple and lightweight app that allows you to quickly create short videos, which is very popular these days. The app is suitable for making videos for social media sites that host short videos, such as Snack, TikTok, and Reels.