Download EFTSU Root Flash Tool Latest Version 2024

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Our Android phones often have some restriction that doesn’t allow some of our preferred systems. But when you have root access to the device, you will have full access to the system. This is you need to use a safe root flash tool.

EFTSU Flash Tool

Thankfully, the EFT (Easy Firmware Team) has introduced a safe EFTSU Flash Tool to root Android devices safely. We will guide you on the process of downloading, installing, and using this EFTSU Root Flash Tool in this post. Let’s dive in!

What Is EFTSU Flash Tool?

EFTSU Flash Tool is a safe and advanced tool to root Android devices. Though this application is mainly developed for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones and tablets, many other Android devices are suitable to use.

This root flash tool is compatible with various latest Android versions such as Snow Cone, Red Velvet Cake, Quince Tart, etc.

It is completely free. This safe app can do the root task safely and precisely. It won’t cause any harm to the phone.

The Features of EFTSU Flash Tool

Some notable features of this EFTSU Flash Tool make it stand out from other typical applications.

  • Root Permission Manager: When you use this EFTSU Flash Tool to root your mobile, it gives you accessibility to control all permissions requested by the applications installed on the mobile.
  • Simple System: Rooting your android device is simple with EFTSU Flash Tool. There will be no fuss!
  • Daily update: EFTSU Flash Tool offers a regular update. This will ensure you are using the latest software with no bugs.
  • Compatible with Various Modules: EFTSU Flash Tool is suitable to use for various available modules. This gives it high compatibility to work on multiple devices.
  • Managing Root Permission: Apart from installing various modules on your device, this flash tool allows you to manage root permissions.

Download EFTSU Flash Tool Latest Version

Downloading the EFTSU Flash Tool requires you to follow simple steps. Ensure to deactivate the Anti-virus or exclude tool.exe before downloading the flash tool.

Name: EFTSU Flash Tool Latest Version

Download EFTSU Root Tools : Download Link 1 | Download Link 2

If you want to get the permission manager of your mobile, you can download and install the Root permission manager from the PlayStore.

Download Link: Root Permission Manager

Caution: Though EFTSU Flash Tool is safe software, it is a third-party application. You have no option but taking the entire responsibility of rooting your device since you are willingly doing it.  

How To Use EFTSU Flash Tool

These are the procedures you need to follow to use the EFTSU Root Flash Tool.

  • First, download the EFTSU Root Flash Tool from the given link we have mentioned.
  • Then, download the EFTSU Samsung Root File for your mobile.
  • Open the EFTSU Flash Tool
Open EFTSU Samsung Root Tool
  • You have to access the Root file based on the smartphone system.
  • Tap on the left icon from the upper area and then choose the “Select File.”
  • Switch on the USB Debugging option from your Android mobile. Keeping the OEM Lock is free from the lock is necessary
  • Now, restart your device to make it into the Download Mode. Download Samsung Download Mode Tool.
  • Use a USB Data Cable to connect the smartphone to the laptop or PC.
  • Keep following the app guidelines cautiously to Root your Android mobile.
  • Tap on the “Flash” option. Wait for a while. Let the “Parsing Root package” option come. Your mobile will be rebooted automatically after completing the Root process.
Root With EFTSU Flash Tool
  • After finishing the Root session, you will have the accessibility for root permissions. Use the EFTSU Root Manager to manage the application’s approval.

Before flash:

  • It is necessary to switch on the OEM from the developer option.
  • Unlocking the Bootloader from download mode is needed when you notice the OEM is in the Download mode while being on.
  • Keep your WiFi or Internet connections stable as long as “OEM unlocking” is visible in the developer option from the setting panel.
  • Once you see the “OEM unlocking,” you can flash the EFTSU Flash file.

After Flash:

  • Sometimes, your Android device becomes stop loading. In such a case, restarting in the recovery mode appears to be the right decision.
  • Tap on the Volume up and Power icon at a time until the recovery mode is visible.
  • Next, reset your factory setting and restart the OS.
  • Once you see the initial boot to the OS, keep your mobile connected to the internet and wait until the “OEM unlocking” is visible in the developer option from the setting panel.
  • Turning on the “USB Debugging” in the developer option from the setting panel will be necessary if you initially failed to root your device. Also, turn on the “Reboot ADB Device to Root Mode (Recovery Mode)” option.


Hopefully, you have successfully rooted your Android device using the EFTSU Flash Tool. Facing any issues? Let us know. We will be there for you!

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