Fastboot Gadget Driver Download For Windows 32,64 Bit Support

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Are you tired of searching for Fastboot Gadget Driver? Then the search is over now as you have chosen the right article! We will let you know all the basic information about Fastboot Gadget Driver and provide you with the download link. You will get the list of Fastboot Gadget Drivers and know how to use it.

Fastboot Gadget Driver

What is Fastboot Gadget Driver?

Fastboot Gadget Driver is a computer driver that will keep your PC up to date. If your PC is facing problems in identifying your smartphone, especially when it comes about putting a specific ROM, the Fastboot Gadget Driver is the perfect solution. This driver can fix many other issues and problems of Android phones.

There are many discussions on the advanced-level use of Android devices related to the drivers. But the use of these drivers is not discussed in many of the articles available. We tried to describe the definition, use, and installation process of Fastboot Gadget Driver and given the download link also.

Spreadtrum Fastboot Gadget Driver Download

We have provided below the page link from which you can download Spreadtrum Fastboot Gadget Driver. You will get the latest version of Fastboot driver from this link. The download links are scanned with an antivirus, so there is no risk of virus attack. You have to select the version of the gadget driver according to the operating system of your PC and click on ” Download”.

The List Of Fastboot Gadget Drivers

The Fastboot Gadget Driver is a magic solution to smartphone problems. The driver varies according to the OS of the computer. We are providing here the list of Fastboot Gadget Drivers that are supported for different Windows. The Mac PC will need different Gadget Driver.

How To Use Fastboot Gadget Driver

As we know, the use of Fastboot Gadget Driver comes after you successfully install it first. We would like to mention the installation process of the driver, then go to its use. After you install this driver in your PC, it will be able to recognize the Android device.

Fastboot Driver Installation

For installing the Fastboot Driver, you have to download it first from the link we have provided in the previous section. If you need to use only fastboot, you don’t need to install the entire Android SDK only. You are getting specific tools that you need to fastboot the device and the versions are available for all popular Operating systems. Go to our provided link, download the particular version you need and install that.

The installation method of fastboot driver is different for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating system computers.

Phone Setup for using Fastboot

After you installed the driver in your PC, you have to boot the smartphone into Fastboot Mode. Turn off your phone and open it again by simultaneously pressing the power button and Volume Down button. If Fastboot mode has started, then connect this smartphone to the PC with a USB cable. Now you have to open the command prompt on the computer and type different commands for different operations.

Use of Fastboot Gadget Driver with basic commands

The driver is now ready to work, let’s see, what operations it can make:

  • Unlocking or Relocking the Bootloader

fastboot oem unlock

fastboot oem lock

These two commands are required respectively for unlocking and locking the bootloader. Once you have unlocked the bootloader and root the device with the first command, you can reverse the process and relock it with the second command.

Remember that, bootloader unlocking may erase all mobile data.

  • Flashing a Custom Recovery

Custom recovery operations, like- Clockwork Mod and TWRP, can be done with the gadget driver. First, you have to download the recovery files, extract them and the issue of basic commands. 

fastboot erase recovery

fastboot flash recovery <recovery-file.img>

  • Flashing any Custom ROM

You can install a customer ROM, kernels, etc. using the fastboot, especially if your recovery partition is corrupt. Download a ROM that’s compatible with your OS and issue the following commands:

fastboot erase system -w

fastboot erase boot

  • Flashing a new cellular Radio

Flashing a new radio can be proved dangerous for the device as it’s impossible to predict the best radio for a device unless you try it. Hence you can do it by downloading a radio suitable for the device and issuing fastboot commands.

fastboot flash radio <radio-file.img>

After successfully executing this command, reboot the bootloader with:

fastboot reboot-bootloader

  • Flashing a new Kernel

Download the IMG file of a kernel compatible to your PC. Open the command prompt, go to the respective folder of the kernel and issue these commands:

fastboot erase boot

fastboot flash boot <kernel-file.img>

Final Word

Fastboot Gadget Driver is a very user-friendly driver that provides simplicity of operations. It can serve in rooting Android devices, installing a custom ROM or custom recovery and, so many other tasks. We hope that we can provide the right download links and helpful information about this driver.

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