MTK IMEI Repair Tool All Version Download

International Mobile Equipment Identity is also known as the IMEI number. If your IMEI number has any trouble and you want to change it, you need to download the MTK IMEI repair tool for fix IMEI number. In the many countries, the IMEI number repair or changing is not legal. So, take your own risk when you repair or change your IMEI number. Now read the full content and download IMEI repair tool.

MTK IMEI repair tool download

For many reasons, we need to change or fix our mobile phone IMEI number. If you want to repair your IMEI number you can download the tool. Here two tool available. One for the single SIM supported device, and another multiple SIM supported device.

MTK IMEI Repair Tool

All IMEI Repair Tool Download Link

Tool VersionDownload SizeDownload ServerDownload Link
R1.5.3001860 KBMediafireDownload
R1.5.6001752 KBMediafireDownload
R1.5.9001756 KBMediafireDownload
R1.6.40011.0 MBMediafireDownload
R2.1.00011.5 MBMediafireDownload
R3.0.00011.6 MBMediafireDownload
R4.0.00011.6 MBMediafireDownload
R5.0.00012.0 MBMediafireDownload
R6.0.00011.8 MBMediafireDownload
R17.0.00011.6 MBMediafireDownload

Download MTK IMEI tool

If your device has single SIM slot, you can download this software. Click the download button to download this tool.

Features of MTK IMEI Repair Tool

This IMEI repair tool has many tools that help you to repair your device IMEI number. Now see some features of this tool.

Portable Application

If you want to repair, your IMEI number from the smartphone .you don’t need to install this software on your pc. This software is portable software. That means you do not need to install on the pc; you can just download and extract in on your pc then it will be ready for repair your IMEI number.

Samsung FRP Tool

Small and Easy to Use

It is a small tool that allows writing IMEI number on any Mediatek smartphone in few clicks only. Usually, connect your smartphone to the pc the open the IMEI repair software.

Flash Single IMEI

This tool only helps you for the flash single IMEI device; it means if your device has the several SIM slots like 2 or 3 then this software does not help you to repair or fix your IMEI number from your device. For that, you need to download the SN Write tool. These tools help you to change multiple IMEI numbers from your device.


Download SN Writer tool for repair IMEI

If your device has several SIM slots and you want to change or fix your IMEI number, you need to download the SN Writer tool for your pc. So you can click on the download button for download it.

How to fix or change IMEI number by using SN Writer Tool

First, you need to download the tool by clicking the download button. Then extract it on your pc by using any unzipper software. Like WinRAR or 7Zip software. After extract into your pc then you need to connect your MediaTek device by using a USB cable on the pc. After that you need to open the tool, you can launch the software by going the extracted folder location. When opening the software, you need to submit your IMEI number in the box area. Then you need to click on the Write IMEI button. Then you need to wait for the few moment.

I hope now already download the MTK IMEI repair tool, and you also know how to change or fix IMEI number from the smartphone. But remember that if your device is multiple SIM cared you must need to download the SN Writer tool, and if your device supports the single SIM you can download the MTK IMEI tool.

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