Vivo Y81i Pattern Unlock UMT Without Data Loss

Vivo Y81i pattern unlock UMT

Worried about how to unlock your Vivo Y81i? Getting locked with a phone by a pin or password is very common these days. We have to remember way too many passwords to function in our daily lives. From social media passcodes to our mail account, almost everything is pin-number-driven. So, what do you do if … Read more

How to Create a Scatter File for Flashing?

Scatter File

Alright, so you’ve got an Android phone or tablet. It appears that you enjoy rooting, downloading custom ROMs, modding, patching, and otherwise customizing your Android device to get the most out of it. Well, a great person should be able to do so at all times. Anyway, if you’ve been doing this kind of thing … Read more

Solved Can’t Connect Xiaomi Camera Error in MIUI Guide

Can't Connect Xiaomi Camera

Do you have a Xiaomi smartphone? Have you been facing a problem using the camera? If you are having trouble with the “Can’t Connect Xiaomi Camera“, then this content is for you. There are different reasons for this problem. It may be hard but not impossible to solve the issue. James bought a new Xiaomi … Read more

TWRP for Redmi Note 4 & How to Install Guide

TWRP for Redmi Note 4

TWRP refers to the security system or a device’s unlocking or recovering process; every device has its own method, but the article shows only the TWRP for Redmi Note 4. No matter what model from the Redmi brand you have bought, the TWRP or recovery system is almost the same. I never owned one Redmi … Read more

Samsung Account Processing Failed Solved Step By Step Guideline

Samsung Account Processing Failed

In terms of Hi-tech, technical brilliance, and top-notch quality, Samsung has proved its excellence as one of the most trendy and eminent consumer electronics brands. However, if you alter your android version that your SIM card does not support or due to ISP restrictions, you may face Samsung Account Processing Failed error. Hence, we have piled up … Read more

What’s Fastboot OEM Unlock And How To Unlock Bootloader Via Fastboot

Fastboot OEM Unlock

Fastboot unlocking of any device is a quite easy and simple process. But some android devices don’t allow direct Fastboot OEM Unlock of the Bootloader. Manufactures put a policy of requesting for bootloader unlock token in some devices. The users can unlock the Bootloader only after requesting. As such, the manufactures can track this unlocking … Read more

Phone Won’t Make Calls But I Can Text iPhone And Android

Phone Won’t Make Calls But I Can Text

Sometimes you are not able to make or receive calls on your Smartphone even if you can text, see missed calls alerts and voice mail notifications. This problem occurs due to several issues but fixing the issues is not difficult in most cases. When Phone won’t make Calls But I can Text – just go … Read more

How Do You Unlock a Locked Xiaomi Phone: Smart Tips that Work

How Do You Unlock A Locked Xiaomi Phone

Have you forgotten with the unlock password or pattern to your Xiaomi phone? Don’t worry; there are still a few tricks that you can try to unlock your phone. These are the tips that I am going to give you today. Apart from just telling you the tricks that’ll help you to unlock your phone, … Read more