How to Create a Scatter File for Flashing?

Last Updated on April 5, 2021 by XDA Team

Alright, so you’ve got an Android phone or tablet. It appears that you enjoy rooting, downloading custom ROMs, modding, patching, and otherwise customizing your Android device to get the most out of it.

Scatter File

Well, a great person should be able to do so at all times. Anyway, if you’ve been doing this kind of thing on your Android device for a while, you’ve probably come across the word “Scatter File” at some point. Perhaps during the flashing of the stock firmware or the repair of the IMEI/NVRAM.

Whatever the case may be, the bottom line is that you need to build a Scatter File for your Android device quickly. In this article, we’ll look at what a Scatter File is and how to use it. What is the best way to make a scatter file for flashing? Here, you also find a scatter loading file for SP flash tool.

What Is Scatter file?

A Scatter File is a .txt file that is used to identify a wide number of regions in an Android system that uses MediaTek’s ARM architecture. Such files are usually needed when flashing the firmware with tools like the SP Flash Tool.

In most cases, we can quickly unbrick an Android device by flashing the stock firmware. So, now that you have a better understanding of what a scatter file.txt is.

Why we need scatter files?

Because there’s a memory access technology on the market that makes some bold claims, it sounds like magic if you delete just the top-level messaging. And as you consider it more, you begin to squint your eyes and wonder aloud, “How is that even possible?”

The technology is known as “scatter,” and my aim was to find out exactly what that means and what to expect while using it – particularly the promise of “single-cycle access.”

How to create scatter file with miracle box?

  • Run the Miracle Loader exe after extracting the Miracle Box zip file into a folder.
  • Wait until the Dashboard appears after Miracle Box has opened.
  • Select MTK from the drop-down menu.
  • Tick the box for Write.
  • Choose the chipset for your phone from the dropdown screen.
  • To open a folder, press its icon.
  • Pick the scatter file in the pop-up window and click Open. For best compatibility, the file you want to flash should be in the same folder as the scatter file and in.bin format.
  • To begin, click the Start button.
  • Now you should see >> At the left tab, a USB port is being awaited. Attach the phone to the PC via USB cord after it has been turned off (and the battery has been charged).

Scatter File Read with CM2 Dongle

Example Read Official Firmware Stock ROM for HTC Desire-320 D626PH CM2 Dongle for Dead Boot Recovery/boot Logo Patch/LCD Black White Fix 100 Percent Tested Flashing File without password Download Free.

Firmware is a type of operating system. Which tells the hardware what to do? This is what we call tech. Without apps, mobile phones will not work. We technicians in the same sector value software as well.

We use the device regularly in the mobile industry, whether it’s for flashing or unlocking. We must pay attention to the model number, processor/chipset, models, patch stage, and other details when flashing the phone; otherwise, the phone will die.

You no longer need to go to another site; we will continue to upload all company files to this site on a regular basis.

How to Create Scatter File with MTK Droid Tools

Make sure your phone is switched on and plugged in before running MTK Droid Tools latest version as Administrator. Wait for it to recognize your device; if it does not, download and install the ADB drivers latest on your PC.

If your phone recognizes your MTK Droid unit, press the ROOT button. A confirmation popup will appear; select yes, and your phone will accept root permission. Then press Build A SCATTER FILE after selecting BLOCKS MAP.

Please save it to your computer’s desktop. Open the window before closing it because we’ll use it to collect the hex file for our recovery.

Then, as an Administrator, open SP FLASH TOOL, click SCATTER-LOADING and pick the scatter file that you recently saved to your screen, then click Read back.

Double-click N/A (ROM 0) to bring up a popup window; save it to your desktop as a directory, then rename it to recovery.img and save it. A new window will open. Choose HEX as the form and modify the start address (do not delete the first 2 digits 0x).

Recently, open the MTK droid tools window and find the name recovery; you will see a scatter and size (column view), copy the last 7-digit number starting from right to left of scatter and paste it into the SP FLASH Tool windows and edit the start address (example: 0x63780000) open MTK droid tools again and copy the last 7-digit number starting from the right to the left of scale and paste it into SP FLASH Tool.

How to Use Scatter File with SP Flash Tools?

Android scatter.txtfile is used to describe numerous areas in an Android device that runs on MediaTek’s ARM style. Usually, such files are needed when flashing the firmware with devices like the SP Flash Tool.


  • Scatter file Download and unzip it. Load the Scatter file into SP FLASH TOOL EXE (Click Scatter Loading)
  • Uncheck any box.
  • Load recovery image according to your device/choice (load image from the separate window —>open) by going to / clicking the RECOVERY box from the list.
  • The RECOVERY box is now tested, and the recovery picture position can be seen (uncheck all other boxes)
  • Put your phone away.
  • Connect the user and select “DOWNLOAD” from the top menu (not the tab), then “yes” if prompted.
  • It’s over, and the MTK flash tool will take care of the rest. Download MediaTek USB drivers from our links if you’re having trouble with the flickering utility or drivers.
  • A green circle will appear after you finish the Succerful sprint. Congratulations on successfully flashing your MediaTek Android smartphone using SP Flash Tool.


The Android MTK flash tool is a multi-functional tool that allows MediaTek device owners to perform tasks such as rooting, flashing, stock firmware backup, recovery, and scatter file creation.

However, the aim of this article is to instruct you on how to create scatter files for flashing.