How Do You Unlock a Locked Xiaomi Phone: Smart Tips that Work

Last Updated on January 3, 2021 by XDA Team

Have you forgotten with the unlock password or pattern to your Xiaomi phone? Don’t worry; there are still a few tricks that you can try to unlock your phone. These are the tips that I am going to give you today.

How Do You Unlock A Locked Xiaomi Phone

Apart from just telling you the tricks that’ll help you to unlock your phone, I will give you a step by step guide that you can follow to unlock the phone. So how do you unlock a locked Xiaomi phone? Please take a look at what I have lined up for you here.

Method I: Unlocking Via Mi Account

The first method that you can use if your Xiaomi phone is locked is to go via the Mi account when unlocking the phone. To do that easily, here is a step by step guide that you can also follow.

Unlocking Via Mi Account

Step 1. Try Putting in a Password

Try Putting in a Password

Since you don’t have the right password, the phone system alerts you that the password you’ve tried out is incorrect. This one will happen after the fifth try.

If this happens, the phone gives you 30 seconds before you try typing another password again. However, because you don’t recall the password, you can go to this next step.

Step II: Click on Forget Password

Click on Forget Password

At the bottom right after the fifth attempt is tab labeled “forget the password.” This is the next thing that you’ll click on to.

Step III: Input Mi Account/ Mi Password

Input Mi Account Mi Password

After clicking on “forget the password,” you can then input your Mi account, followed by the Mi account password, to quickly unlock your Xiaomi phone. With these two passwords, your Xiaomi phone will be unlocked in no time.

But what happens when you have forgotten both your Mi account and again the Mi account password?

You’ll need to take out of your SIM card from your Xiaomi phone and then install it into another phone to receive the unlocking messages.

Step IV: Enter the Xiaomi Cloud web

Next, once your sim card is on another phone, you’ll have to enter the Xiaomi Cloud web and do the following.

Enter the Xiaomi Cloud web

  • Choose “Sign in with Mi Account.”

  • Click on “Forget password.”

  • Reset your Mi Account password.

  • Go back to step III above and unlock your phone.

Method II: Unlocking Via Factory Reset

If you still don’t have a Xiaomi Account, the easy way out is to unlock the Xiaomi phone via the factory reset option.

While this option will be quite effective, it’ll wipe out all the data on your Xiaomi phone. As such, you should use it only when you are absolutely sure that all the other methods have failed to mature up.

So how do you unlock a locked Xiaomi phone using the factory reset option? Here are the steps that you can follow.


  • The first step is to power off your locked Xiaomi phone. This you can do using the power on/off button.
  • Next, identify the “Volume up” key and the “Power” key and then hold and press the two at the same time. Make sure that you hold on to them until the “Mi logo” appears on your screen.
  • Once it powers up with the logo, allow the phone to go into the recovery mode. It will go into this mode automatically.
  • The next thing that you’ll do is click onto the “Wipe Data” option. You will use the phone’s volume key to navigate to what you need easily. Then use the power key to highlight the option that you require.
  • When you’ve selected the “Wipe All Data” option, you can press the power button to confirm it. This will set the phone into a reset mode.
  • Now don’t be in a hurry. Give the phone some time to rest. Then after the phone reset is finished, you can go back to your phone’s main menu.
  • On the main menu, choose the “Reboot” mode to restart your Xiaomi phone. The phone will prompt you with a new PIN code. Set up the PIN code and access your Xiaomi phone easily.

Method III: Unlocking Via Mi PC Suite

Finally, you can also unlock your Xiaomi phone via the Mi PC Suite. This is also effective and can be your option if you love to take your time. Please take a look at what it entails.

  • First, download and then install the Mi PC Suite APP on the PC.
  • Now open the Mi PC Suite APP.
  • Power off the Xiaomi phone. Make sure it is completely powered off.
  • You can then hold and press on to the “Volume up” key and the “Power” key at the same time (like you did on the factory reset above).
  • The recovery menu should appear. Now press on to the “recovery” tab.
  • At this point, you should connect your Xiaomi phone to your PC
  • Connect using the USB cable.
  • Once the phone is connected, check the APP on the Mi PC Suite.
  • The opened app identifies your device before displaying the phone’s ROM version.
  • Click on to the “Update” button on the MI PC Suite.
  • The new window appears, and you can click on the “Wipe” button.
  • Your phone will auto restart.
  • Next, press the ROM Selection button to choose the ROM which you want to flash.
  • Press the “update button” to install the selected ROM.
  • It would be best if you waited until the installation is done.
  • Finally, reset your password or the “lock screen pattern.”

NOTE: If you are using this method to unlock your Xiaomi phone, you will remove all the data on the phone.


So how do you unlock a locked Xiaomi phone? I guess that no brainer right now. Just make sure that you follow every step that we’ve given you here to have the best experience with your phone.

Always take your time as some of these options may need a little patience when performing. Even so, they are easy and should leave you with some of the best results when looking for the best way to unlock your Xiaomi phone.

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