Samsung J210F Cert File Without Password Download

Last Updated on October 6, 2021 by XDA Team

We have heard about device flashing, rooting, or unlocking the bootloader. As these are quite common terms, there are some available files to files or root your device. But when it comes to unlocking the mobile network for your android device, the process becomes difficult.

Although unlocking the mobile network can be a hassle and can void your device’s warranty, there’s an easier way and effective way to fix J210’s network problem. Here, we’ll focus on the Samsung J210F device users if they’re facing network issues and wants to solve their phone’s network problem.

There’s a Samsung J210F Cert File that can easily fix your J210f phone’s network.  Although the available files need a password, we’re gonna share the unlocked version of the cert file. Also, we’re gonna show you how to use this cert file Samsung J210F. So keep reading….

Why Do You Need Samsung Cert File

Many of the Samsung J210F users have complained that there are network issues in their devices and don’t know any solution. It can happen for two reasons-

  1. The built-in network issue
  2. Locked network setting

Whatever the reason is, the network issue is a big pain. Due to this, you cannot use mobile data or wifi in your Samsung J210F. Your J210Fs wifi might not work as well. So how to fix it?

Well, the solution is downloading and using the Samsung J210F Cert File. The cert file for Samsung is a repairing tool that can fix the problems we mentioned above. Even if you’re phone network remains locked, you can use this cert file to unlock it!

But alongside the cert files, you’ll also need some flashing tools. The reason being,  you first need to flash your Samsung J210F and then use the cert file to unlock or repair the phone’s network.

Are you worried about finding these tools and drivers? We’ll share these with you. Don’t worry!

Download Samsung J210F Cert File

In this part, we’ll share the download link of the cert file and other flashing tools for your Samsung J210F. But before we proceed, remember that this repairing task is involved with flashing.

Before flashing your Samsung J210F, here’s what you should remember-

  1. Flashing your Samsung J210F will remove all your phone J210F’s data
  2. Will void your J210Fs warranty.
  3. As you’ll be using cert file, flash file, and other drivers in your J210F, the process can freeze your device

So if you want to take the risk, the next part is for you.

How To Use Samsung Galaxy J210F Cert File Z3X Box

In this part, we’ll be showing you how to unlock or fix the network problem in your Samsung J210F with a cert file. Besides the cert file, you’ll need some other drivers and tools as well.

Drivers and Tools:

  1. Samsung Z3X Tool Pro Cracked
  2. Miracle Box (all-in-one file for flashing)

The Samsung Pro tool is enough to fix the issue that we’re talking about. In case it doesn’t work, you can download the Miracle box. There’s a crack file for this miracle toolbox also.  We recommend using the Samsung pro tool, to begin with…

The Z3X team first brought out the Samsung Tool PRO 29.5 box. With this pro tool, you can repair the network issues, fix the IMEI number, and unlock the bootloader and FRP in your Samsung device.

Here’s how to use Samsung Galaxy J210F Cert File Z3X Box-

  1. To begin, you’ll need a program to manage all of the files.
  2. Download the Samsung Tool Pro 29.5 Crack ( no password needed)from the above link.
  3. After that, open the tool and launch the J210Fs loader.
  4. Now, give this program some time to load on your computer.
  5. Please choose your phone, that is, Samsung J210F, from the list after opening the tool.
  6. Now it’s only a matter of displaying all options.
  7. Check and choose the Samsung J210F cert file And Download J210F EFS File, then save it to your phone.
  8. And that’s it!


Now I hope you’re able to fix or repair your Samsung J210Fs network issue. As said earlier, the network issue can come built-in or be manually unlocked with the Samsung J210Fs cert file. Whatever the reason is, we hope you now know how to fix the J210Fs network problem.

That’s it. Use the drivers and tools links to download the Samsung Tool Pro and Miracle box to fix the network issues! Good luck.

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