Samsung Account Processing Failed Solved Step By Step Guideline

In terms of Hi-tech, technical brilliance, and top-notch quality, Samsung has proved its excellence as one of the most trendy and eminent consumer electronics brands. However, if you alter your android version that your SIM card does not support or due to ISP restrictions, you may face Samsung Account Processing Failed error. Hence, we have piled up the crucial factors of “Processing Failed“ and offer you one hand solutions to relieve your pressure.

Samsung Account Processing Failed

The Samsung models and any version of Android OS  might restrict to let you sign in to your account under various   circumstances. For your assistance, we have compiled the most common situations are given below :

Application conflict may cause an error to the device Login. 

If you attempt to entrée the Samsung Account of Android’s settings section, you may encounter errors.

It might occur at the time of updating the Operating System of Samsung.

As Samsung’s factory reset, security is kicked-in. If anyone is resetting the phone’s factory settings, Samsung’s account screen might get wedged. Therefore, it causes Samsung Account Processing Failed error.

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Samsung Account Processing Failed Solved Guide Step by Step:

No worries, you will get the complete and one-stop solutions in this handy guide since we have accumulated all the possiblerobust solutions step by step. Here are they :

Note: Before fixing the Samsung account, you have to restart your device and check whether all the networking firewalls, e-mail id, and password are working accurately.

Method One: Stop Developer Options:

This advanced option utilizes, debug, and develop the application of Android phone. The settings may be interrupted due to interference of internet connection and hence might error occurred. You can solve it to disable the developer option.

Settings > Developer option > Disable > Check whether the problem is solved or not.

Method Two:Eliminate clashing Applications:

Antivirus, adblocking applications like Blokada,or other co-sharing resources might mutually conflict with each other. If you uninstall those applications and restart the phone, you can cure the problems at ease.

Settings > Application Manager >Blokada/ awkward application >Force Stop/Disable> Uninstall > Restart phone > Check.

Method Three:Remove Cache regularly:

To get a better user experience and enhance performance, Cache is used on Samsung Galaxy. But it may sometimes encounter a problem, and the best way is to clean it.

Settings > Application Manager > Galaxy App > Storage > Clear Cache > Check.

Method Four: Remove and slot in the SIM again:

If your phone does not distinguish your SIM, then you may face a similar problem. To resolve it, you have to take away the SIM and carefully re-insert it.

Method Five:Permit Two Factor Verification:

If you lost your phone or unlike factors, try to log in to your account on your phone. By enabling Two Factor Authentication, you might restrict other users from sign-in to your account unauthentically.

Login Samsung account / PC browser > Security > Two-step verification> Enable> Check.

If your problem is still not cured, then disable Two-step verification and re-insert SIM.

Method Six: Reorganize Password:

To reset your password, I would like to suggest you not sign –in after opening the Samsung account in a PC browser.

Samsung account > Reset password link > Enter e-mail id > Click password resetting e-mail> Type and confirm new password >Sign in again with new password.

Method Seven: Renew OS using Smart switch:

When the updated process intermittent due to an unknown error, you may resolve it using the Samsung Smart Switch.

Back up previous data > InstallSamsung Smart Switch on your PC > Use the USB cable and connect to your device to launch it > Update Firmware > Check. 

Tips: Please don’to ff, use your mobile for other purposes, or disconnect the USB cable while continuing the updating process.

Method Eight:Try new Network:

Sometimes due to unavoidable conflict, the current Network might be blocked to a system resource. You can disconnect it and try for another to handle the problem. Otherwise, I would recommend you to use a hotspot of a Samsung mobile phone and check again.

Samsung Login Bypass:

You may face severe troubles, or the Samsung mobile might be locked for unusual factory resets, forgetting the password, etc. Further more, except for your Samsung ID and password, you can’t acquire an initial Samsung account login request screen unless the Samsung device has been reactivated earlier and some how the phone is restored, or factory reset.

Here are some effortless techniques of Samsung login bypass –

Technique 1: Reset Samsung Account:

 Go ‘Lock My Screen’ > Set New PIN >Lock feature>

 You can also unlock the phone.

Technique 2: Samsung Bypass using Safe Mode booting:

Holding the “Power off “option, you may go to safe mode. Reset data and uninstall the lock screen. After rebooting, the device lock screen application will be removed permanently.

Technique 3: Using Factory Reset Bypass Samsung Account:

Holding volume down + power buttons and run the ‘Bootloader’ menu.

Pressing volume down key twice >  power key > once Volume up key select the ‘Recovery Mode.’

Pick the “Factory Reset” and then “Reboot Now.”

Technique 4: Using SD card ‘Pattern Password Disable’ and Custom Recovery:

Higher knowledge is required for this process. After downloading ‘Pattern Password Disable,’ you have transferred the Zip file from pc to  SD card and insert it into your phone. Restart your Samsung phone in recovery mode. You need now to Flash that zip file to that SD card and restarts the phone again. Then it will start exclusive of the lock screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I fix my Samsung account Session Expired?

Well, I can fix my Samsung Account session expired problem using the Samsung website, canceling and Stop Auto Sync, closing account, Login to my Samsung account from Computer, etc.

2. Why Can't I Get Into my Samsung Account?

There are many reasons behind failed to get access to Samsung account that I mentioned elaborately earlier. Look at the second paragraph; you will get all the answers.

3. Will a factory reset remove my Samsung account?

In my opinion, it does not work at all as Samsung Reactivation lock and FRP (Factory Reset Protection ) are working together to protect your Samsung from being removed by others. So, nothing is going to works in terms of your factory reset.

4. How do I bypass an abnormal factory reset?

Please read the 3rd technique of Samsung Login Bypass again. You will get your answer.


Bypassing or recovering a Samsung account password is nothing but to sign in with your data again. We have tried our level best to give you a decent idea. No need to get nervous; go on reading this Samsung Account Processing Failed Tablet Guide a few times we have ready for you above.

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