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Your phone contains much valuable information that needs access in instants. Also, backup is necessary as depending on the internal storage only is not sufficient. Are you looking for such software for your phone? Titanium Backup Pro APK can solve this problem. This is considered one of the best programs for Android smartphones.

Titanium Backup Pro APK

Notwar Roy has a lot of data stored on her phone. Once she lost all her data stored in the internal storage. She had no backup back then. After that, she started using the Titanium Backup Pro APK Free Download for Android. Now every data is in sync and backed up on the SD card. Things have become a lot easier for Notwar

If you are looking for trust worthy and reliable software, this is it. Users have provided positive reviews. They are happy to use the program on their phone.

What is Titanium Backup Pro APK?

There are many back-ups programs to protect your phone data. Titanium Backup Pro APK is a utility for Android phones. It helps to preserve the system and user applications with the data in them. This backs up everything on the external storage for safety. You can choose other destinations as well as you wish.

The utility application is one of the leading ones in the industry. Titanium uses root access for pulling out data from the system and transfers it to restore them for future usage. The same goes for the application programs on the phone. Moreover, if the smartphone has been flashed or corrupted with the custom ROM- the program will save you.

This backup program will load the phone like previously, as it was from the start. The best part is, you can download Titanium APK for free. With a few clicks, users can get them for free from the Google play store or different websites.

The Pro Feature Of Titanium Backup Pro APK

Titanium Backup Pro Key APK has new features that were not included before. You can now have more freedom and easy maneuverability for the application. Some of the new features of the Titanium Backup Pro are the following-

  • App data for multi-user.
  • You can freeze apps.
  • Batch restoration with zero clicks.
  • Can backup and restore calls, messages, internet connections, and even bookmarks.
  • It can keep multiple backups for each app.
  • This app is capable of syncing from/to Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Can turn user apps into system apps.
  • Capable of doing encryption.
  • Allows to upload and download the backup files as one zip file.
  • Can send integrated system app updates to the ROM.
  • Easily relinks app to market whenever necessary.
  • It has a hyper shell speed.
  • Can act as an auto-updating manager for the apps and data.
  • Able to create backups of applications without switching them off.
  • Users can update the zip file that consists of the zip file.
  • It restores data and apps from TWRP APPS, non-root, and CWM backups.
  • Cleans the system log and Dalvik cache.
  • Schedules are unlimited in this app.
  • Converting application data from or to WAL format.
  • Against deletion, this software protects the backup.
  • It is capable of changing the ID of the Android phone, restore it even after the factory reset.
  • Can save or load filters to use in widgets and schedules.
  • Sends the backup file to the cloud storage that can be imported in one click.
  • Uninstalling became easier.
  • With a single click on the screen stop, pause, or launch apps.

How To Backup App Data With Titanium Backup

The Titanium Backup file is especially for the rooted devices but can also be used for non-rooted ones. In this part, we are going to discuss the process of backing up app data with the utility software.

Titanium Backup Root Pro APK backup process

  • The first step is to verify the file. Make sure it is running without a warning and the busy box has OK.
  • Then click on the backup or restore tab depending on your device.
  • After that, click on the menu button where “Batch” is.
  • Then select the option that backs up all the user apps.
  • Now let the file run and then let it go back.
  • You can also back up the data and system individually. Users can select the apps they want for the backup service. To do so look for the items having green colors. You will find call logs, calendar, bookmarks, WiFi, launchers, and other items for doing so.
  •  You have all the backups as the name of “TitaniumBackup”. They are all automatically saved on the SD card. You can change the destination if in need.

Titanium Backup Non-Rooted Pro APK backup process

This application is also usable for non-rooted devices. But users can use only a few features. Still, if someone wants, he/she can download and install it for backups. For non-rooting devices, there are some steps before you start the backup process.

The ADB and the device must be detected. Set them up before starting. The Android version of the smartphone should be 4.0 or above. Otherwise, they will not work. A file manager is also mandatory to have on the phone. Now do the following-

  • First, connect your phone and confirm that it has been listed with the ADB devices.
  • Then with the “ADB backup -f FullBackup.ab -apk -all” command, run a full backup.
  • When you run this command, it creates a package. This will have the name “FullBackup.ab”. They will be located on the current location of the command prompt. It will be the backup package for you.
  • The above step will allow you to root the phone.
  • If you have completed the rooting, now you can insert the “FullBackup.ab” package on the SD card.
  • Next, click on the menu button and find the option that has the name “Extract from ADB backup”. The search will be prompt with it. Now from the file manager go to the directory and find the FullBackup.ab file.
  • At last, you can restore the data and apps. It will be the same as the rooted device. You will feel the backup has been done exactly as you would do with the Titanium Backup. Finally, make a fresh copy and you have completed the process.

How To Install And Use Titanium Backup Pro APK

Installing the application is not difficult. With some simple steps, users can have it on their phones. If you are going to have it from the Google play store, then pay for the app and download it. There is not much complexity.

If you are going to download it from the website the steps are still easy. Follow the process below

  • The first step is to download the application. You will find it in a .apk format file. So, download it to start the install process.
  • Then go to the settings option. From there go to security-> unknown files-> enable/on.
  • Next, open the file you downloaded as the Titanium Backup for your Android smartphone.
  • At last, you will see the file has been installed and ready to use.
  • As you have successfully installed the app, now open it for further direction on how, where, and which files need backup.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Titanium Backup Pro Apk a light weight?

Applications are more useful when they consume little space for your storage. You will be glad to know that the Titanium Backup Pro APK is very lightweight. It takes less than 10 MB of space to install and use.

2. Is Titanium Backup Pro Apk safe to download?

The answer is – Yes. It is safe to download. There are no security issues or threats for downloading it. Viruses, malware, spyware, trojans cannot harm the storage or system. If you still want to be extra safe – Titanium Pro Torrent is useful.

1. Can non-rooted devices download this app?

This app is specially made for rooted devices. So, it works well for them. But even if you have a non-rooted device, you can download this software. But users will have less access to the features.

1. Is Titanium Backup Pro Apk free?

The answer is – it depends. If you are going to download it from the Google play store, then it is not free. You have to pay. But different sites have the Titanium Backup Pro APK Cracked version. They are free to download.

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Data is one of the most important things nowadays. As smartphones have become an essential part of life, it is necessary to protect and restore them for the future. From the chat history to business emails- backing up everything is very much possible through the Titanium Backup Pro APK.

As the best utility program, it has been serving the customers for a long time. Even experts recommend using this on the phone. So, without a doubt, it is the most suitable one for your device. By installing this free application, users are assured of the data and applications on their phones. Titanium Backup has got your back.

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