How To Fix Supersu Root Undetected Problems Updated 2023

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Have you heard of the Supersu Root Undetected? If you haven’t, then today is your lucky day. If you have, then it’s your perfect chance to learn more about the same. In this post, I’ll give you every detail of what you should know about SuperSu.

Supersu Root Undetected

What You Should Know

To start us off, let me ask this question, have you ever come across the following error after rooting your android device?

  • SuperSu Error Android Gaining Root Access Failed
  • SuperSu Installed, No Root Access

I have, and for a long time, it really bothered me. It affected how I used my phone when I could use it, and if I could maximize its capacity. Luckily for me, those days are gone. Today, I have the best solutions to any error that could be prompted by my rooting of a personal android device.

Let me show you how I fixed it using a simple but effective method – the Supersu Root Undetected.

Supersu Root Undetected: Smart Guide for New Users

SuperUser is an android app. The app was developed by Android developer Chainfire and allowed you the leverage of having superuser access on your rooted device. However, for this app to work, you’ll have to use any of these two methods to root your device.

First, you can root your device using the Android Application Package(APK),which is usually found from the 3rd party rooting services, or secondly, by seeking manual access to your device, which is possible only through the recovery mode.

Why Root Your Device?

Rooting a device allows any android user to optimize or customize their device completely. This means that once their devices are rooted, there won’t be any limits to how they can use their device.

While this is fun, one thing that I’ve got to warn you about is this. Once you’ve rooted your device, the manufacturer’s warranty is immediately voided.

Nonetheless, many people will still root their devices due to the several benefits that they will enjoy the use of non-rooted phones.

NOTE: When rooting your android phone, make sure that the process is properly and accurately done. Otherwise, it could trigger so many problems that might prevent the smooth operation of your android phone.

How to Manage Root Permissions with SuperUser App

Once your android phone is successfully rooted with the SuperSu app, the phone normally reboots to prompt the Supersu Root Undetected icon on its drawer.

If you see this, the one thing that you must be aware of is that at this point, Supersu has gained complete control over all the other apps that you have on your android device that require root permission to work.

Such that, if any of your apps was to request the root permission, then the theSuperSu app will have to grant it first. That, if you were to tap on ‘grant’ then receive the message successfully, it would mean that rooting was successfully done.

Is Root Working?

To check if your root is working, simply download the Root Checker app and use it to verify the main status. If that’s cumbersome for you, you can try to download an app that you’ve tried to download for a long time without any success.

Nonetheless, if you can easily manage the root permission through opening the app drawer and consequently clicking on the SuperUser icon, that’s still fine.

You will find a list of readily available apps with a clear indicator of whether the app is granted or denied access by the SuperUser.  And in case you see the need to change any app permission, then simply click on the app.

How to Use SuperUser on Android Phone and Gain Root Access

The SuperSu app is readily available in Google Play Store. However, you might not have direct access to it.

If that happens, don’t worry; simply click here to get your latest SuperSu version. This again can be found in the .zip format,which makes it easy to download and use on your computer.

In case you’ve downloaded it to your computer, you can connect your phone to the computer through the USB cable and then drag the main SuperUser zip file to your android phone.

Set it in the phone’s internal memory and then reboot your device into the TWRP recovery, which is found from the TWRP site. Once it is installed, your phone will be ready to gain root access instantly.

NOTE: When performing any installation on your android phone, it is important to back up every data since you never know what will happen. Phoned data loss comes without any warning, and you don’t want to be found in such a scenario.

Supersu Root Undetected Step by Step Guide

Once you’ve installed the TWRP recovery system on your android device, you will be ready to the SuperSU and instantly gain root access to your android phone. Here the smartest Supersu Root Undetected step by step guide.

Step I

Now that you had accessed the SuperSU Root site and installed the downloaded SuperSU zip file into your phone,you should jump on to the next step. Please take a look at step II in our guide right away.

Step II

Now get your android device into its ideal TWRP recovery setting. This can be tricky for a newbie. However, it requires you to press and hold specific buttons on the android device to access this type of setting.

The most common systems will require you to press and hold onto (Power + HOME + VOLUME DOWN) buttons all at the same time.

This sends you straight to a new screen with numerous access instructions. You can press on the “Volume UP” key to select what you need.

For your type of android, make sure that you find the right button combination. You can search for “TWRP (Device Model name)” on Google.

Once you have accessed the TWRP recovery screen, the next thing will be to tap on “Install” and instantly prompt the process.

Step III

Upon prompting the process through pressing on the installation button, the next option that you will see is that which requires you to directly install the SuperSU zip file which you had previously downloaded.

Select on it and next press on the “swipe to confirm flash” button. This should set your android phone on course.

Step IV

Allow the Supersu Root Undetected to install. Remember that the exact duration that it takes to successfully install the SuperSU zip file while your phone is on the TWRP recovery mode will depend on several things.

So remain absolutely patient and tap on the “Wipe cache/Dalvik” when the SuperSU is completely installed.

You can then select the “Reboot System” option to continue with your operation and to set up your android phone for use.

TIP: At this point, the installation process is completed, and you should easily see and access the SuperSU app right on your phone’s drawer. You can follow the tips that we had given you above to test if the rooting procedure was a success or not.


Lastly, let us look at the FAQs and see what types of concerns most people will have about installing the SuperSU app. 

What to do if root access is not properly installed?

If your root access isn’t properly installed, you should uninstall it and reinstall it while following the right procedure. If not, update your app if it requires a new version. Check also if you have accepted all the root permission.

How do I get superuser permission without rooting?

It is not possible to achieve superuser permission on your android phone without rooting your device.

How do I enable root access?

Simply install an app that requires root access and see if it works. Upon attempting to use the app, a popup will appear that requires you to grant Superuser access.

Simply tap on “Grant” access, and if a “Success” message pops up on your device, then you should be aware that there is successful rooting.

How do I permanently remove SuperSU?

Simply download and transfer the file to the android device. Then boot your device to the TWRP recovery mode. Next, press the install button on the TWRP screen and select the file. You can swipe and confirm flashing and finally reboot the phone.


One thing that any android user should know before they set down to root their device is this. Different OEMs will have different rooting styles, which can be easily achieved through automated scripts or the installation of a flash-able rooting package.

In addition to that, the same can be successful if you flash pre-rooted ROM or simply by carrying out a custom recovery. The choice is yours. However, the use of Supersu Root Undetected is one of the best options.

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