How to Install SDK Platform Tools? { Most Easisit Explaintion}

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The SDK platform tool is a robust set of tools for developers to create applications for the Android platform. It includes an emulator, debugging and performance profiling tools, and a variety of other utilities. This is usually for developers’ parts, but if you wish to explore the developer part and be a developer, then the Android SDK platform tools can still be helpful for those who are not developers. It contains Fastboot and ADB, which are essential for manually updating software or rooting your phone. With these tools, you can make changes to the operating system that would otherwise be impossible without them

Android SDK Platform Tools

With this SDK platform tools 32 bit, your dream of being a developer may come true, even if it’s for a minute or so. So why let go of this change? There isn’t any reason to, of course. Using it isn’t rocket science. You need to download and learn how to install SDK platform tools, and it’ll make your developer’s dreams come true. We want to help you with this process. Read on to learn the correct way to install the SDK platform tool.

What are SDK Platform Tools?

The SDK platform tools are an essential part of the Android development process. They provide the necessary drivers for a computer to establish a connection with an Android device over USB or WiFi. This connection is necessary for developers to be able to debug, test, and deploy their applications on an Android device.

The SDK platform tools were originally included in the Android SDK Manager and Android Studio. For Windows, Linux, and Mac users, Google released each operating system separately in a compact Zip package. This makes it easier for developers to access the platform tools without having to install the entire SDK package. The platform tools also include ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and Fastboot drivers, which are very important for debugging and flashing new software onto an Android device. SDK platform tools linux install is also easy to process to execute.

How to Install SDK Platform Tools?


Installing the Android SDK is a relatively straightforward process, but it requires some technical knowledge. The first step is to download the SDK directly from Google. Once this is done, scroll down until you reach the “Get just the command line tools” section and save it on your desktop or somewhere easy to access.After that, you will need to extract the file from its compressed state. This requires familiarity with compressed files and how to extract them; if you are not familiar with this process, it is essential to take the time to learn about it before continuing. Once extracted, you can begin setting up your SDK manager platform-tools platforms android-28 and developing Android device apps.

On Mac:

Before you can begin using the Android SDK, you must have a working version of Java installed on your computer. Both Open Java and Sun Java from Oracle are compatible with the SDK components. If you’re using a Mac, chances are you already have android sdk platform tools installed unless you’ve uninstalled it. Then, just visit the Oracle website and download the 32- or 64-bit version you need.If any of these steps give you trouble, it’s best to take some time to learn more about your computer before continuing.

Once you have a working version of Java installed, you can start using the Android SDK components to develop apps for Android devices. The SDK includes tools such as an emulator, debugger, and profiler, which will help make developing apps easier and faster. Additionally, libraries provide access to devise features such as sensors and cameras, which can be used in your app development process. With all these tools at your disposal, creating amazing apps for Android devices is now within reach.


Installing the tools necessary for developing Android apps is a relatively straightforward process. The first step how to install SDK platform tools in windows 10 is to download the Android SDK platform tool from Google’s website and extract it into an Android folder on the root of your C drive (Windows) or your Home folder (Mac, Linux). The SDK manager executable can be found in the bin folder of the extracted download once you’ve done this.This file will open a GUI if you have Java installed correctly.

Once you have opened the SDK manager, you can choose which components of the SDK you would like to install. You should install both Android SDK Tools and Android SDK Platform Tools. These two components are essential for developing Android apps and will provide all of the necessary tools for creating and testing your app. After these components are installed, you can begin developing your app confidently, knowing that all the necessary tools are available.

How to Install SDK platform tools commands Line?

The Android SDK command line tools provide a powerful way to manage your development environment without needing a bulky UI. You can easily install and configure the SDK on your PC by downloading the Windows version of the command line tools. After downloading the .zip file, extract it and locate the “cmdline-tools” folder. Then create an “Android” folder in your C: drive and move the extracted files there. This will ensure that all your SDK components are installed correctly and ready to use.

Once you have completed these steps, you can access all of the features of the Android SDK from a command line interface. This includes installing packages, running emulators, debugging applications, and more. With this setup, you can quickly get up and running with developing apps for Android devices without having to worry about managing a complex UI.


1. What are the android platform tools commons?

Android platform tools are a collection of tools that are used for debugging, testing, and building Android applications. android-sdk-platform-tools-commoninclude the Android Debug Bridge (ADB), Android Software Development Kit (SDK) Platform-Tools, and the Android Emulator.

2. What is the difference between SDK tools and platform tools?

The Android SDK Tools are a set of tools used for developing Android applications, while the Android SDK Platform Tools are a set of tools used for debugging and testing those applications on actual devices or emulators. The SDK Tools provide the basic framework for creating an app, while the Platform Tools provide additional functionality such as debugging and profiling.

Download Android SDK Platform Tool For Mac

Download Android SDK Platform Tool For Windows

Download Android SDK Platform Tool For Linux


Installing the SDK platform tools in Windows 10 is a relatively straightforward process. You can just need to follow the above mention process, and that’s it. The SDK platform tools are ready to let you feel like an app developer and do some developer work. So, what are you waiting for? Start installing the SDK android platform tools and enjoy its features.

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