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Fastboot is an immensely powerful and popular tool for the developers with which you can do enormous advanced level tasks with great ease. Just, you need to know the correct command for a particular action. The tool will automatically do the rest for you. Here, after describing some basics about the tool, we will share some of the popular Fastboot commands.

Fastboot Commands

Fastboot, an efficient tool packaged with Google Android SDK enables a user to write data directly to the flash memory of a phone. We can work with this software in a device even if the phone fails to connect to the Android OS. It can be done because of the program’s ability to write directly on the flash memory. Its users can reach to all the device partitions and connect the partitions by flashing firmware, recoveries, bootloader, etc.

It is widely used to unlock the bootloader when the operating system is failed or bricked. Also, it’s a popular tool for connecting the device partitions.

How To Write Fastboot Flash Command

For successfully running the commands, you have to meet the following prerequisites.

Fastboot OEM Commands

Fastboot OEM unlock command: By using the OEM unlock command, you can unlock the bootloader of many popular mobile brands. Hence, the command is widely used. You can run the command in the brands such as One Plus, HTC, Motorola, Google Nexus, Google Pixel, etc. You can easily find out if your device supports this command or not. For that, check if your

OEM can enable fastboot mode or not. If it enables the mode, the command can be run. However, the command is given below:

Syntax: fastboot OEM unlock

Run this command in the command prompt. Be aware that doing this will remove all the data from memory. Hence proceed carefully.

Fastboot OEM lock command:

You can lock your bootloader as well using Fastboot OEM lock command. Good to know that this command may help you with your warranty card as most of the service center’s representatives consider a phone intact with a locked bootloader. They don’t go further to check if the bootloader is unlocked before or not, though it is possible. Nevertheless, the command is:

Syntax: fastboot OEM lock

Fastboot Flash Commands

Fastboot flash command: This efficient command enables you to flash ZIP files. It runs for the brands which release flashable ZIP files of the forthcoming firmware for their testers. However, the command is:

Syntax: fastboot flash %FILENAME.ZIP%

For instance::fastboot flash

Fastboot flash recovery command: You can flush recovery images using this powerful command.

Syntax: fastboot flash recovery %FILENAME.IMG%

ADB Fastboot Commands

ADB reboot bootloader command: this command enables you to enter into the bootloader by booting it.

Syntax: \adb>adb reboot bootloader

ADB reboot recovery: you can install the phone updates that are not officially released yet by using it.

Syntax: \adb>fastboot flash recovery .img

Bulk Fastboot Flash Command List

Type: fastboot oem writecid

Type: fastboot oem writeimei

Type: fastboot oem get_identifier_token

Type: fastboot flash unlocktoken unlock_code.bin   (for htc devices, learn more: at

Type: fastboot oem unlock-go

Type: fastboot oem unlock

Type: fastboot oem lock

Type: fastboot oem device-info preflash

Type: fastboot oem enable-charger-screen

Type: fastboot oem disable-charger-screen

Type: fastboot oem off-mode-charge

Type: fastboot oem select-display-panel

Type: fastboot oem bootlog

Type: fastboot oem getvar

Type: fastboot oem mmcinfo

Type: fastboot oem info

Type: fastboot oem securewipe

Final Words

So, you know how to use fastboot commands by now. You can do these amazing tasks using this single tool. It is very user-friendly as well. These features make this tool a great choice for developers.

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