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Have not you ever played various arcade games? I believe in seeing only affirmative answers here. In my early times, finding arcade games brought me much fun. Alongside its higher demand among users, it is undoubtedly so simple.

Earn to Die comes with some exciting features in a game that any user would desire. It’s considered one of the most exciting arcade games available for Android, isn’t it? You will find Earn to die full version free on the internet. Meanwhile, it brings users for having super availability and affordability.

What is this game about?

This arcade game will take users to a situation where zombies are ruling the world. Meanwhile, the main character is you need a break from this Mad Max land. So, you jump on a car and decide to drive while getting zombies over before gas starts running out.

Also, you have got all of the post apocalyptic equipment by using the car. Besides, keeping a standard driving speed will serve you nicely. Bumpy terrain or other road obstacles can send you flying over if not.

As a result, your car would start flipping over. As it is not an easy-to-go process, you will gain some in-game coins or money. Meanwhile, this game allows you to buy new cars or other pieces of equipment using the money.

Carrying better wheels, gas tanks, engines, hoods, etc., will put in great comfort to get rid of zombies. Interestingly, the hoods you will be going to buy can transform into a spinning blade. It is capable of spiking out to fight against all odds, including zombies.

Installation and Download

Earn to Die gets developed by Not Doppler, which is a Sydney-based gaming corporation. Its first edition was updated last 2016. Coming with a 49-megabyte size while its installation amount is more than 1 million.

As Earn to Die 2 got much popularity, the installation amount also suits it. More than 100 million users have installed this Android-supported game. Meanwhile, its size transforms bigger into 75 megabytes in the second edition.

Apart from downloading Google PlayStore, you can avail of Earn To Die 2 full version APK free download. After seeing its features, you may want it’s easy download system, don’t you? There are several options out there to avail of this racing game.

Besides, getting its APK version from different trustworthy sources also exists other than PlayStore exploration. Meanwhile, you can have the Earn To Die Free Download For PC Full Version for 32-bit Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.

Earn To Die V1.0.29 Mirror Link1 | Mirror Link2 | Mirror Link3 | Mirror Link4

Earn To Die V1.0.6 Mirror Link1 | Mirror Link2 | Mirror Link3 | Mirror Link4

Earn To Die V1.0.5 Mirror Link1 | Mirror Link2 | Mirror Link3 | Mirror Link4

Earn To Die V1.0.4 Mirror Link1 | Mirror Link2 | Mirror Link3 | Mirror Link4

Sequential journey of Earn to Die

Earn to Die was initially released on Android in 2012. The main thing a user needs is to rescue and escort the chief character. Then, bringing him a secure place, gaining way through the territory full of the walking dead.

Isn’t it fascinating? Well, there is a protagonist too who can obtain defenses while keeping these from a trash pile. After its massive success in Earn to Die first edition, its 2nd part was launched in 2014.

Well, developers enabled Earn To Die 2 Full Version Free Download for users. You will explore here much development and transformation of the main character. So, a considerable upgrade has been made to improve the character’s skills, added features too.

Meanwhile, you can go for Earn to Die 2 Game Free Download Full Version For PC. Moreover, Earn to Die 3 is the latest version of this existing game. It got released in 2018 for Android and the 4th version just after that.

Earn To Die 2

Among this game’s all versions, Earn to Die 2 has come out as the most advanced and exciting featured one. This version has brought much improvement in the character’s skill sets and other relevant features. You will find the engine, gas tank, accelerator, clutch-based advanced parts in Earn to Die 2, which is a significant improvement.

As this arcade game is partitioned into various levels, you have to cross over all of them. Having an exceptional controlling system is so simple and fun. You will find two keys on the left that are for tilt control. Moreover, gas and acceleration keys are out there on the right side.

Besides, you do not have to worry about purchasing weapons as it is automatic. Crossing your path with bloodthirst alike zombies, you will face. The car can go down while having a collision with zombies, so being alert is so vital. But don’t worry, you can buy new equipment or upgrades while gasoline trunks come to an end.

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Required details for APK

As you have decided to install Earn to die full version free, you must meet some basic requirements.

  • Android version 2.2 or more than that
  • Ram 1 GB minimum
  • Any branded device
  • The processor requires more than 1 GHz
  • Minimum 75 to 80 megabytes available of inner memory

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many Earn to Die got released?

-Till now, it’s four different editions.

2. What is the core story of Earn to Die?

-It’s a survival journey to keep you protected from zombies.

3. Who developed Earn to Die 2?

-Developed by Toffee Games, which is a Russian indie studio.

4. Is the storyline the same for all of the sequels?

-No, there are so many different scenarios and exciting features in each version.


Earn to Die has successfully made it possible to bring up-to-date features. In each of its versions, you will experience something new and challenging. From the customizable vehicle, zombie transformation to even extended story mode enables a new game era.

Meanwhile, realistic ragdoll physics and a lot of impressive animated sequences will push you to install it. But most users do know the processes of APK or other modes of installation. Apart from its paid version, you can avail Earn to die full version free. Throughout a secured installation, you will surely love to play it on Android and PC both.