Avast Mobile Security Pro APK V6.37.0 Full Version

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Does your mobile have any protection against viruses and malware? If not, it is high time you start using one. Avast mobile security Pro APK full version can be a great solution for the device. Avast is already popular for providing security services for PCs and other devices. So, it is a reliable application to maintain a protected device of yours.

Avast Mobile Security Pro APK Full Version

Jackson browses the internet without thinking about the threats. As a result, his mobile phone became an ideal place for unwanted malware, spyware, and viruses. A friend suggested downloading and installing the Avast Mobile Security Pro APK. It helped to clean all the threats and made the device stable and protected.

This application for the mobile is a savior. You do not have to worry about any unwanted threats.

What is Avast Mobile Security Pro APK?

Avast Antivirus Pro APK is a security application for Android phones. It is capable of protecting your device from dangerous viruses like trojans. You also get to demolish unwanted spyware, malware, and other threats. Avast is the most trusted antivirus app for smartphones.

When you install any adware or spyware it harms your device. They can violate privacy. Moreover, email, messages, calls, infected websites can have phishing attacks on your device. Avast Pro APK saves you from all of these threats.

With the antivirus engine, it scans for malicious apps and viruses. Also, the app acts as a web shield to scan and block to ensure safe browsing. You can also block numbers so that they cannot contact you. Additionally, this will let you know about the other installed apps. For example- the data they have access to or other permissions.

The Feature Of Avast Mobile Security Pro APK Full Version

Avast mobile security Pro APK full version has so many useful features, that help your device run worry-free and safely. They make sure to maintain strict security for the smartphone. Some of the important features are-

  • Safe web browsing
  • Protecting personal data
  • Powerful firewall to prevent stealing internal data
  • Controlling the stolen phone from remote through web
  • Scan all files and apps for threat detection
  • Widget for easy controlling the app
  • Manage apps
  • Screening through phone calls and messages to detect and prevent spams
  • Locking the phone apps
  • Scanning the device for viruses
  • Boosting the speed of the RAM
  • Acting as ransomware and webcam shield
  • Cleaning junk files
  • Blocking calls
  • WiFi scanner and test speed

What’s New In Avast mobile Security 6.37.0 APK

Avast Mod APK has some new features in the premium and Pro versions. These features are not available in the free version. you do not need an Avast premium APK license to use it. Let’s have look at the new features-

  • Removing ads is now possible for the users.
  • You can now lock your apps if you do not want others to use them. Use a PIN to lock and secure these from outsiders.
  • Avast will provide you direct and prompt support whenever you have an inquiry.
  • Avast anti-theft premium APK secretly takes a picture if someone tries to open your phone. Also, if there is a SIM change, it automatically locks the phone.

Why Use Avast Mobile Security Pro APK Full Version

Antivirus is an essential app that will protect your phone from every possible threat. Personal data, media files, protection from viruses, malware, managing phone’s performance- everything is inside the antivirus.

Avast mobile security Pro APK full version offers unique features. It has advanced options to protect your device better than other available antiviruses. This will make sure you can have complete privacy to access websites with a VPN. The personal data of users are also secure with it.

Among the apps available on the Play Store, there are many fake apps. If you install them, it can damage your phone even more. So, as a verified app you should use this.

How To Download And Install Avast Mobile Security Pro APK

If you want to download the Avast pro APK free version, it is available in the Google Play Store. Download the app, and start using it after installing. Even iPhone users can use it. It is available at the apple store.

For the Avast mobile security Pro APK cracked version, you can use the following link. Download it from the link, and you will be able to enjoy the Pro features without any subscription fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes Avast one of the best free antiviruses for Android?

Usually, free antiviruses do not work properly as they promise. But Avast is different from them. Even if it is free, it gives the best possible performance to protect your phone. Avast Mobile Security Pro APK Full Version is the best application for Android users without any doubt.

Their main focus is to ensure user privacy, security, and safety. Also, the app increases device performance by boosting it. As it gets updated, identifying new threats becomes more advanced. Not only your network but connecting to another unsecured network is also safe. If your device is slow, clean the junk with one tap.

Managing and using it is very easy. Protecting your phone from the latest malware, spyware, or viruses has never been so easy. That is why itis the best for smartphones.

2. Will Avast Mobile Security impact my phone’s performance?

The answer is no. Avast mobile security premium APK full version has an insignificant impact on your phone’s performance. Because it works as a background app, it is without influence. This will not drain the battery life or affect the phone speed. Once it has been installed, there is nothing to worry about.

3. How to remove viruses from an Android phone?

It is very much possible that your smartphone can have viruses or other malware. When you are confirmed about them, you should clean them as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will damage the device.

With a few simple steps, you can get rid of the viruses. Follow the steps below-

  • Turn off your phone and reboot it in safe mode. To do so, when your restart, press and hold the down volume button. It can vary. So, make sure to learn the correct process. When done, you will see “Safe Mode” at the bottom of the screen. Select it.
  • Now uninstall any app you think is the reason for viruses. Or, force stop it from the settings menu. This will not clean the virus. But it will stop that app from doing further damages.
  • If there are such other apps, do the above or delete them immediately.
  • Next, download and install an antivirus app for your phone. That will do the detecting and cleaning of the device. Also, it will enhance performance.

4. How to remove ransomware from Android devices?

If there is ransomware in your phone, it must be locker ransomware. It is also known as screen lockers. The reason is, this denies access to the device by locking the user interface.

To remove ransomware, you can try to decrypt the files. Or, deploy a factory reset to restore them. Reboot the phone in safe mode. After that, go to the Settings-> Applications-> Manage applications. Select the apps that you want to uninstall.

Additionally, disable the option to download third-party apps from future damage. To do so, go to Settings->Security. From there uncheck the Unknown sources option. If it still does not work go for a factory reset. But before doing so, make sure to back up all your data. Otherwise, the process will erase all data from the phone.

5. How can you use Avast mobile security Pro features?

Avast mobile security Pro APK full version is available for all users. The Pro version has only one difference from the free version. It has the Pro antivirus. To use the features of the app, you need to have a subscription plan. There are different plans available for users. You can choose the suitable one for you and enjoy the Pro features.


As technology advances, risks also increase. Smartphones have become a must-have item. It contains valuable information as we use it for various purposes. So, ensuring safety is also essential. With Avast mobile security Pro APK full version you can easily do it.

The features including the new version are perfectly capable of giving protection. Not only the internet browsing, but it is also a complete package for your phone. You can manage every app, activity, call, SMSs, and more.

It is available for all smartphone users. And more than 100 million people are already using this app. The numbers show how users are liking it and enjoying all the features. May it be free, crack, or paid version – this will always protect your phone. Just download and install the app, and enjoy using a risk-free phone.

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