Show Saved Wifi Password Without Root Android

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What you see in this advanced world is all about the internet. Meanwhile, Wifi is a significant component that transforms the overall browsing experience more remote and faster. I started experiencing Wifi when I didn’t have any router on my own. Getting from my neighbor’s connection was my only reliability.

Show Saved Wifi Password Without Root Android

You may have different or similar stories other than this, don’t you? As we generally save Wifi password once, forgetting it by the time is not so unusual, is it? So, ways that show saved Wifi password without root can be the savior that keeps you away from trouble.

Through Wifi WPS WPA Tester

After countless mobile applications have boomed around the world, you can execute most of your daily online activities through it. For this saving Wifi password issue, you can download an Android app called Wifi WPS WPA Tester. It can easily be found on Google PlayStore.

After installing it, you have to go through the below steps. It will lead to a successful recovery on how to Show  Wifi password on Android without root.

  • Start the application, and so you will find this app is frequently searching for nearby Wifi connections.

  • After the successful attempt in searching, you will find a list of all available Wifi networks around your place.

  • Now, each Wifi connection will belong to a color-oriented lock symbol. If the sign turns green, that indicates you are lucky enough to hack it. Besides, you can not do that if green stays absent there.

  • To hack the green signal network, tap on it initially. After that, a dialogue box will pop up there. Meanwhile, you have to tap the connect button there.

  • Besides, you will see two options that also ask you to choose, Root and No Root.
  • After choosing No Root, you will see several pins that connect your Android with that list of hackable Wifi networks. Now, select the Connect (Root) option while choosing one of them.

  • Meanwhile, this app will start attacking pins on that network. If the action goes right, you can see the Wifi password afterward. In case the attack doesn’t execute, an error notification will pop up. As a result, you have to choose another pin and reappear the attack.

  • That’s it; copy it and paste for browsing further to that network.

Try again and again. Eventually, one pin will break the chain and get you closer to show saved Wifi password without root.

However, it is better not to utilize it for getting access to any unauthorized networks due to its illegal issue. So, this is one of the best ways on how to view saved Wifi password on Android without root.

Through ES File Explorer

As it’s a general issue for most users, there are more ways than we expect. Well, ES file explorer, an Android Wifi password show APK that also helps you in recovering. Though it is not available on Google PlayStore, we have put it on the list after WPS WPA Tester.

As it’s a general issue for most users, there are more ways than we expect. Well, ES file explorer, an Android Wifi password show APK that also helps you in recovering. Though it is not available on Google PlayStore, we have put it on the list after WPS WPA Tester.

  • After opening this application, it will ask you for some permissions. You have to press allow for all of them to continue further.
  • Inside the app, you will find a tools panel to turn on the ‘Root Explorer’ segment. As a result, you can locate along with modifying the core system files inside your device.
  • Now, scrolling down until you find the Root Folder on your device.
  • You have to open the Data named folder inside the Root Folder.
  • Inside of it, again open the ‘misc’ folder.
  • It will lead you to the WiFi folder where wpa_supplicant.conf is situated inside the misc folder. Now, open it.
  • It will appear with a built-in HTML or text opener.
  • Now, locate SSID & PSK terms where SSID stands for WiFi name, PSK for password.
  • After this process, note down the password so that accessing your desired WiFi network is possible.

As you can see, the steps of ES File Explorer can be a bit lengthy. But undoubtedly, it is more convenient for having Wifi Password Show Without Root 2021.

Through ADB Commands

As today’s Android smartphones barely limit activities, ADB Commands is an exemplary option to show saved Wifi password without root. If you are a more tech-oriented user rather than a conventional one, then ADB is the best-suited. It allows you to supervise under technical conditions. Meanwhile, there is no requirement to install any extra application. Steps below-

  • First of all, go to About phone inside of settings. After tapping seven times on the Builder Number, a message like ‘You are a developer now!’ will pop up.
  • So, you can access different developer-based options on your device.
  • While entering Developer options, you have to turn on ‘USB Debug.’
  • Now, install the ADB driver on a Windows computer.
  • After downloading, open & click right inside the folder. then, tick at ‘Open Command Window Here.’
  • After that, you have to connect your computer with the Android phone via USB.
  • When the connection is successful, type ‘ADB services’ inside the command prompt and enter there.
  • After typing “db pull /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf c:/wpa_supplicant.conf”, it will retrieve the wpa_supplicant.conf data from the Android phone. Meanwhile, it stores that into your computer’s storage.
  • Via notepad, you can open that file and locate SSID, PSK. That’s all in ADB Commands.

So, ADB Commands can be your best Wifi Password viewer without root.

Getting Password Through a QR Code

How to check Wifi password on Android without root while adding QR code in this system? Let’s say, you want a WiFi password to get into the network but have no interest in utilizing app-based activities. You still can access if and only if someone has the connection of that WiFi network around you.

Today’s smartphones are much more excellent than we used to think. Brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei, etc., allow users to access any network via a QR code. You only have to ask for other’s permission to scan the QR code.

When you do so, the Android set of the helping person will generate the password into a unique QR code. Now, open your scanner app by default and just scan the code. That’s it; you have been permitted to enter into that WiFi network. In this manner, you can also connect PC, laptops, etc.

Through a Browser

If you find doing via applications a bit complex or tiring, you always have an excellent alternative. While searching how to find Wifi password on Android without root, being aware of scams is a life-saving step. Well, anyone with browser compatibility is highly available for this case.

For this, you need to access the router via any robust browser. Getting into the admin settings is vital where you need to type your IP address. Most of the browsers set default IPs that are either or

While typing these into the browser, a screen will pop up and require a username and password to input. After inputting, you can access the router’s settings page. It will let you see the password on Android without tracing any roots.

As these are susceptible settings, you have to circumvent any tampering with them. It is better to look at that password while closing the settings option without any modification. Meanwhile, ending up while changing or modifying something will result in a loss of the Internet’s accessibility.

Though several third-party-based applications, software, etc., are available, using a browser is more precise and easier to access. Professional companies, developers do not endorse most of these third-party applications. As a result, stealing your confidential data is highly possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I find out my WiFi password history?

-After clicking on the Wireless Properties option, you need to tick on the Security label. Consequently, a Network security key will pop up here. By going through the checking process of the character box, you can find a WiFi security password of the current network.

2. Is stealing WiFi illegal?

-Surprisingly, yes! You may be charged for this crime in many regions of the US. But any arresting case is very rare in this circumstance.

3. How can I view the WiFi password on my Android device with root?

-You can find it via File Manager and specific third-party apps also. You have to open the file manager and continue to the ‘data/misc/wifi’ folder.

4. Which are the most useful apps for free WiFi?

-Instabridge, WiFi Warden, Osmino WiFi, WiFi Analyzer, WiFi Magic, WiFi Map, etc., are the best apps available on Android.


So, these are the vital paths to show saved WiFi password without root. In a nutshell, you should be aware of doing any hacking kinds of stuff through these applications. As inserting into any unauthorized network is so more accessible, the dilemma starts while browsing any app.

Besides, utilizing the applications available in the PlayStore or protected by other trusted software, corporations. Meanwhile, according to your working capacity, you can access technical stuff that ensures a professional journey on these. As how to see Wifi password without root has a larger demand, utilizing these safely makes your approach more appropriate. 

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