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I used to love painting and sketching when I was younger. I mean, who doesn’t? Sadly, now I barely get time to check out my drawing skills and play with some colors. Curse adult hood! Even if you are not good at drawing, everyone loves coloring for a change or time pass.

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro APK

However, drawing is no longer constrained to those old papers and colors. Smartphones are making us smart and also changing the traditional ways of doing things. You can now draw in your smartphones as you draw in papers. The result is beyond satisfactory.

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro APK Full Version is the graphics software that takes digital paintings to a new level. Of course, there is other software, but this is the highest-rated app on Google Play. You can not only draw but color, sketch, edit too in this software.

I will talk about all the unique features of this app here. So, brace yourself!

How does Work Autodesk Sketchbook Pro APK Full Version work?

You must be wondering how software can do such exceptional detailing on a smartphone. With modern technology and invention, anything is possible now. There is an app for almost everything in the market now. The mechanism of Sketchbook Pro APK is a stounding.

It uses pressure-sensitive features. It is similar to how the touchscreen of modern gadgets like smartphones and tablets work. So, it feels like you are drawing using your finger. It kind of gives an effect similar to traditional materials.

It also has a pie-menu user interface. So, here the selection depends upon direction, unlike the traditional linear menu.

It has many basic painting tools like a brush, pencil, and marker. In the pro-version, you can find an unlimited number of brushes.

The screenshot tool is quite popular. It is used for annotations. We know annotation is the extra information associated with a topic or point.

In Autodesk Sketchbook Pro APK Full Version, the Annotation feature allows the user to display content in meetings and add notes for review. There are also other exceptional and premium features in this version. I will talk about them in detail later.

Autodesk App for Android:

Autodesk sketchbook is a top-notch painting app for iOS and Android. It is available for PC and mac too. Smartphones with a bigger screen are convenient for using this app.

If you are an Android user, you should download Autodesk Sketchbook Pro APK Full Version. You can download the official APK version of the app or download their mod version.

APK is the android package of any software, and Mod APK is the modified versions of the original apps. In the mods, you can get premium features free of cost, without any subscription.

Usually, if there are premium versions of any app, people crack it and develop a new one. This new version is mods APK, which will not ask you for a subscription or any premium access.

People used the mod ones before Autodesk made it free for all. But now you can Autodesk Sketchbook Pro APK Free Download. You only have to create a free Autodesk ID, and you can use the pro version as well.

Download Sketchbook Pro APK:

You can find many reliable websites on the Internet providing the download link for the mod version of Sketchbook APK Pro. You can easily download the official app from Google play. However, many smartphones do not have Google play as their OEMs remove it.

If you do not have Google play, you can look for links online for Sketchbook Pro APK Free Full Download. And for this, you have to follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • Select the Security Settings in your device from the Android Settings.
  • There you should find Device Administration
  • Enable/turn on the option, Unknown Sources
  • Once you have enabled the option, click the download link of Sketch Book Pro Android.
  • Now, save the downloaded file in your device’s Downloads folder.
  • After downloading, locate and click the file.
  • You will get an install/download dialogue. Wait for the complete installation of the app on your device.

You can start using the app right away once the installation is complete.

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro Tools APK:

It is the advanced and unique tools of Sketchbook Pro that makes it so convenient and successful. They have also added some recent features in the Autodesk Sketchbook Pro APK Full Version.


You do not have to screen record your progress in the Sketchbook Pro Android APK anymore. You can use the time-lapsing feature to get a quick recording of the full sketch that you did on this app.

Some mod versions do not even require signing in. You can download and start using it with all the unlocked pro features.

Perspective Guides:

This feature is super helpful for the pro artists. If you are used to drawing in perspectives, then try using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro APK Full Version. This feature makes the drawings more real and precise.

In the mobile version, you will find this feature in the toolbar. There are 1,2, and 3 perspective guide features on the mobile version of Autodesk Sketchbook Pro APK Full Version.

There is also a customize grid option. It helps to customize the density and opacity of the lines radiating from the vanishing points. The more the density, the more number of lines.

There is also an infinite grid option for infinite lines from the vanishing point. You can adjust the vanishing point. If it does not move, unlock the perspective guides from the toolbar.

The constrained grid option features a frame with the grids. It is convenient for drawing buildings or indoors.

This premium feature can get tricky for newbies to handle. But, for advanced level drawing, this is unparallel.

Distraction-Free Drawing:

Many users, especially with smaller screens, thought that the toolbar took unnecessary space of the screen. The toolbar takes a generous amount of space from the blank canvas.

Users can unintentionally click a tool from the bar while drawing. It causes distraction, so Autodesk Sketchbook Pro APK Full Version introduced a new feature to remove or hide the toolbar. You should enable this mode to do a distraction-free drawing.

Sketchbook Draw and Paint Pro APK:

Now, let’s talk about the premium drawing and painting tools that make Sketchbook Pro APK so good.

Choose from 140 brushes:

You can say that you get unlimited brushes here. Some of these brushes are pressure sensitive, as I mentioned before. The thickness depends on the pressure you apply. And some are texture-oriented, and some also glow. You can brush for all types of drawing, coloring, and sketching.

You can import brush sets in the Android version with the default ones available. You can switch between these brush sets.

There are basic and legacy brushes, and you can choose from both. The latest Sketchbook APK version comes with all the updated brushes.


If you are a pro editor, you know the importance of layers in editing apps. In Sketchbook Pro APK, you can work with layers naturally. The layers show up on the right side of the screen automatically if you are on a tablet.

However, if you are on your smartphone, you have to click on the layer icon to see all the layers. You can change the background color of your drawing using the background layer.

This feature is pretty convenient and beneficial for all types of drawings. You can add, delete, and rearrange layers here. There are sixteen blending modes in these layers. There are much more options available with these layers. Download now to explore more.

Simple tools:

There are many simple yet efficient tools in Sketchbook Pro Android. The size of this app is lightweight to make it adaptable to every type of device.

Simple tools like a lasso, rectangle/oval crop, and the magic wand make this app suitable for amateur users.

There are pencils, erasers, markers of different sizes too. You can work with a limited number of pencils in traditional drawing. But in Sketchbook Pro APK, there is no limit. The toolbar shows the basic tools first. For the advanced tools, you have to drag the bar left.

There is a curved ruler for drawing flawless curves. These unique features sometimes make the drawing even better than what it would have been on paper.

For more flexibility and convenience, the users can now import and export files from Adobe Photoshop here in PSD format.


It is hard to find graphic software with such unique and premium features for free even among the swarming drawing apps. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro APK Full Version is the best graphics app in the market right now for both Android and iOS.

Recently Autodesk has made this software free of cost for its users. For enterprise use, only the users need a subscription.

The APK or Android version is convenient for all types of mobile phones. You can also create flipbooks or animations in this app.

Download the app to explore all the extra-ordinary features and create your own masterpiece.

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