Magisk Manager V6.0.1 Download And Root Your Mobile

Magisk Manager is a well-known Android mobile application. It allows you to root devices without intervening in the system partition. The root for Android still exists but is something that has been losing steam to a point where only the devices rooted. There will be always some users who wish to take full control of their Android. This action isn’t becoming so essential to give the capabilities of the most modern phones and the latest system versions. Download Magisk manager from here.

Magisk manager

You have to remember that there are applications like Super Mario Run, Pokemon GO, Netflix or apps from banks whose security check prevents them from being used in rooted devices. It means that if you do not use Magisk Manager Latest Version you have to choose between them or a device with root.

NameMagisk manager
SupportAndroid OS
Download Size2.1 Mega/Byte
PasswordNo Applicable
Download Link TypeDirect Link
This APK DeveloperTopjohnwu

How does Magisk Manager APK work?

The main function of Magisk Manager APK is to avoid the verification of security carried out by some applications through the Google API. It is used as follows:

Step 1: Connect to the security servers to see if you can successfully hide the root.

Step 2: In case it does not work you have to restart the phone and reopen the application.

Step 3: In the settings menu, select the BusyBox to enable and then Magisk Hide.

Step 4: The security test is re-launched, which should be overcome.

Step 5: Now you have to open the side menu and select the Magisk Hide option to open its options menu.

Step 6: A list with all the installed apps will appear. Now, you have to find the app you want to hide the superuser’s permissions in the list and check the corresponding box.

The smartphone brand and Google is fighting against the ROOT and the modification of the system. There is a name that is taking special relevance: Magisk, the “ROOT System less.” Do you know what this software does and what are its advantages? We explain it to you.

Nearly universal ROOT with anti-detection tools

Google, the manufacturers of the devices and the developers of apps, are embarked on a cruise against the modification of the system. No wonder: it means putting the devices at risk and the security they offer users. The means of payment are exposed, as well as the sensitive data, documents … And the applications with in-app purchases; besides that, they increase the traps in games.

There will always be ways to root Android, even if the user risks losing certain advantages. Which is the most successful? Magisk Manager V6.0.0

What’s new in Magisk Manager V6.0.0?

Magisk Manager V6.0.0 is a latest root system for almost any Android device that does not alter the partitions of the system allowing a rooting mode not only safer but also proof of many applications. It makes ROOT detection one of the premises to work.

How to root using Magisk Manager V6.0.0

Magisk is designed to flash on almost any Android device regardless of the system version. It does not work on all phones, tablets, and ROMs. To install it is mandatory that the device has a Custom Recovery, either TWRP or CWM. Once this is taken into account, we must emphasize the obvious. This process is very dangerous. Of course: Magisk can be uninstalled without too many problems if something goes wrong during the process.

To root with Magisk, it is necessary to do the following:

  • Magisk Manager Apk Download from here.
  • Restart in recovery mode with Magisk loaded in storage.
  • Click on the “Flash” option of the recovery, choose Magisk and accept the flashing.
  • Once done, you should start the system again and, if there have been no complications, you should have your Android rooted.


You need a rooted phone to use SuperSu. Now you need an application that is responsible for filtering access to system folders. Same as SuperSU adapted to Magisk. It is available on the Google Play Store. Download it and extract the zip. After that, you have everything ready to use the applications that need ROOT access to work.

Once the app has been marked, when it is run it will try to check if the smartphone has been modified and if it has Superuser permissions. Magisk Manager will prevent this and will successfully return these security checks.

Various uses of Magisk

Use Android Pay while it is rooted with Magisk
As you already know, although Android allows modifications and personalization to adapt to consumer choices. It abstains from some of its essential elements to be used only in a standard device and not rooted, for security reasons. One of those features is Android Pay. Android Pay rigorously checks that the system has root access and does not work on any system that has administrator access.


Use Pokemon GO and Snapchat while you’re rooted

Pokemon GO and Snapchat are some applications that use Google’s SafetyNet Check to verify root access on a device. If it is reported that a device is rooted, the application will not load, which is evident in these applications. In case your device is rooted through the traditional SuperSU, both Pokemon Go and Snapchat will fail only at the login stage. But with Magisk, you can easily follow and play these games. You can also use modified apps too without any fear.

Use Magisk to install the Xposed Framework without system

Xposed Framework is one of the most used systems after the methods available in the market. It contains several sub-modules that one can use to adjust your device to your liking. As such, even Xposed Framework needs a rooted phone. It can be avoided with the help of Magisk. Now, go to the Download section and grab the Xposed Framework according to your Android version (SDK 21 – Android 5.0.x, SDK 22 – Android 5.1, SDK 23 – Android 6.x)

Final thought,

From Magisk Manager you can enable root whenever you want to avoid problems with the applications that detect it. It also allows you to install modules with which to expand the possibilities of this application. As we have emphasized above, performing this process is quite dangerous.

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