OPPO A5 (CPH1809) Pattern, Password, and FRP Lock Remove/Reset Guidelines

OPPO is a smartphone brand that might not allow any software to break into its locking system. That’s why bypassing the unlock requires special care. If you are an OPPO A5 user, you are going to know the real way to unlock the pattern, password, or FRP lock of your device. All you have to do is to be with me till the end with patience. So, sit comfortably and get ready to begin your journey.

OPPO A5 Pattern Lock Reset Done

It is not so difficult to bypass the FRP and Pattern lock of the device. By following the OPPO A5 ISP pinout method, you can effortlessly get rid of all kinds of lock systems. However, I will go through someeffortless steps to assist you in achieving your goal. Before you begin to apply the method, don’t forget to take a close look at the caution and requirements.

Caution: The method you are about to apply requires disassembling internal body parts of the device. According to the phone companies, doing such activities will void any remaining warranties. Furthermore, you have to follow the instructions and apply the method completely on your responsibility. We will not be responsible for any kind of damage (Although the chances are very low). If you agree to the statement, you may proceed for further information.

Basic Requirements

  • Phone assembling toolkit
  • Soldering kit
  • UFI box
  • A working Laptop or Computer
  • UFI box eMMC toolbox software
  • Jumpers (4-6 pieces)
  • OPPO A5 USB Driver installed on the computer

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Part 1 (Dealing with the hardware)

  • Step 1: You need to take the rear case away from your phone. Next, unplug the motherboard from the existing battery, fingerprint sensor, and the camera.
  • Step 2: Unscrew the screws from the motherboard and take it out and put it in a safe place.
  • Step 3: On your motherboard, locate the six eMMC pins. The pins are Dat 0, CLK, CMD, GND, VCC, and VCCQ. You will require to cut through the steel cover to reveal them.
  • Step 4: Bring the UFI box and take the adapter out from it. You will see the exact same pins in the adapter I have mentioned in the previous step.
  • Step 5: Solder the 4 pins: Dat0, CLK, CMD, and GND with jumpers between the motherboard and the adapter. Left the VCC and VCCQ for the USB to power them out.
  • Step 6: Put the adapter inside the UFI box. Connect the box to the computer.
  • Step 7: Connect the motherboard to the phone’s battery. Then, put the USB cable on the phone and connect it to the computer.
OPPO A5 CPH 1809 ISP Pinout
OPPO A5 (CPH1809) ISP Pinout

Part 2 (Dealing with the software)

  • Step 1: Open the UFI eMMC toolbox on your computer. From the appeared tab, tick on the Direct eMMC (ISP) box.
  • Step 2: Now, Click on Identify eMMC. It will recognize your device by the software to take further action.
  • Step 3: Go to the User Partition tab, and click on the Special Task (Purple colored Thunderstorm Icon). Select Factory reset from the list of options.
  • Step 4: Wait for a while for the completion of the process.
  • Step 5: Put away all the connections and assemble your phone back to its previous condition. Turn on your phone and enjoy 😊

OPPO A5 (CPH1809) Firmware

Although it is not necessary for the process, it’s a useful thing to have on your collection. If your phone gets dead, it will help to get the life back.

Additionally, you can download the OPPO A5 (CPH1809) Dump File from here as well. (link)


The ISP pinout method is a popular process to get rid of pattern, pin, and FRP locks from OPPO devices. I have disclosed the whole procedure in the above section step by step. As it’s a risky process, I suggest you apply it to your phone. Anyway, if you are a professional technician, it will benefit you in many ways. You can ask us any questions regarding the method, I described. We would love to come with solutions. I hope you enjoyed your journey with us. We would expect your visit more often for the latest updates. Until the next time, take care and spread the goodness.

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