Download CM2 SPD/Unisoc USB Driver All Version

Last Updated on January 4, 2023 by XDA Team

Like Snapdragon and Mediatek, SPD or SpreadTurm is also another cheapest manufacturing company. They really did surprise their competitors in 2017 by using Augmented reality features. They launched a few devices with the SPD processors in them, and people were a little skeptical about it.

As most of the smartphones come with either Snapdragon or Mediatek processors, you can easily find the flashing tools and drivers for them. But what about the SPD-powered devices?

Well, if you’re one of those who like to flash your SPD-powered device, this article is for you. Read to the end to know about SDP-powered devices and CM2 SPD USB Drivers for flashing them.

What is CM2 SPD USB Driver?

The CM2 SPD USB driver is a flashing tool to flash your SPD-powered devices or smartphones. From flashing, rooting to FRP bypass, this all-in-one tool for SOPD devices is the one you’re looking for.

Some people might not have heard about SPD or SpreadTrum devices. The first SPD device launched in 2017 with augmented reality and created a good impact on the customers and competitors as well. But soon after that, they didn’t roll out more devices.

The common smartphones come with Snapdragon, Qualcomm, or Mediatek processors. For the availability, you can easily find flashing tools for them. But SPD being an uncommon one, people really find it difficult to find the flashing tool for those devices.

Features of SPD USB Driver

  1. This USB driver lets you flash the stock ROM in your SSD devices. As a result, you can flash the stock one and use custom firmware on your smartphone.
  • If you wish to root your SPD device, you can use this driver to do so.
  • The USB driver is also called a repairing tool as it can help you repair your phone’s IMEI number
  • You can also bypass the FRP of your SPD-powered devices with this tool.

Download CM2 Dongle Latest Setup File All Module

Download CM2 SPD/Unisoc USB Driver

If you wish to do or fix any of the things above, you need to download the CM2 driver first. But remember, the CM2 drivers are only compatible with SPD smartphones and devices. So if you try to flash, root, or bypass FRP in any other processor, it won’t work.

Few Things to Remember

  • This driver lets you flash your smartphone (SPD-powered). So keep a backup of your data before flashing.
  • The flashing process has some risk of losing data and the device freezing. Do it at your own risk.
  • While flashing the Rom of your SPD device, keep at least a 60% charge
  • The driver link that we provided above is tested and works 100%. It’s virus-free as well.
  • If you’re confident of flashing with a CM2 driver, look for an expert’s help.


We don’t recommend flashing a device without prior knowledge. The risk is high, and it’s often impossible to recover your data without keeping a backup. Anyways, the CM2 SPD USB Driver is not the most common flashing driver. It’s easy to use and hassle-free as well.

Good luck flashing your SPD device’s ROM or bypassing the FRP in it.