OPPO A37F Flash File Update Version With Flash Tool Download

If you want to flash the stock firmware file in your OPPO A37F manually, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we are going to provide you with the OPPO A37F Flash File versions and an FRP bypass guide.

OPPO A37F Flash File

If you haven’t received an additional security update for your OPPO A37F, this guide will be of great help. The same applies in case your device is facing a boot loop mishap or if it is dead since you can now learn how to flash its official firmware file.

OPPO A37F Flash File

The OPPO A37F Firmware (flash file) helps you to easily repair your OPPO A37F Mobile device, in case it is facing some of the most software issues, bootloop problems, IMEI malfunction, and many more. You only need to download the file and run it.

OPPO A37F Firmware Version List

The firmware of the OPPO A37F comes in a zip file. The zip package contains the flash tool, flash file, USB driver, and How-to Flash Manual. The firmware version list includes the following.

How to Remove Pattern Lock from OPPO A37

The simplest method that you can use to remove the pattern lock or password of the OPPO A37 is to perform a hard reset on your device by following this guide.

  • Press the “Power button + the Volume Down button.”
  • You will land onto the recovery mode.
  • Select your Preferred Language “English”
  • Select “Install from storage Device” and access the “wipe data” option
  • Select “Wipe Data”
  • Now “Reboot” your OPPO device.

NOTE: If,after the hard reset,you are still facing the same issue with your phone, you can opt for the second method, which uses the OPPO A37F Firmware. Take a look at how this next method works.

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How to Bypass OPPO A37F FRP Lock

The latest google android OS comes with an ultimate security feature that’s called the Factory Reset Protection and commonly known as FRP.

FPR will come into play once your phone undergoes a hard-reset. It helps to identify the real owner of the phone in case of theft or such related incidents.

Even so, FRP may also come into play if you’d forgotten the password to your phone and needed to log back in. At this point, you’d have to override the FRP.

So, in this section of the tutorial, I am going to give you a glimpse of one of the latest methods that you can use to bypass the FRP for the OPPO A37F FRP lock.

It is easy to follow the process and will give you a 100% solution with these simple but very smart steps.

  • Download and then extract the “OPPO A37 Firmware.”
  • Go to the folder of the extracted file and open it.
  • A new window popup with the MSM tool.
  • “Switch off OPPO A37F” mobile.
  • Connect the mobile through PC using a USB cable
  • While pressing on the “Volume up + down key.”
  • Insert “USB Cable in your OPPO A37F device.
  • Click “START” from the “MSM Software” once OPPO A37F is connected.
  • You should get the “Disk Device” in the “Device Type” alert.
  • OPPO has connected successfully
  • Give it 5-6 minutes to accomplish the downloading progress of “MSM software.”
  • Watch out for “USB DOWNLOAD Completed
  • Disconnect your Oppo device (the flashing is done)
  • Switch on OPPO A37F Device
  • You have successfully unlocked the OPPO A37F device.

OPPO A37F USB Driver

To get the best out of the process, you need to have the latest OPPO A37F USB Drivers. Luckily for you, the OPPO A37F flash file comes in a .zip file that contains the ideal USB drivers for the same process. 

How to Flash OPPO A37F

To flash the OPPO, A37F is no brainer. You can follow these steps for a quick flash process of the device.

  • Turn on your OPPO A37
  • Ensure the battery is full
  • Backup any important data
  • Go to the phone’s Menu.
  • Find the “Settings”
  • Choose “General Tab”
  • Press on “Backup and Reset”
  • Press on “Restore factory settings.”
  • Choose “Reset Phone”
  • Allow OPPO A37 to do the master reset automatically.

NOTE: It is important that you back up all the data that you consider important before you flash your OPPO A37. The process deletes all the data. So, if you don’t want to erase everything, don’t perform the flash.


FRP lock is an awesome addition to the OS of the latest android phones. It helps the phones to secure your data and, more importantly, your device. Even so, learning how to bypass the lock with the OPPO A37F Flash File is good. You can use it to access your phone in case you are locked out. It is also great at fixing some of the common software problems.