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Most OPPO A33F users don’t understand how to flash their phone’s firmware files manually. However, if they did, it would be much of a relief. Having this knowledge can give you a head start with some of the common android phone problems.

OPPO A33F Flash File

The understanding of how to use the OPPO A33F Flash File, for instance, will help you to fix your OPPO A33FAndroid phone in case of a boot loop mishap. It can also come in handy if you wanted to bypass the phone’s FRP lock.

Thankfully, that’s what we want to give you here today. Apart from that, you can also learn how to flash the OPPO A33F official firmware file.

The OPPO A33F Flash File helps you in several things. It helps you to upgrade, downgrade, or even re-install the OS of your OPPO A33F. In addition to that, the flash file (ROM) will assist in repairing your mobile device in case it’s facing any software malfunctions.

OPPO A33F Firmware Version List

How to Remove Pattern Lock from OPPO A33F

The fastest method that you can use to remove the OPPO A33F pattern lock is to follow this guide.

  • Press the “Power button + the Volume Down button.”
  • Access the phone’s recovery mode
  • Select Language “English”
  • Select “Install from storage Device.”
  • Select “Wipe Data”
  • Now “Reboot” your OPPO device.
  • The pattern lock is removed.

NOTE: The phone should take some time to open up. Once it does, you can easily access your files and configure a new password. However, if after doing this, you still find some software related fault such as an FRP lock, here is what you should do.

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How to Bypass OPPO A33F FRP Lock

The FRP lock is an abbreviation that stands for Factory Reset Protection. It is the latest additional android OS that Google has incorporated. FRP is important and will help in the identification of the real phone owner in case of a hard reset.

In case of hard reset to your OPPO A33F, your phone will prompt you with the FRP in case you want to log in. The reason the FRP is triggered is to protect your phone in case of theft or even loss.

However, the FRP might also become somewhat a bother when you have forgotten the password to your phone, performed a hard reset, and intend to access the phone once again.

That’s why in this section, I am going to show you a smart way that you can use to bypass the FRP of your OPPO A33F using an OPPO A33F Tested Flash File.

  • First, download the OPPO A33F Firmware.
  • Then extract the “OPPO A33F Firmware” from the download folder.
  • Choose the file and open it.
  • It should pop up with an MSM tool.
  • “Switch off your OPPO A33F android mobile phone.
  • Now connect this mobile phone through the PC via a USB cable.
  • Do this while you are pressing on both the “Volume up + down key.”
  • Insert the “USB Cable in the OPPO A33F device.
  • Check the Pop Up “MSM Software” and click “Start.”
  • This should be done once the OPPO A33F is connected successfully.
  • A successful connection is prompted by the “Device Type” alert.
  • Give the device up to 6 minutes to finish the download.
  • The progress of the download of the “MSM software” should be complete by then.
  • Do not do anything before you see “USB DOWNLOAD Completed.”
  • When prompted by this, you can disconnect your OPPO device.
  • The process should be successfully completed by then.
  • Switch on your OPPO A33F Device.
  • You will have successfully unlocked the device.

NOTE: Bypassing the FRP in the OPPO A33F android phone is one of the simplest things that you can do. The main process will take a few minutes and hardly contains any complicated processes.

OPPO A33F USB Driver

Like the other android mobile phone devices, when you want to erase a lock pattern or bypass the FRP on an OPPO device, you’ll have to find compatible drivers. The best part is this. When it comes to the OPPO A33F Firmware download, the file comes readily available with the USB drivers.

How to Flash OPPO A33F

For the OPPO A33F, the extracted file comes with Flash Tool, Driver, Firmware File, and How-to-Flash Guide.

  • Install the provided USB driver
  • Make sure the battery is full
  • Turn on your OPPO A33F
  • Backup important data
  • Follow the “How-to-Flash” manual


If you are going to install the OPPO A33F Firmware or flash the device using the OPPO A33F Flash File, then make sure that you have backed up everything. The process wipes out every data on the phone and leaves the device as if it were brand new.

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