OPPO A3S (CPH1803) Stock Firmware ROM Download ((Flash File))

Would you like to broker your device or install the stock ROM at Oppo A3S (CPH1803EX)? Then you are in the right place. Here we’ll guide how to download and install. OPPO A3S Flash Tool has come out of the Android 8.1 Oreo box with its own Colorado 5.0 with Oppo. The device is powered by the Qualcomm processor. To install Stock ROM on Qualcomm powered devices, you need software known as QFIL equipment, officially also called “flash” image loader. Download A3S stock firmware, driver and QFIL tool, you can follow our guide to installing firmware.

OPPO A3S Firmware

Version 1 :CPH1803EX_11_A.09

Version 2 :CPH1803EX_11_A.12

Version 3 :CPH1803EX_11_A.13

Version 4 :CPH1803EX_11_A.17

Version 5 :CPH1803EX_11_A.18

Version 6 :CPH1803EX_11_A.20

‘Version 7 :CPH1803EX_11_A.24

Latest Version: CPH1803EX_11_A.25

Version 1 :CPH1853EX_11_A.18

Version 2 :CPH1853EX_11_A.21

Version 3 :CPH1853EX_11_A.22

Version 4 :CPH1853EX_11_A.23

Version 5 :CPH1853EX_11_A.26

Version 6 :CPH1853EX_11_A.28

Version 7 :CPH1853EX_11_A.29

Latest Version:CPH1853_11_A.31

How to Install Stock ROM at Oppo A3S (CPH1803, CPH1853)

Android always opens the doors of various possibilities like custom ROM or kernel or APK modes etc. These credentials give root access to your device or only your phone can be acquired by phone. Today, routing or customization is not a rocket science, but people perform this process brutally. Some users run the modding/rooting process quickly without following the instructions correctly. It leads to bricking devices. It can happen with any device. In this post, we will tell you how to restore or molecular Oppo A3S back in previous working condition.

The guide is simple and easy! All you have to do is just download the given OPPO A3S Firmware files and tools of your PC and then follow the instructions given to install the Stock ROM using the QFIL tool. Yes, this guide helps to fix issues with recovery, void or any software defects. Remember to require this guide to upgrade or downgrade the firmware at Oppo A3S. First of all, download the Qualcomm flash image loader software on your PC and then flash your phone from the stock ROM. We request that you read the steps carefully before using this guide to upgrade Oppo A3S.

Benefits of Stock ROM:

  • Oppo A3S Molecular Flash Stock
  • To fix the flash stock ROM boot loop issue
  • Upgrade and Oppo A3S downgrade
  • Unroot or fix bugs on your phone
  • Fix the separator or stutter at Oppo A3S
  • By dazzling stock ROM, you can solve the software problem.
  • Return your return to stockpile profit.

Read this warning:

Before jumping to the manual upgrade setup, please make sure that you have a good amount of juice with at least 80% charge. If not charge the phone. If you need it later, backup your phone. Do it at your own risk.

Before installing, follow the pre-requisites and install the necessary drivers and tools on your PC.


Supported devices: Oppo A3S (CPH1803EX)

  • Charge your phone: Apno A3S requires at least 50% of your charges
  • Laptop or PC: You need a PC or laptop to run this installation.
  • Back up the device: The first thing to pay attention to the device backup. If you have inserted a memory card on your device, then do not be able to back up the phone data, at least remove it to save it.

Qualcomm Flash Image Loader: Download QFIL Tool

  • Install the latest drivers: Install the latest Oppo USB drivers. [For All Android USB Drivers]
  • Download: Download the necessary files on your PC.