Mi Y2 Flash File Download (All Version) Updated 2023

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You can get the flash file for the Redmi Y2 Android phone from this page. The new and original stock ROM (Firmware) can be downloaded and installed for free. There are also flashing resources available for your Xiaomi phone.

Mi Y2 Flash File

The data on your phone will be permanently deleted if you flash the stock firmware. To avoid data loss, make a backup of all personal data, such as images, addresses, and applications.

Android flashing is the method of removing the stock firmware or software from an Android device and replace it with the exact or a different version. Simply put, flashing refers to the method of modifying the OS. You can use recovery mode or Flash tool to flash your phone.

With flashing, you can update or downgrade your firmware. Flashing can address software and IMEI problems, as well as boost system performance. All of your device’s files, including images, contacts, and applications, are erased when you flash it.

Download Xiaomi Y2 Flash file

Download the most recent and tested version of Xiaomi Redmi Y2 firmware from Google Drive (Fastboot ROM). All of the files on this page have been scanned by an antivirus program and have been officially released by the Company.

File name: Xiaomi Redmi Y2 MIUI 10 V10.0.1.0.OEFMIFH 20180829.0000.00 Global                                      8.1 QFIL.zip

Genre: Xiaomi

Size: 2GB

Flash Tool: Xiaomi Flash Tool

How to Flash: Follow the tutorial

Updated: December 27, 2020

File name: Xiaomi Redmi Y2 V10.3.1.0.OEFMIXM 20190425.0000.00 Global 8.1 XFT.zip

Genre: Xiaomi

Size: 1.7 GB

Flash Tool: Xiaomi Flash Tool

How to Flash: Follow the tutorial

Updated: December 27, 2020

File name: Xiaomi Redmi Y2 V10.3.3.0.PEFMIXM 20190803.0000.00 Global 9.0 XFT.zip

Genre: Xiaomi

Size: 1.7GB

Flash Tool: Xiaomi Flash Tool

How to Flash: Follow the tutorial

Updated: December 27, 2020

File name: Xiaomi Redmi Y2 V11.0.2.0.PEFMIXM 20191108.0000.00 Global 9.0 XFT.zip

Genre: Xiaomi

Size: 1.9 GB

Flash tool: Xiaomi Flash Tool

How to Flash: Follow the tutorial

Updated: December 27, 2020

Xiaomi Redmi Y2/S2 EDL Point

The most critical feature of this Mi account bypass system is EDL mode. If your device’s bootloader is closed, you won’t be able to flash MIUI fastboot ROM directly. The error will be shown by Mi Flash Tool. So, assuming your Redmi Y2/S2 bootloader is locked, we’ll use a test point to boot it into EDL mode. The operation is in place.

  • To begin, open System Manager on your computer and leave the window open. [My Machine >> Manage > System Manager] (Right-Click > Manage > Device Manager) (Right Click > Manage > Device Manager)
  • After that, turn off the Redmi Y2/S2 that has been locked.
  • Safely open the device’s back cover. Because the process is a little technical, please Google “how to open back cover of Redmi Y2/S2”.
  • Remove the battery terminals first after removing the back cover. [It’s vital to try to delete the battery points.]
  • Then, using any copper wire or pin, short the test stage. Take a look at the screenshot below and just highlight the same points.

The List of Xiaomi Redmi Y2 Flash File

Firmware VersionROM state
V11.0.5.0.PEFMIXMGlobal Stable ROM
V11.0.2.0.PEFMIXMChina Stable ROM
V11.0.3.0.PEFMIXMGlobal Stable ROM
V11.0.2.0.PEFMIXMGlobal Stable ROM
V11.0.1.0.PEFMIXMGlobal Stable ROM
V10.3.1.0.OEFMIXMGlobal Stable ROM
V10.2.2.0.OEFMIXM [Recovery. | Fastboot]Global Stable ROM
V10.2.1.0.OEFMIXM [Recovery. | Fastboot]Global Stable ROM
V10.0.8.0.OEFMIFH [Recovery. | Fastboot]Global Stable ROM
V11.0.1.0.PEFCNXMChina Stable ROM
V10.3.3.0.PEFMIXMGlobal Stable ROM
V10.3.2.0.PEFCNXMChina Stable ROM
V10.0.1.0.OEFMIFHGlobal Stable ROM
MIUI 10 V8.7.26Global Beta ROM

How to Flash Xiaomi Redmi Y2

1. The first step is to download the correct firmware from the above connection and uninstall the zip files (firmware) on your device.

2. In the Stock Firmware folder, after extracting the zip files, you’ll find the official Flash tool and USB Driver. (The Mi Flash Tool Rar and Xiaomi USB Driver can be downloaded separately).

3. On your PC, install the given USB Driver and Flash Tool; if you have already done so, proceed to the next level.

4. Put your phone in Download Mode by rebooting it. Follow these steps to reach download mode:

  • Make sure your Xiaomi phone is switched off.
  • Keep the Volume Down, and Power Keys pressed and held at the same time.

5. Plug your gadget into your machine (ensure your device should be in the download model)

6. Launch the Xiaomi MI Flash Tool.

7. Pick the extracted Firmware Folder by pressing the Select Icon.

8. To detect your Xiaomi device, press the Refresh button.

9. To begin the flashing process, press the Flash button once the device has been identified.

Please be patient as the flashing process will most likely take some time, and your system will reboot a few times. Do not unplug your computer until it has completed the operation.

In the Mi Y2 Flash File screen, you’ll see a progress bar. You will be able to see the Progress Message in Flash Tool until the flashing process is completed.

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I’m hoping you got the Mi S2 Flash File from this article. In addition, if you need additional firmware, please visit the Homepage. Here you can find the most recent flash file and flash tools for the Redmi Y2 phone.