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Device brick or boot loots problems can arise in feature phones as well. Going back to the stock firmware fixes this bricking problem. Stock firmware gives a smooth experience to the users, and there are no bricked issues as well.

If you’re a Jio F90M user and facing the device brick issue, now is the time to go for stock firmware. Stock firmware also removes battery problems, overheating, and any existing glitch.  Going back to the stock firmware for a smooth experience, you need to flash the existing one.

Jio feature phones have different flash tools that are difficult to find. But no worries, today we’ll share the Jio F90M Flash File Download link and flashing guide so that you can quickly go back to the stock firmware on your Jio feature device.

Advantages of Stock ROM (firmware)

People prefer stock ROMs for their advantages. Yes, custom ROMs offer customizability, extra features, and many other things. But when it comes down to a smooth user experience, better charging backup, and overall facilities, no one can beat a stock firmware.

Here’s why a stock ROM is better

  1. Better user experience
  2. One can switch to a stock Rom for better battery backup
  3. The flash ROMs can be flashed to fix brick issues
  4. Stock firmware is bug-free

There are few software issues in stock ROMs compared to custom ones. However, the software problem on Jio F90M’s stock ROM can be fixed by flashing with Jio F90M Flash Tool

Jio F90M Flash File

This article is only focused on the Jio F90M users who want to flash their devices. As told earlier, the Jio F90M can only be flashed with its unique flashing tool.

Before we head on to the Jio F90M flashing process, let’s know about the features of the Jio F90M Latest Flash File first.

  1. Flash files are used to upgrade to a better stock firmware
  2. If your phone isn’t receiving the latest updates, you can use the flash files to install them
  3. Flash files also help to downgrade to stock firmware if the latest one has bugs and glitches
  4. You can fix software issues in your phone with flash files
  5. Facing boot loop issues? Use the flash files to fix it!
  6. The flash file can come in handy to repair IMEI or rewrite it
  7. Sometimes you can bypass FRP with flash files
  8. Flash files help the flash tools while flashing a device

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Jio F90M Flash File And Flash Tools Download

As you’ve already known about Jio F90M Latest Flash File features, it’s time to use it to flash a Jio device. Remember, this flash tool is only applicable for the Jio F90M feature phone.

Required Files and Drivers

  1. Jio F90M flash file
  2. QFlash_Tool_V9.1.7 Download
  3. Downlaod Jio F90M QCN File

How to Use the Jio F90M Flash Tool

If you want to go back to the stock ROM by flashing your Jio F90M device, you’re at the right place. Read on to know about the flashing process-

  1. Download the Jio F90M Latest Flash File on your PC
  2. Install both Gflash tool and QCN file from the above links
  1. Switch off your Jio F90M device and use a USB cable to connect it with a PC
  2. Next, you need to long-press on the “center key” on your Jio device for verifying the driver installation
  1. When the drivers have been installed properly, a port will be displayed named Qualcomm HS_USB Diagnostic 9091.”
  2. You need to install another flash tool called “MegafonesSWDownload.”
  3. After that, you need to choose the flash file location by clicking on the search button
  4. Choose  “prog_emccfirehose_8909_lite”
  1. Again click on the “center keyby attaching your Jio phone. Next, click on the download button
  2. This will take your Jio phone to EDL mode. And the flashing tool and flashing file will start the flashing process


  • Your Jio F90M phone needs to have at least 60% charge while flashing
  • In case the flashing process shows any errors, rename the location of the flash file into an easier name without characters.


Be careful while typing and inserting the file location. If any characters get missed, the flashing process won’t start. So we recommend double-checking every step while flashing your Jio F90M feature phone.

So that’s it. We hope our Jio F90M Flash File Download link and flashing process guideline was helpful. Good luck!

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