How to use iPhone Unlock toolkit software – Download link & Installation Process

Forgetting the password of the iPhone is a quite common incident! Your iDevices may get completely locked out at any time. And it also happens that you try several wrong passwords while trying to unlock the device!

iPhone Unlock toolkit software

An effective iPhone Unlock Toolkit Software can make this task quite easy for you. We will discuss the features and uses of iPhone Unlock Toolkit Software and provide download link of it.

iPhone Unlock Toolkit is a software capable of unlocking any device running on iOS ( i Operating System). This software can easily unlock even the latest version of iPhone including iOS 14. iPhone Unlock Toolkit does the job of bypassing the strong security features that are enabled in the iDevice including the password.

As a unique feature of unlocking toolkit, you can erase the data stored in the iPhone by the previous user. Among the iPhone unlock toolkit available, we will recommend iMyFone LockWiper as the best one.

Now a days, Manufactures are including many new features in the i devices to ensure privacy & security of data. But sometimes you may face some problems due to these features. For example, if the phone is locked due to some mistakes or other reasons, it’s difficult to unlock the device. But different kinds of iPhone unlock toolkit software are available now, that can solve this issue. You can download the latest version of the toolkit for Windows 7,8 or 10 from the link below.

You will need just a few seconds to unlock your locked iPhone with the help of iPhone unlock toolkit. The most important use of this toolkit is removing the restrictions of the mobile carrier from i devices.

You will find some other tools which can also bypass these carrier restrictions, but we have tried to put the link of a good tool that will surely help you. You can download the proper toolkit for unlocking your apple device from the given link. The unlocking features of this toolkit make the unlocking process of apple devices quite easy and quick.

How to Use iPhone Unlock Tool Kit

You have already learned that iPhone Unlock Toolkit works as an opener of Apple device’s locks. We have provided the download link of a great iPhone Unlock toolkit in the previous section but you have to know the further process i.e. how to use this toolkit. Let’s have a look at the unlocking process of the unlock toolkit after you download it.

  • Install the iPhone unlock toolkit that you have downloaded from the link.
  • Open the tool, start it and connect the iDevice with your PC using a USB cable.
  • Just click on the Start Button of the tool and wait only for five minutes to get your phone unlocked!

iPhone Unlock toolkit has an excellent feature that it’s free for download and you don’t even need to make any contract with any particular telephone company to download it for your Apple device.

The toolkit provides the user with clear service and high functionality. Any user can download this software and use it to unlock their iPhone, it’s so easy functioning and quickly manageable!

The iPhone Unlock toolkit has a simple and straight forward interface. You won’t face any problem to find out the ” Unlock” option it’s instantly visible.

You just need to press this button and wait a few minutes for system response or confirmation message of successful unlocking.

This software will let you access different functions of the phone for completing the unlocking process. But remember that, this toolkit will not allow you to use the device directly as a smartphone. Hence you will not be able to access all the functions of the phone. And this is the reason why you are unable to sign any contract with a telephone company that you wish.

But the unlock toolkit software will let you access the camera and photos, music player, video player, agenda, notes, calendar and some other most important features of the iPhone.

The Feature Of iPhone Unlock ToolKit

In this section, we are going to describe the important features of iPhone Unlock Toolkit

  • The interface of the software is so simple with two buttons only.
  • From the two buttons of the user interface, one is for starting the unlock process and the other is for closing the software.
  • The toolkit is available only for some specific models of smartphone.
  • It provides iTunes support.
  • After the unlocking process, users are allowed to use the device as a music player and, they can access some other functions.
  • iPhone Unlock Toolkit is free of charge.
  • The toolkit is very user-friendly
  • It provides fast activation within a few minutes.
  • It’s a tool for unlocking Apple Phones and giving access to many useful features of the phone in a simple way.

As the features of iPhone unlock toolkit, we will discuss what kind of problems or issues it can solve.

  • The unlock toolkit is a great medium for accessing the iDevice without any password or passcode.
  • The main job is to let the user easily access their Apple device. It also allows to restore the phone to the factory settings and this also doesn’t need any password.
  • The toolkit can also fix some network carrier issues. If the user has changed the location of the device, this task will come in handy. The network carrier of the current base is not the same as inbuilt to the phone.
  • When the Apple device is disabled and showing messages like “iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes” or “iPhone is disabled, try again XX minutes”
  • If any key of the device is not functioning.
  • If the phone screen is white or black or stuck at Apple logo or some other device failures.
  • Download Link

Final words

The iPhone may get disabled by many incidents and forgetting the password is a very common phenomenon. The hardware damage can also cause phone locking and you may get stuck in the problem while trying to unlock it. And the iPhone unlock toolkit can give instant solutions to several iPhone failure problems.

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