GRT Dongle V1.1.4 Setup File Latest Updated (2022) Download

GRT Dongle is a powerful and useful tool which is used for servicing Qualcomm-based phones. This tool is mainly used for Android phones that is running Qualocmm chipset. It is a useful tool that helps us to fix the problems on Qualcomm phones and also make some other commands. If you want to work on a FRP tool that supports Qualcomm devices then this tool will be the right choice for you.

GRT Dongle

By using this GRT Dongle software, you can easily remove any password and can also Bypass FRP tool from your devices. Just you need to download and install this software. After the installation, just connect your device to the computer and then you can easily remove any password and Bypass FRP. Usually, it supports to most of the Android devices. You can use it also for Samsung devices in download mode.

Features of The GRT Dongle:

Here, we will discuss about the features of this GRT Dongle software.

  1. Read and write full factory.
  2. Unlock the EDL Mode
  3. Read full user data and write full dump user data in EDL Mode
  4. Remove FRP in EDL Mode
  5. FRP remove ASUS, OPPO, Infinix and Xiaomi in EDL
  6. Erase the FRP Fastboot Mode
  7. Read and write QCN File
  8. Restore the EPS File
  9. Qualcomm imei repair (adb {root} – comport {no root})

Download Process of Cracked GRT Dongle v1.0.0.0:

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Follow the steps to download this software:

  1. At first download the cracked tool
  2. When you have finished the download process, you need to extract the download file
  3. After completing it, you need to double click on the setup file and now it is time to install “XTM_GRT Dongle v.”
  4. Now, move to your desktop. Here, you will find the “Shortcut” of GRT tool
  5. The file is ready for you; you just need to double click on it and run the tool

Installation Process of GRT Dongle Cracked V1.0.0.0 on the PC:

GRT Dongle Setup File

Follow the steps to install this software on your PC:

  1. At first download the GRT Dongle V1.0.0.0 Crack setup
  2. After it, you need to extract all the files on your PC
  3. Now, open the extracted folder of GRT Dongle V1.0.0.0
  4. When you open the tool, you will be informed to install the tool
  5. After then, click on “Next” then again “Next” then “Agree” and at last “Finish”
  6. Now, you need to run the “GRT Dongle V1.0.0.0_Loader.exe”
  7. Here, you will find a popup box that you need to open

        8, After it, click on the “Start” button

  1. All the processes have been completed. Now, wait for just a moment so that it can launch GRT Dongle Cracked V1.0.0.0 on your PC.
  2. After launching it, you are now allowed to use this tool

Final Thoughts:

GRT Dongle is really a useful tool to use for remove password and Bypass something. Here, we try to discuss about the download and installation process of this tool. Hope, this article will be so much helpful for all of you to do this properly.


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