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Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by XDA Team

The last time my PC contracted a virus, my computer started restarting on its own every two minutes. It was already too late to install an antivirus at that time, and almost impossible. You can imagine my utter sorrow when I saw all my childhood pictures wiped away from my PC.

I just had to flash my PC as it seemed like the only option. But it wasn’t! It turns out there is a way you can flash your chipsets without ever losing your cherished memories on the hardware. If you are reading this article, you have similar fears that I had.

So, sit back and read how to download LiveSuit Tool if you don’t want to make the same mistake I did.

What Is LiveSuit Tool?

If you have just heard about LiveSuit from a friend and have no idea what it does, then you should wait a while before you download it. The initial step is to know what this tool really does. Without proper information, you might end up doing more damage to your device, which will ruin its entire purpose.

So what is LiveSuit? It’s a fixing tool whose sole purpose is to flash the NAND chip in Allwinner integrated devices. In case you have somehow tampered with the source files on your tablet or PC, this tool can prove to be a lifesaver. It is equally efficient at repairing corrupted files on your device.

If you can’t run your computer without experiencing multiple bootloops every hour, this is exactly the tool you need to download. This will also allow you to flash stock firmware images on the CPU of your device.

Keep in mind that LiveSuit is suitable only for the following chipsets – Allwinner A10, A13, A20, and A31.

The best thing about this tool is that it lets you retrieve your corrupted files without using complex codes. This means anyone with basic knowledge of computers can utilize this tool easily. The same manufacturer develops the app as your device chipset. So, it’s safe to rely on them.

Unlike most tools of its kind, LiveSuit works with a wide range of chipsets, which makes it more versatile.

The Feature of LiveSuit (Allwinner Flash Tool)

LiveSuit comes with a handful of features dedicated to reviving your device to its original state. We have listed all the features in detail so you can further understand how to use this tool.

Flash Stock Firmware

As we already mentioned, this is the main job of the LiveSuit tool. This allows you to flash stock firmware on your device. The stock ROM is the original software the device comes with, which includes essential data on the flash module. With this tool, you can overwrite new data onto the previously corrupted files.

The process is fairly simple and can be done with just a few clicks. All you need to do is load the firmware in the tool and click on the button that says ‘System Upgrade.’ Your device will start flashing instantly.

Upgrade Wizard

Features like the upgrade wizard are what make flashing with LiveSuit so easy. This serves as a list of step-by-step instructions on how to flash your device. You don’t need any IT skills to use this feature. Just choose the upgrade wizard option as this is compulsory for flashing.


You will also find an icon that says Netsync when flashing your device. However, this is not required at all for flashing your NAND chips. This feature is basically for internet synchronization and upgrading your firmware.

User Guide

As a bonus feature, the manufacturers of Allwinnerhave also added a user guide. This includes detailed instructions from beginning to end of all the main features. It will help you a great deal to conduct the process, especially if it’s your first time.

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Download LiveSuit All Version

LiveSuitPack is a Hail Mary for those who managed to brick their devices. It is suitable for the latest Allwinner chipsets and is compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS. Android and iOS users can also use this tool. Its wide range of compatibility makes it crucial to download the updated version of this app.

Hence, make sure you download the LiveSuit All Version from the provided link. If you don’t own the updated version, the flashing might stop midway or might not work at all. It can make things more complicated, and trust me, you don’t want that.

Download LiveSuit Install Driver

Don’t forget to download the LiveSuit pack driver before you start the stocking firmware. LiveSuit has its own application used for installing drivers that you must have at your disposal. If your device doesn’t have the Android ADB drivers, then make sure you get it from the link we provided.

For Linux Download

Livesuit For Mac Os

How to Fix LiveSuit Invalid Image File?

When using tools like this Allwinner A33 flash tool, you might often face an error prompt saying ‘Invalid Image File.’ Most first-timers are taken aback as they follow all the necessary steps, but it’s nothing to worry about. This is a common issue that is caused by install drivers not downloading properly.

This usually happens when you start downloading the key drivers after starting LiveSuit exe. If you are facing this problem just uninstall the drivers and reinstall them before turning on LiveSuit. Also, make sure they are all updated. After that, following the user guide accurately will help you get the job done.

How do I use LiveSuit Tool?

LiveSuit is a very easy-to-use application and will allow you to flash your device using the following steps:

  • Make sure your phone or tablet is fully charged for installation.
  • Backup all your important files as the entire device will be formatted.
  • Install all the drivers in advance for the upgrade.
  • Start upgrading by clicking the upgrade tool in LiveSuit exe.
  • Click the Select firmware button instead of the user upgrade wizard.
  • Search the key combination to enter FEL mode on your device.
  • Press the key combination and connect the USB cable to your device.
  • Swiftly press the power button 6-10 times until the popup window appears.
  • Only release the Vol+ or Home button after the popup appears.
  • To format the device click the ‘force format’ button in LiveSuit  and click ‘yes,’ which will delete all the installed apps on the device.
  •  When the pop up for ‘OK to format’ appears just click ‘Yes,’ and the upgrade will start.
  •  The upgrade will take about 5 minutes, after which an ‘upgrade successful’ prompt will appear.
  •  Once the upgrade is complete, your device will restart automatically (this might take a few minutes).
  •  Your device should power up, and the flashing will be complete.
hy does LiveSuit show ‘invalid image file’ error?

Some users might come across this error when they downloaded prerequisites are corrupted or tampered with. This usually happens when you download from an untrusted source. Outdated LiveSuit drivers can also cause this issue.

Does LiveSuit come with a User Guide?

Yes, most users will be glad to know that the developers of LiveSuit provide a detailed user guide along with the tool. This makes it easier for users of all skillset to utilize this app efficiently.

How do I synchronize my internet connection with LiveSuit?

LiveSuit has a clever feature called the Netsync which allows the tool to access your local wifi. This function should only be selected when you need to upgrade LiveSuit firmware.

Final Words

As we reach the conclusion, I would like to remind you that you now have more technical skills than you had at the beginning of this article. This skillset is surely enough to download LiveSuit Tool and revive your dying PC. Do make sure you haven’t missed a single step as it can cost you some important data.