How to Jailbreak iPhone Without Computer Updated 2022

Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by XDA Team

Jailbreaking is an amazing way to access an iPhone from root to top to play exciting, unique games and functions. It usually needs a computer to use the jailbreaking software. But when someone hasn’t a computer, how to Jailbreak an iPhone without a computer?

Using jailbreak ios software is a blessing for those interested in getting full access to iPhones that will allow them to install unique games and enjoy amazing functions. Even iPhone users can do anything with their iPhone if jailbreaking software exists.

This guide will discuss all jailbreaker iPhones without computer iPhone free. If you are interested, then let’s start.

What is iPhone Jailbreak and Why You Need to Do it?


Every mobile phone device like android and iPhone has some restrictions for the user. As a result, a user cannot access all of the functions that are restricted from the authority. Here, jailbreaking is a process where a user can do anything with his iPhone.

The manufacturer of the iPhone company has restricted some functions to think the ser safety from hacker and scammers.

The reason you need it:

  • This technology allows using games that are not available in the play store
  • It is required to remove all limitations of using an iPhone
  • You will get approval to access all hidden functions for free
  • It allows the user to download unique apps from the app store

Jailbreak Supported iPhone Models

The Jailbreak software supports not all iPhone models. Here is the list of some iPhone models with which the user can apply Jailbreak technology.

  • 6th Generation or iPad Air, iPad Air 2, and iPad Pro
  • iPad mini2, mini three and mini4, iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 7
  • iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus X, iPhone X max S
  • iPad 3rd generation, iPad 4th generation
  • iPod Touch 6G, iPod 5G

How To Jailbreak iOS 12.1.4 Without Computer

For Jailbreak, an iPhone needs a safari browser, so the user doesn’t need to install other third-party apps or tools.

However, there has another system for Jailbreak that needs to use third-party software. Now let’s know the ways of Jailbreaking on iOS 12.1.4 without a computer.

Step 1: Download safari browser

Download a safari browser and enter into it from the iPhone. Then keep a backfile for all essentials like audios, videos, and documents for security purposes.

Step 2: Search the Jailbreak website

Now you will get an option named “easiest, fastest and safest” click there and choose the specific iPhone models.

Step 3: Start the Jailbreak options

After completing the backup, click on the “Start Jailbreak” option. Now there will show a question that” do you want to start Jailbreak” this option is for security.

Step 4: Wait for the Jailbreaking

In this step, Jailbreaking will require a few minutes to complete the task.

Step 5: Observation for sometime

Now, wait for some time and notice if your iPhone shows a black home screen with code. As well as notice the Apple logo on the iPhone screen.

Step 6: Complete the process

Click on the “complete Jailbreak” button to complete the Jailbreak process.

Step 7: Verify iDrive

Jailbreak will show a fstab tab for verifying the iDrive ID that should be patched. It is essential to overcome some steps like Clash of Lords and Castle Clash.

Step 8: Start downloading.

Now press on the “Ok Unlock Instructions” and install the Jailbreak

Step 9: Run apps for 30 seconds

Now run this app for 30 seconds to active Jailbreak on the iPhone

Step 10: Complete

Lastly, restart the phone to start the Cydia app. Well, you have done.

Lastly, restart the phone to start the Cydia app. Well, you have done.

Size is an authentic and popular website that allows Jailbreaking in iPhone 13 and 14 online using the IOS version. Let’s know how to Jailbreak iPhone without computer iOS 14 and 13.

  • First of all, go to the Size website from your iPhone.
  • Select Jailbreak IPA option to install it from
  • After installation, go to the setting option from the app
  • Click on the “general” option from setting
  • Select IPA from the “profile and device management” function
  • After then open the uncover Jailbreak app and start to use iPhone
Is It Possible to Jailbreak An iPhone Without Computer?

Yes, it is possible to Jailbreak iPhone Without Computer iPhone Free. There has and that allow an iPhone user to install jailbreak applications without hassle.

At present, Jailbreak and Silzee have increased much to get proper access to an iPhone and remove all limitations.

Can You Jailbreak an iPhone 11 Without a computer?

Yes, you can Jailbreak an iPhone 11 without a computer even there have multiple advantages for the user. This application allows enjoying new appearance and function from an iPhone device.

Besides, it offers unlimited unique ringtones, games, apps, and more for the user. Overall, this app provides all advantages of the manufacturer without restriction.

Is it Easy to Jailbreak An iPhone?

Generally, it is easy to Jailbreak an iPhone even it is enjoyable for those who are a bit expert in using iPhone and iPad. Although there have some risks of using the Jailbreak tool, it is awesome to get all advantages from an iPhone.

Is Jailbreaking an iPhone Worth it?

Jailbreaking is a worthy way to enjoy all iPhone features free of cost because it removes all restrictions.

However, there are some security risks of an iPhone when there is a Jailbreaking application. Sometimes, the iPhone user can lose their warranty service from the Apple brand because of this application.

Final Words:

I hope you already know that how to Jailbreak iPhone without a computer. We have covered some simple steps to download, install, and access a Jailbreak application. This app has come with many advantages, but there have some inconveniences too. It may occur insecurity for iPhone multimedia and other documents.

Moreover, the warranty may lose because of using Jailbreaking app. If you have any query about Jailbreaking installation then let us know.