Samsung Sidesync APK V4.7.8.2 Latest Version Free Download

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Samsung is the most used phone among all youngsters. They, of course, have many good reasons to be famous. But that’s something with phones; there is always some risk of losing it or run of storage

However, we get tired of making new memories and capturing them. Thats why  Samsung introduce sidesync to help users to keep track of their photos and videos for a lifetime. This tool will help users to transfer photos and videos to their laptops in a few minutes. And the most exciting part is Samsung sidesync apk free and very easy to use.

Read on and learn about Samsung sidesync apk free download and use of it.

The Right Way to Use Sidesynce:

Once you connect the two systems, you can access and manage all the content on your Android device without touching the phone or tablet. Moreover, this application lets you easily share your screen with anyone on any other Samsung device. This makes it possible for you to work on your PC as if you were using your mobile device.

This app also allows you to respond instantly to calls from your PC and send messages without using a phone or tablet. You can change any setting in just a few seconds, making SideSync an incredibly powerful yet user-friendly tool.

Additionally, managing multiple Samsung devices simultaneously is a breeze – allowing you to open more than one smartphone or tablet at once with ease. If you want an easy way to control your Android device from anywhere, downloading SideSync is undoubtedly worth it.

Samsung Sidesync APK V4.7.8.2 Latest Version Free Download:

This tool is the perfect solution for any kind to file transfer. This free app allows users to easily share, sync and transfer files between their PC and mobile device without cables or wires. Download the sidesynce easily from here:


Installing the SideSync APK is a simple and straightforward process for any user. It’s first necessary to download samsung-sidesync-apk-free using one of the links. Then, open your file manager and locate the APK file on your phone, ensuring you enable ‘Unknown sources’ from your phone settings to proceed with the installation. After tapping the SideSync_v4.1.1.3.apk file, follow the prompt on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Once completed, you will find a shortcut of the app has been created in your applications list or app drawer, ready for use immediately.

The process of downloading and installing SideSync can be done quickly and easily by any user who desires greater access and control over their Android device data and files in order to be more productive or keep secure backups. Creating backups through SideSync is particularly useful for those hoping to transport this data across multiple devices without any loss or lag in the quality or reliability of content stored on either device or cloud storage platform.

SideSync Requirements:

The system requirements for SideSync are quite reasonable, so it should be compatible with most PCs and Macs. Windows XP SP3 or higher is required for PC users, along with an Intel® Pentium 1.8GHz processor or better (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz recommended). At least 1GB of RAM is also recommended, and there needs to be 500MB free space on the hard drive plus a 1024 X 768 (600), 32-bit or above screen resolution. Furthermore, customers need to install Microsoft Office 2007 or later to use SideSync.

SideSync offers great convenience by allowing users to share files between their PC/Mac and Android devices without being tethered by a USB cable. As long as the user’s computer meets the minimum system requirements, they can quickly and easily share documents, photos, videos, and more easily. The versatility of this application makes it useful for both work and leisure activities. It’s easy to download on any device meeting these basic hardware requirements, so individuals can start using SideSync today.

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The Most Interesting Feature of Sidesyne:

The most interesting feature of sidesyne is that users can bypass their phones entirely and make phone calls or receive messages on their PCs. This tremendously helpful feature substantially increases our ability to stay connected with friends and family.

Not only can we stay up-to-date on messages even when away from our phones, but it also allows us to multitask in unprecedented ways. We can work on our desktop while being able to both receive notifications from phone calls as well as send them out quickly and efficiently.

With this new feature of Samsung SideSync, phone communication is more open and convenient for users. Every important push notification of your mobile phone on your PC. So, you will never miss anything.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What replaces sidesync?

While Samsung has withdrawn support for SideSync, it has provided a replacement – Samsung Flow. Using this application, you will be able to share your data between your PC and a Samsung device; you will be able to view notifications from your phone on a PC, and you will also be able to mirror your phone’s screen to a PC.

2. Does sidesync work on android?

Yes, it does work. Galaxy S III and later Samsung Android phones running Android KitKat 4.4 and above. Android Lollipop 5.0 or later is required for all Samsung Android tablets. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ and later devices are not compatible with Sidesync and do not currently support it.


This app is a blessing for all Samsung users for sure. If you install and use it correctly, you can easily secure your photos, including videos. Which will set us free from our worrying about our memories faded away? So, what are you waiting for? Download Samsung sidesyncapk free right now and say goodbye to “There is no enough space in your phone.”

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