Realme Dialer APK For Android 10,11,12 And 13 Version Supported

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Realme Dialer APK is an excellent alternative to Google Dialer. The main problem with Google Dialer is that it doesn’t let you automatically record the call. Plus, it shows a notification when you manually record calls. This appears to be a hassle.

Realme Dialer APK

Realme Dialer is an easy-to-use and versatile app that allows you to record calls automatically. It has many other features that will learn in this particle. We will walk you through downloading, installing, and using Realme Dialer for the latest Android operating systems.

Features of Realme Dialer APK

Unlike other built-in or third-party dialers, Realme Dialer will give you a premium feel without any money. Here is why it is known as a feature-rich application.

Automatic Recording

The best part of the Realme Dialer is automatic recording. You will not get any notifications. This ensures better privacy.

Different Recording Options

Another convenient feature of Realme Dialer is multiple recording options. You can choose high-quality audio options such as MP3 and WAV.

Cloud-based Recording Storage

Apart from saving recordings in internal storage, you can store them in various cloud-based platforms, such as Google Drive, DropBox, etc.

Modification of Audio Quality

You can modify the audio quality of your recordings, such as increasing or decreasing the audio frequency, bass, and many other things.

Audio Distribution

If you don’t want to save the audio on your device or any cloud-based platform, you can add your mobile number or email where you will receive the recording file.

Modification of Visual Aspect

You can adjust or modify the visual aspect of your Realme Dialer. It allows you to make the system simpler to understand.

Recording Choices

When you use several operators in a single phone, you can choose a particular operator or both to record a call. Also, it allows you to choose between all calls, selected calls, or unknown number calls to record.

How To Download Realme Dialer APK?

Realme Dialer APK works well almost for any latest Realme Android device. Whether it is Android 10, 11, or 12, you can use the application for all. Below are steps to follow to download this application.

Step: 1) First, download the Realme Dialer from this link. You may need to wait a few seconds to finish the download procedure.

Step: 2) Once it is successfully downloaded, visit the downloader section of your particular browser.

Step: 3) Now, open the “Setting” app and turn on the “Unknown Sources” temporarily.

Step: 4) Then, tap on the downloaded file to install the application. Wait for a while to install it.

Step: 5) A text will appear on the screen once installed. You can now open the app. But don’t open the app now.

Step: 6) Visit the “Setting” app again and turn off the Unknown Sources” option. This will prevent any third-party applications from installing on your device.

Step: 7) Now, you can open the Realme Dialer and explore different functions.

How To Use Realme Dialer APK?

Your device already has the default Google Dialer. You can’t use the Realme Dialer unless you change the default mode.

Fortunately, there is no requirement to root or flash your Realme device to change the default dialer mode.

Step: 1) First, install the application.

Step: 2) Visit the Setting App from your Realme device and navigate to the dialer option.

Step: 3) Set the Realme Dialer as the default option.

Step: 4) Restart your handset/

Step: 5) Now, visit the homepage of your mobile and see the new change.

Step: 6) Open the Realme Dialer main app and explore different options to customize them based on your preference and requirement.

Problems with Realme Dialer APK

Realme Dialer APK is an excellent application and can be a great alternative to many basic applications. But it is not free of cons. This third-party app has some issues that you should not know before using the application.

  • Realme Dialer is not officially available in the Google PlayStore. This third-party app may contain viruses that can harm your device.
  • Any third-party application has a chance to steal your private data when you install it on your device.
  • You will not get any automatic update of this application as it is not officially available in the Google Play Store.

Final Thoughts

People use Realme Dialer APK mainly because of its simplicity and user-friendly functions. But you need to remember it is a third-party application. Third parties may steal your important data without your knowledge. So, you need to use it at your own risk.

However, if it isn’t a concerning point to you, using Realme Dialer will not be an issue. The app appears convenient when you want to record phone calls regularly. You don’t need to turn on the option and any unwanted notification announcement manually.

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