Samsung J2 FRP File ( J200H, J200G) Reset With Odin Tool

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The Samsung Galaxy J2 is the second smartphone in the Galaxy J series of cheap smartphones.It has a 4.7-inch Super AMOLED QHD screen, a quad-core processor at 1.3 GHz, 1 GB of RAM, internal storage of 8 GB, rear camera megapixel 5-way and 2-megapixel front, and running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. It is a nice device that will satisfy all the basic needs. In this article, we preset the Samsung J2 FRP file download process and setup. Miracle Box Driver For Windows  2024 Full Working Download Link.

With this file you can remove the Google accounts then you have to reset the factory values of the mobile. It must be done from the settings in the option of “Backup and restore “. This file is only valid for different Samsung J2. With this, we conclude this tutorial where we show you how to delete the Google account of the Samsung Galaxy J2. Download the Samsung J200G FRP File Download Here.

Samsung J2 FRP File Download

Samsung j2 FRP Odin File Download And How To Use

Do you know, how to remove Google Samsung Galaxy J2 account? To successfully remove the Google account on the Samsung Galaxy J2. We must make use of certain security failures in the devices since by doing a series of steps we can access some mobile functions. It will make us achieve the promise that is to remove the Google account of the Samsung Galaxy J2. The developers of Samsung updated. So that, it was impossible to remove the Google account. Download Samsung J200H FRP Lock Remove Files Download.

It is important to remember that to remove the Google account on the Samsung Galaxy J2 we must have outdated firmware. You do not know if your firmware is updated then do the process if you do not get a step or you do not get an option.

As in the tutorial then your firmware is updated, to flash follow these steps where it is explained how to flash any Samsung firmware. Very well we continue with the steps to remove the Google account of the Samsung Galaxy J2.So, if you cannot do it is that then you have the update, for this, you only have to flash a firmware with version 5.1 that is the first. Samsung J200H FRP File Odin from here.

samsung j2 flash file

Download J200G Combination File

J200GDDU1AOI3_J200GODD1AOI3_INS: Download

Download J200H Combination FIle

J200HXXU0AOIB_5.1.1_Pre_Rooted: Download

J200HXXU0APG4_J200HOJV0APG2_OJV_IRAN_5.1.1_4file: Download

J200HXXU0AQK2_J200HOJV0AQK1_THR: Download

Download files to remove the Google Samsung Galaxy J2 account

Before I start with the steps, I should clarify that if you stay in a step.It does not go as in the tutorial, then you should flash an outdated firmware since you probably have an updated firmware. The tutorial is up and you follow the steps to install the outdated firmware.

How to restore the original Samsung firmware

The following steps are only necessary if your device does not start normally. If your Samsung shows the Samsung logo, but the boot process does not continue.The device is in a “soft brick” state. While a normal startup fails, you may be able to boot into other modes.The instructions provided in the link work to boot in different modes apply to most Samsung devices. You should try to boot the device in the following order.

Before trying to restore Samsung’s original firmware, it is necessary:

Make sure the battery is fully charged. You should see the battery charge icon when you connect the device to a charger. If the device is in a “soft brick” state, this screen will not disappear when the phone has a minimum charge. You have to leave it on the charger until the icon indicates that the battery is fully charged.

Once the device is fully charged, it is necessary to disconnect it from the charger and remove the battery. You will need the label information below the battery.

Samsung J200G FPR Unlock File Odin Download

Samsung J200H FRP Reset File with Odin

As a first step, we must install the Samsung Odin program on either PC or MAC. We leave it there since afterward.We will only use it once. Samsung FRP Reset File Odin Download from here.

Now we have to connect to the internet via WIFI from the phone.Once we are connected to the internet you have to insert the USB data cable to the PC and then to the phone. Remember that the Odin program must already be installed on the PC to show that window.

Open Odin

If the window is not shown, check that the cable merges and if it merges then you must flash an outdated firmware, which above leaves the post so you can see how it is done.

Access to share

A pop-up window is displayed where you have to choose the “Email ” application to set up an email. Proceed to enter an email either Hotmail, Outlook or other than Gmail, and obviously, there is to configure the mail to enter. Then just follow the steps on the screen to finish configuring.

Samsung J200H FRP File Odin

Access email

When the previous process finishes, it will leave us in the mail. For this we click on “ATTACH ” or it can also appear as a triangle. It depends on the model of J that you have but it is not difficult to identify which one is the attach button.Then choose “My files “from the window that is displayed.

Enter my files

Being in the folder of my files proceeds to look for the APK called QuickShortCutMaker. Download it from their official site. This file is in the folder of “Download” click on file to choose and then click on “FACT “to load it. Mi PC Suite English Version & China Version.

Run quick shortcut maker

Once loaded in the mail to send click on the app to install it. In the blocked installation sale choose “ADJUSTMENTS” and activate the Unknown sources to install this application.

Activate unknown sources

Once installed the QuickShortCutMaker app proceeds to open, from the options that are displayed the application chooses Google, Account Manager. Many more options with the same name will be shown. Choose the one that says “Enter your email and password” which is found below “Enter a CAPTCHA image”.

Administrator google accounts

If you see “Error” instead of “Enter your email and password”. Click on the option that says “Try” or “Try”.In the following screen click on the 3 points that are in the top right and choose in the next window that is shown click on “ACCEPT.”

At this point, proceed to enter an email and password this time from Gmail, the account exists.Now, you have access to it since you will be logged into the device with that account.

Final thought,

Finishing the session will return you to the options of the application where you have to restart the phone. The phone starts again set up normally until you see the next view where the account entered from the application has already been added. Samsung J200G FPR Unlock File Odin Download.

Continue configuring the phone to your liking since you will have no impediment to that when you finish configuring you will already have access to the phone, its options, settings, and applications of the Samsung Galaxy J2. Now, Samsung J2 FRP File Download and solve your device FRP problem. Universal Hard Reset Tool For Android Smartphones.

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