Universal Hard Reset Tool Download For All Android Devices

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Universal Hard Reset Tool is an android multi tool software that uses to reset any android device. This happens when our Smartphone or Tablet is blocked. If it does not start properly, connect the device to the computer through a USB cable. Once our smartphone or tablet is identified, click Wipe and wait for the reset to complete. After that, click on Reboot Phone and we will restart the device and start as a new.Android Multi Tool Latest Version Download Link.

Reset, format, hard reset or restore an Android from the factory. It does not matter what you call it. In any case means to delete all data, changes, and settings made by the user. This fixes virtually any software problem that the cell phone has.

Resetting the device can solve problems of slowness or malfunction. But also more serious faults. You can even revive a cell phone or have it turn on normally if it reaches the logo and it restarts repeatedly.

Universal Hard Reset Tool

Features of Universal Hard Reset Tool

  • Unlock phone quickly,
  • Format android from settings,
  • Reboot phone,
  • One click reset,
  • All smartphones support.

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How to Use Universal Android Reset Tool

If you want to reset your smartphone without risk and danger, universal hard reset tool is perfect for you. Download it from here. After download, install it on PC or laptop.

Remember that, your PC must have .NET framework. You get .NET framework from Microsoft official website. It’s free. Now, it’s time to use this tool.

Run it, and connect your smartphone to USB cable. You can check all of your mobile information with this tool. Download this android reset tool exe file from here.

How to restore FACTORY (format and reset)

Before restoring a factory Android, keep in mind that this removes all data from the internal memory of the device. If possible, make a backup of the data before proceeding. This is the method to use if the phone is working on a regular basis.

Although the procedure will vary slightly from one mobile to another, it is the same in all:

  • Adjustments
  • General Administration
  • Factory data reset
  • Predetermined values
  • Factory reset

For example, on an LG Optimus L5 II (E450), with the phone turned off you must press and hold the power button + quick button + volume down button at the same time? Only the buttons are released when the LG logo appears. The cell phone starts already formatted.

Android Reset Tool exe

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Restore an Android from the Recovery Factory

If the cell phone does not start or has a serious failure, this is the alternative you should try.

The recovery mode (recovery, in Spanish) is a special system on Android devices that offers some advanced options to recover the device in case of failures or problems. Among them is the factory reset (factory reset).

Start the cell phone in recovery mode. With the cell phone off, simultaneously press the power button and turn up the volume (and start button, if one exists). Release them when the phone turns on.Google Account Manager APK For Android Devices.

In the recovery mode, locate the option that says wipe data/factory reset and selects it (see the instructions on the screen to know which buttons to use).

If the phone does not start in recovery mode as indicated, visit the same hardreset.info page to confirm how it is done in your model.

Android Reset Software For Windows

Factory restore from PC Windows

If you cannot control it normally, the format you’re Android from the PC through a couple of commands can be the solution. Use one of the two programs mentioned below. Download mobile reset software for PC from here. Here you enter the commands to restore the factory from the PC.

Start the device in fastboot mode (bootloader). With the phone turned off, simultaneously press and hold power on buttons and turn down the volume. Do not let go until the phone starts in this mode.

Connect the cell phone to the PC with the USB cable. Wait for the driver installation to complete. Run the tool and Fastboot tool and enter the following commands, one by one, pressing the Enter key.

Mobile Reset Software For PC

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Fast boot erase cache (it clears the cache and usually solves problems, without the need to reset the phone).

If the commands do not work, verify the correct connection to the PC using the command fastboot devices. This command must return a string of device identification characters.

In case of the fastboot command erase user data does not work, use the command fastboot –w.

Another way to boot the phone in bootloader mode is to use the command reboot bootloader (with the phone on).

This restoration from the PC is beneficial when the screen is broken or not working properly. The correct combination of buttons is not found to make a hard reset or enter the recovery mode.

Restore from PC with Universal ADB Helper

The Android (power) is connected to the PC with the USB cable. Wait for the installation of drivers (previously installed) to be completed. Run the Universal ADB Helper tool. On the screen of this tool, the Reboot option is chosen and then the Bootloader option. With the phone already in this mode, the Factory Reset option is chosen via Fastboot.

The idea is to use this tool with the phone in normal operating mode (USB debugging is required). If this is not possible, start the mobile in bootloader mode. Connect using the USB cable and inside this Helper, touch the number 9 to try the Factory Reset option.Samsung FRP Reset Tool Full Version Download Link.

Due to the lack of bootloader / fastboot mode on some Samsung devices, this process of resetting from the PC is not possible. In this brand of devices, it is suggested to implement the other methods.

Final thoughts,

Sometimes the factory restores from the Android settings (first form) cannot solve certain problems or failures in the device. If this happens, it is advisable to use the other methods of restoration, which tend to be more active when correcting malfunctions.

If the phone continues with the same failure, you possibly modified the software that has no backward movement. In that case, you must use universal hard reset tool. If the problem persists, it is surely a physical or hardware issue, due to a fall or a malfunction of some component.