Mad Unlock Tool V1.1 Free Download For Windows

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Forgot the pattern lock on your Xiaomi device? Well, no worries. The Mad Tool has got your back. Myanmar Android Development or Mad tool is kind of an all-in-one unlocker tool for Xiaomi devices.

Mad Unlock Tool

Alongside unlocking forgotten pattern lock, this unlocker tool has other features in its bag. You can use the ADB mode or fastboot mode to bypass or unlock your Mi accounts or even FRP.

To unlock the forgotten pattern lock, all you need is the Mad Unlock Tool. This fixer or unlocker tool is a life-saver considering its features and advantages.

What is Mad Unlock Tool?

The Mad tool is an all-in-one solution for problems related to Mi devices. It’s also called an unlocker tool as it’s mostly used to unlock forgotten patterns, bypass FRP, and unlock Mi accounts with the help of fastboot and ADB mode.

Yes, there are other unlocker or fixer tools available for Xiaomi devices, but Mad is the only one that can fix all these issues in Mi devices by itself.

Normally, there are different tools for fixing pattern locks, FRP, Mi account removal. So it’s a big hassle for users to use these tools separately. Moreover, the usage and downloading methods of these tools are different as well.

This Mi Unlocker All in One tool is free to use. A Myanmar company launched it, and they promised to develop the tool more in the near future. In addition, you can easily download this tool to fix any of the above issues (we’ll share the download link in the latter part).

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Features of Mad Tool

  • This Mi unlocker tool is small in size with user-friendly interference
  • Easy to use
  • It helps to unlock forgotten pattern locks
  • You can remove/unlock your Mi account with this tool
  • This tool can help bypass FRP without any hassle
  • Works as a scanner to find the COM ports
  • Scans ADB and fastboot modes
  • You can unlock the root in your Xiaomi devices with this tool
  • Helps to unblock nay locked device
  • Available only for Xiaomi devices

Download Mi Reset Tool

Myanmar Android Development tool or mad tool is also called Mi reset tool. As it can perform multiple tasks, that’s why it has become one of the fan-favorite tools for Mi users.

Keep in mind that the Mad Tool works only on Xiaomi devices. So if you’re not a Mi user, this tool won’t work on your device, and you cannot perform FRP bypass or any other task with it!

How to Download Mad Tool

Here’s how to download the Mi Unlocker All in One tool-

  1. Download the Mad Unlock Tool from the above link
  2. Extract the unlock tool’s zip file after download
  3. You need to install the unlock tool after extracting
  4. Right-click on the installed file and select “run administration.”
  5. Next, follow on-screen commands
  6. And it’s done. You’ve installed the mad tool successfully!
  7. Now you can perform/solve any issue on your Mi device with this tool

Bypass FRP with the Mad Tool

We’ve already mentioned what you can do with the Mi Unlocker All in One tool. As it can perform several tasks, here, we’ll only show you how you can bypass FRP on your Mi device with this tool.

Let’s begin…

  1. Turn off your Mi device and use a USB cable to connect the device with PC
  2. Keep at least 60% charge on your device
  3. Now press and hold power + volume-up button at once. This will take your device to booting mode
  4. From the options shown on your screen, click on fastboot
  5. You’ll get a device code after a successful connection
  6. Now the device and the locker tool will work on bypassing FRP on your device
  7. Wait till the Mad Tool finishes its operation.
  8. And it’s done! FRP has been bypassed successfully!

Note: The Mad tool/link for the Mad tool that we provided doesn’t need any password while bypassing FRP or fixing any issue. It’s free and 100% tested!


If you want to unlock your Mi phone’s pattern and password, there’s no easier way than using the  Mad Unlock Tool. As the unlocker tool is easy to use with self-explanatory instructions, you don’t have to have prior knowledge regarding FRP bypass or flashing to use this tool.

Just be careful while booting your Mi device because most of the devices hang/get stuck at this time. Other than that, the entire unlocking or recovering process is easy with the Mad Tool!

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