Realme C1 (RMX1811) Pattern, Password,FRP Lock Reset/Remove Guidelines

Are you using Realme C1 containing the model number RMX1811? Somehow, are you not being able to unlock the pattern, password or FRP lock? Looking for the right solution? Fortunately, you have come to the right track. Here, I will guide you on how can remove the pattern, password, and FRP lock of the Realme C1 device.

Realme C1 Pattern Lock Reset Done

I will be explaining the UFI Box eMMC ISP pinout method throughout the process to assist you on your way. Are you ready? Let’s begin our journey.

How to Reset Realme C1 Pattern Lock and FRP lock

The removing process is pretty simple. You just have to follow my direction step by step. Missing any of the steps may result in failure of removing the lock that you are trying to reset. So, carefully follow the instructions.

Caution: This process requires disassembling your phone’s inner parts which will void any available warranty. Also, we will not be responsible for any kind of damage you made to your device during the process. You can follow the procedure and imply it on your own responsibility. You may proceed now.

Basic Requirement

  • A toolbox for assembling/disassembling your smartphone.
  • UFI box
  • Six jumper cable
  • A working computer or laptop
  • A USB cable (to connect the UFI box to the computer)

Realme C1 (RMX1811) ISP Pinout (Hardware Part)

  • At first, turn your phone off.
  • You will require to open up the back part of your device. You can do it with the help of tools from your toolbox.
  • Now, disassemble the motherboard and disconnect it from the battery and camera.
  • Then, you have to locate the eMMC chip and open the steel case. It’s also known as ISP pinout method. After opening the case, you will see some small square-shaped boxes on the board.
  • Take the UFI box adapter and you will see it has 6 round hole points named:

Realme C1 ISP Test Pinout

  1. Dat 0
  2. CMD
  3. CLK
  4. GND
  5. VCCQ
  6. VCC
  • You need to discover the same 6 points in the eMMC chip of your motherboard. You can find them among the square-shaped box I have mentioned earlier. (You may take help from google to figure them out)
  • In this step, connect the 6 round points of the UFI box to the exact 6 square-shaped boxes (like Dat0 to Dat 0) through soldering jumpers. (wrong wiring may damage the UFI box)
  • Then, connect the motherboard to the battery and join the adapter to the UFI box.
  • Next, connect the UFI box to the computer.

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How to Reset Pattern Lock Realme C1 (Software Part)?

  • After connecting the UFI box to the computer, you have to run the UFI eMMC toolbox.
  • Now, click on the Identify eMMC on the upper right corner of the application. It will identify your device.
  • Then, go to the clock box (located below Identify eMMC) and select 24Mhz from the list.
  • It is time to click on the Special task (thunderstorm Icon). It will open multiple options.
  • Select Factory reset and the resetting process will start within a moment.
  • Wait for a while and your phone will be new again with no previous lock available.
  • Assemble your phone back to the original condition. That’s it.

Realme C1 (RMX1811) Firmware

You can download the official OPPO Realme C1 (RMX1811) firmware from our website for free. If your phone gets dead, it will be useful to get its life back.


Thank you for coming all the way down and going through the Realme C1 (RMX1811) Pattern, Password,FRP Lock Reset/Remove Guideline. If you have any question on this guide, you can ask and we will answer. Also, let us know whether you have applied this method or not and what’s the outcome. Don’t forget to share with anyone who is facing the same issue. Stay tuned for the latest updates. Take care and spread the goodness.

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