iRoot For PC V1.8.9 Free Download (Latest Version)

iRoot For PC is one of the most popular rooting software for Android devices. If you want to get into the system of Android without any restrictions, rooting your device with iRoot will give you the freedom. iRoot is the updated version of older vRoot and is available for both Android and PC. In this article, we are going to discuss on this one-click rooting tool with its features, system requirement, and how to use iRoot for PC on your computer to flash any Android device you want. Let’s go ahead.

iRoot For PC

iRoot for PC is the computer version of iRoot APK. With this tool, you can root your Android device by connecting it to the computer and get the admin access to your Android device. The procedure is simple and easy. If you have a working Windows computer, you can use the computer to root your Android device with iRoot for PC.

iRoot is developed by the Magyun team of XINYI network and has gained worldwide popularity due to its simple and easy interface, easy rooting, and usability in both the Android devices and the Windows computer. It just takes a single click to root your Android device if you have iRoot for PC installed on your computer.

Features and Advantages of iRoot for PC

There are many rooting tools available for Android out there. What are the features that have made iRoot so popular? If this is your query, let’s now see why iRoot for PC stands apart from the crowd:

Support Modes

  1. You can use the APK version of iRoot directly from your Android that comes with Android version 2.2 and above. However, you might not get support for the devices that come with updated versions of Android after Lollipop.
  2. For the iRoot for PC, you will need any Windows computer with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 version.

Pre-Requirements of Using iRoot for PC

  • Downloaded, installed iRoot for PC on the computer.
  • USB debugging enabled in your Android.
  • Any Android device with Android version 2.2 and above.
  • A Windows computer with XP, Windows 7 (all of its variant), Windows 8/8.1 (all of its variant), and Windows 10.
  • Required and updated USB drivers.
  • A USB data cable to connect the Android device to the PC.
  • The battery level of more than 50% in the device and computer.

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How to use iRoot for PC to Root Android

  1. Download and Install the iRoot for PC on your computer.
  2. Backup all the files of your Android and enable USB debugging on your Android device.
  3. Connect your Android device to the PC with a standard USB cable.
  4. Your computer will detect the Android device if you have required drivers installed on your computer.
  5. Now, open the iRoot for PC app on your computer.
  6. Find the ‘Root’ button in the bottom right of the iRoot for PC application.
  7. Click on the ‘Root’ button to start the rooting process of your Android device.
  8. It will take a few minutes to root your device. Wait with patience until the process is completed.
  9. When the process is complete, you will get notified that the rooting is successful. Now, you can access to the system of your Android device, uninstall any preinstalled apps and other advantages you could not enjoy before. You will enjoy better speed and more authority on your Android device after the rooting process.

Some Important Things to Remember

  • Rooting your Android device with any rooting apps like iRoot will void the warranty of your device. So, if your root your device, you have to understand that you cannot claim any warranty for any related issues of your device anymore.
  • Root your device with your discretion. We are by no way responsible for any mistake you do while you root your Android device using iRoot for PC. Root your device with iRoot at your discretion. You are solely responsible for any damage or harm you do to your device.
  • If you are not an advanced user and you are getting the expected service out of your Android device, we do not suggest you root your device. We suggest you root your device only when you are having some issues or restrictions that cannot be solved by following any other ways.
  • Rooting your device can boost the speed and enhance the performance as you can now uninstall all the pre-installed apps on your Android. However, you might lose important data when you uninstall the apps and files that are not required to you.
  • iRoot for PC is designed for use on Windows computers only. You might not get iRoot for macOS right now.

Final Words

Rooting your Android device with iRoot for PC will renew your Android experience. Your Andriod will run faster and the performance will improve to a great extent. However, you have to keep in mind to take the backup files of your Android device so that you lose no files. On top of that, you should know that rooting your device will invalidate the warranty of your device.

So, compare the advantages you will get using iRoot for PC with the disadvantages. If you find that advantages outweigh the disadvantages, you can go for using iRoot for PC on your computer to root your Android device. We hope that our guide will help your root your device.