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More than 90% of people like to watch movies free of cost. And that’s why these pirated sites have so many visitors. These illegal sites contain both old and latest movies. They work as a team to download the movies and upload them on their site. At present, there are hundreds of pirated sites available, and Todaypk is one of them!

Todaypk uploads the movies online. As a matter of act, anyone can access them, and they are absolutely FREE! Besides, you can enjoy any quality from 360p to 1080p and download those movies on your PC or mobile.

But there’s a problem. Due to these illegal pirated sites, the original producer and publishers face huge losses as people prefer these sites over cinema halls. Today we’re gonna dive deep into Todaypk, their details and description, and know why they are banned!

What is Todaypk?

Todaypk is a movie watching and downloading site from where anyone can enjoy the experience of watching movies, Tv series, shows free of cost. Todaypk has a collection of more than thousands of shows for all types of people.

The main purpose of launching this site was to make the movie-watching experience easy for people. Booking movie tickets are difficult for people due to the huge crowd. Also, the price of tickets is too high in some places. Moreover, people sometimes don’t have the time to go to theatres to watch movies. Keeping this in mind, the owners launched this site.

Todaypk has a collection of Hollywood, Bollywood, Bangla, Pakistani and other categories of movies as well. As a result, it has become a go-to place for all types of movie lovers. The movies are categorized based on language, type, and year too. Moreover, you can manually search for a movie in the search bar.

However, Todaypk is an illegal site. Yes, you heard it right. Although it’s providing everything free of cost yet, it’s hampering the business of the movie producers and the production companies. A single person does not own Todaypk. Rather, it’s operated by a team. Whenever a new movie or series gets launched, the team downloads them and uploads them on their site. Yes, it takes a few days, but the team uploads the contents on their todaypk site. That’s why todaypk is called an illegal and pirated site, and they’re banned in some regions too.

Todaypk 2023: Download Movies Free

Every year, millions of people visit Todaypk’s website just to enjoy movies or TV shows. As Todaypk offers more than 50 categories of Tv shows and movies free of cost, it has become the best movie streaming and downloading site.

There are other pirated websites like Todapk like Tamilrockers, movierulz, etc. Todaypk has successfully taken the place of theaters, paid streaming platforms, and other paid services.

Although it’s banned in most regions and countries, you can use VPN to download movies from this site. Being a pirated and illegal site, we do not support downloading movies or tv shows from these types of sites.

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How to Download Movies from Todaypk?

Todaypk offers movies in 360p, 480, 720p and 1080p for users. As a result, if your phone storage is low, you can still download and watch movies from Todaypk. Downloading any content from todaypk is a little bit different compared to other pirated sites. That’s why we bring you this content downloading guide.

  • Turn on your device VPN
  • Go to Todaypk’s website
  • Find the content that you want to watch. Use the search bar to find content quickly
  • After finding your desired movie or series, click on it
  • You’ll see the downloading icons after that
  • Click on it
  • Now your movie/content will start downloading from Todaypk. We recommend users to use the qbit torrent for downloading.’
  • And that’s it!


1. Is Downloading content from Todaypk Legal?

Answer: Todaypk is illegal. In fact, any site like this is a pirated site and is illegal. Pirated sites like Todaypk download the original movies after release and upload them on their site. They lure away the movie freaks and let them enjoy the contents from their sites free of cost. This hampers the business of movie halls, ticket counters, and movie producers. Due to this, these pirated sites are banned in almost all countries.

2. Is the Todaypk safe enough to download movies?

Answer: No, downloading movies or tv shows from Todaypk is harmful and risky. There are two reasons behind it.

  • Todaypk is a pirated site and illegal. So no one should use these sites to watch movies or content even though they are free. It violates the law!
  • The second reason is, todaypk contains viruses and malware. Todaypk is not a trusted site even though millions of people use it. As govt or authorities ban them, they come with new names and domains.

Besides, this site hosts unwanted ads, and users get directed to other places. From there, your PC or phone can get a ransom attack, and it disrupts your device.

3. Will todaypk downloaded Movie include some virus?

Answer: Yes, there’s a high chance that the movies downloaded from Todaypk have viruses and malware. Some users have faced this problem and complained about it. But for your information, not all movies have these viruses or malware in them. However, there’s no way to identify the faulty ones as well!


We never promote any pirated and illegal sites. The only reason we brought this article for you is to make you aware of these operated sites like Todaypk. We always encourage the readers to promote and use the original service so that the real owners can get the reward for their hard work.

So don’t fall into the trap of these pirated sites. Use the paid streaming platforms and enjoy movies and content-watching!

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