Google Account Manager 9.0 APK Download

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Most of us have multiple Google accounts. And it’s really difficult to manage all those accounts single-handedly. So to manage multiple Google accounts, Google brings you Google Account Manager 9.0 APK.

Google Account Manager APK 9.0

Besides managing google accounts, this tool can also help you bypass FRP on your android phone. At the same time, entering the credentials is a must to reset your phone. If you cannot enter them, resetting won’t happen. And this is called FRP lock.

So if you’re looking for an all-in-one tool to manage the Google accounts and bypass FRP, the Google Account Manager will be the perfect option for you. So let’s find out more about this account manager and see how to use it!

What is Google Account Manager 9.0 APK?

The Google Account Manager is a software developed by Google that lets you manage multiple Google accounts from a single place. Google developed this software, and now they are free for users to use on their android and Google-supported devices.

The manager tool not only helps you manage your Google accounts. It also helps to bypass FRP on your android or Google-supported phone. Considering these features, the Google account manager is also known as a multi-functional manager and bypassing tool. The Google Account Manager has many versions. And in this article, we’ll be talking about version 9.

The main reason behind releasing new updates or versions is that the older Google Account Manager had some glitches and bugs. That’s why the latest version of this account manager tool was released with extra features and better UI.

Lastly, this multi-functional tool is an apk. That’s why you’ll not find them on Google Play Store.

But no worries. We’ll share the download link of this tool in the latter part. And from there, you can download this account manager tool and install it.

Download Google Account Manager 9.0 FRP BypassAPK

The Google Account Manager tool was developed and released by Google. So although it’s an apk, it’ll be free from viruses and harmful elements. Besides, this multi-functional tool is absolutely free to use.

Now let’s talk about compatibility. The Google Account Manager apk runs on every android device supported by Google. So you can use it in your Xiaomi, Realme, Samsung, Oppo, and any other Google-supported devices.

On top of that, the size of this account manager tool is only 6.24 MB. So it won’t take up much space on your device.

Finally, in your testing, no crash case occurred while using the Google Account Manager 9.0 APK. So we can say this account manager and FRP bypass tool is safe to use!

Things to Consider Before Using the Google Account Manager APK

Here’s what you need to follow before using this account manager and FRP bypass tool-

  1. The Google Account Manager apk has almost 10 versions. The older versions have bugs and glitches. So before downloading this multi-functional tool, check whether you’re downloading the latest version or not.
  • 3rd-party apks or tools get auto disabled by built-in antivirus. So before downloading the Account Manager application, turn off the antivirus on your device.
  • Using this 3rd party Account Manager application on a rooted device is not recommended. This can brick your device and lead to security vulnerability

How to Download Google Account Manager 9.0 APK

Every apk is a third-party application, and they aren’t available on Google Play Store. Although Google developed the Google Account Manager, they’re an apk, and they aren’t in Play Store. That’s why their downloading procedure is different.

If you’re downloading an apk for the first time, don’t worry. Here’s a step by step guide for you on downloading Google Account Manager-

  1. Firstly, click on the download link of the Google Account Manager given above
  2. After clicking, you’ll be redirected to a website, and from there, you’ll be asked for permission to download the apk.
  3. Provide the downloading permission to download the Google account Manager on your device.
  4. And that’s it. You’ve downloaded the account manager apk on your phone.

How to Install Google Account Manager 9.0 APK

As you’ve downloaded the apk on your device, now it’s time to install the Google Account Manager 9.0 APK.

  1. Find the downloaded apk from the file manager and open it with the installation file
  2. As this is a 3rd party app, you’ll have to provide permission for installing them. So to enable 3rd party app installation, go to unknown sources from settings and security. And from there, enable installing unknown apps button.
  3. After that, open Google Play Store on your device. There, you’ll find an option called Play Protect. You’ve to disable this option
  4. Now, come back to the installation process. Open the setup or install file of the Google account manager apk.
  5. You’ll see that the installation process will start. Wait till the Google account manager software gets installed.
  6. And that’s it. You’ve installed the account manager tool!

As you’ve installed the Google Account Manager apk, now it’s time to use this apk to manage your Google accounts. Besides, you can also bypass the FRP lock depending on your need.

The Google Account Manager tool comes with on-screen instructions. So you’ll see two options on the menu. One is about managing Google accounts. And the other one is about FRP bypass.

Is it safe to Use Google Account Manager?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe to use the Google Account manager tool. This tool is developed by Google. Although it’s a 3rd party application, this account manager tool doesn’t contain any viruses or bugs and is safe to use on your Google-supported device.

Why Should I Use Google Account Manager?

Alongside the Google Account Manager application, there are numerous 3rd party Google account manager tools as well. But the difference is the application that we’re talking about was developed and released by Google. Non-tested and non-official apps crash after a frequent period. But this doesn’t happen with the Google Account manager tool!

What Are the Requirements to Use Google Account Manager APK?

There aren’t any specific requirements to use the Google account manager apk. You can use this tool on any android device supported by Google. On top of that, this account manager tool has an easy user interface. Besides, it’s only 6.24 MBs in size. So compatibility isn’t an issue with this account manager tool!


There are several; third-party applications available on the internet to manage Google accounts. But the point is, why should you untested apks when Google has developed an account manager application? Besides, Google’s application is easy to use with on-screen instructions. On top of that, it’s safe to use, and it doesn’t breach privacy.

So forget those untested and risky 3rd-party applications. Use the Google Account Manager 9.0 APKand manage Google accounts or bypass FRP!

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