GB Whatsapp APK Download V9.0 Latest Version Updated 2022

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Modern technology has been emerging in the fastest route possible. You can only keep up with its pace if you are ready to evolve just like the ever-changing social media apps and android versions. Whatsapp has been one of the most revolutionary additions to this wind of change.

But, as time went on, even the regular Whatsapp features started to lose their appetite to the users. Are you one of them as well? Can’t tell you about you but, I have been searching for a better and more updated version of Whatsapp for a while now.

Are you interested in finding out what I came up with as a solution? Keep an eye on the article about GB Whatsapp APK download, for it has got all your answers.

What is GBWhatsApp APK

GBWhatsapp APK is an upgraded version of Whatsapp. This version has enabled Whatsapp users to enjoy some added features along with the regular ones that Whatsapp provides.

APK stands for Android Package Kit. All the android apps come in APK since there are more things to offer by the app rather than the usual interface we see. The GB Whatsapp APK contains all those features to furnish Whatsapp with some detailed perks.

You can now send more audio, video, and images to a large number of people with this version than the regular Whatsapp allowed to.

File information GB Whatsapp APK latest version

If you want to peek at the in details information of an app, you have to check out the file information of the latest version of it. The file information contains all the necessary criteria to have a crystal clear idea about an app.

For example, it comes with the app size, android version, whether it needs to be rooted or not, the name of the latest version, when it was last updated, etc.

The GB Whatsapp APK has an Android version of 4.3 and above. It was last updated in March 2021. So, it is currently available in its latest version. Even in this short period, there have been more than 6000000 downloads for it.

As you can see, the app is already hyping up the mass. It also does not take much space in the SD card with an app size of 44.3MB.

The main feature of GB Whatsapp APK

Before you download GBWhatsapp, here are some hotcake features you need to be introduced with:

  • Sharing locations: You can share your live whereabouts with your acquaintances to feel safer around unknown areas.
  • Logging history: This app enables the users to see the log history of everyone in the contact list.
  • New themes and fonts: If you are tired of the old Whatsapp themes and fonts, GB Whatsapp has brought some stylish and modern themes to keep up with your taste.
  • Send highest images, audio, and video: You can send up to 90 images and 100MB audio clips at once with this app.
  • Do not disturb: If you are busy using other apps and do not want to be disturbed by Whatsapp, you can disable the internet connection of only this app through the feature.
  • Revoke message: Several messages can be revoked all at once with it.

GBWhatsapp vs Simple Whatsapp APK

If you cannot decide between GB mods Whatsapp and normal Whatsapp, you should see the comparison and how GB Whatsapp wins with flying colors.

  • Hiding last seen: In simple Whatsapp, if you hide last seen then all of your contacts will be affected. But the GB Whatsapp allows you to hide it for certain contacts according to your preference.
  • Hiding second ticks: It helps to hide the second ticks which will make the sender wonder whether the information reached whereas the regular Whatsapp will only hide the first tick.
  • Schedule: Now, you do not have to set an alarm for the perfect timing to send out a message. GB Whatsapp will do that for you. Just type a message whenever you want and schedule it for the time it has to be sent.
  • Sharing media: Whatsapp allows only 10images at a time where this one will lead up to 90 images. You can also send 30 MB videos instead of regular 16MB ones.
  • Add password to certain texts: You can now add passcodes to your private chats without the help of another third app in the middle.

Download GB WhatsApp for iOS

GB Whatsapp new version download is possible in iOS. You have to search the app in Google through your iPhone. There are plenty of sites offering it for iOS. You can click any link according to your preference.

You will also have to allow the app to download through iPhone settings. After downloading the file, it will be installed as Whatsapp++ that is similar to GB Whatsapp.

Download GB WhatsApp for Android

GB Whatsapp APK Download is much simpler through Android. You have to allow unknown sources first through the settings. You can find the download link to this app anywhere on the internet.

After downloading the APK, locate it in the file manager section of your mobile. It will take you to the APK file from where you can download the full app.

After installation, open the app to fill out some necessary personal information. It will be asking for verification through an OTP. After verification, you can start enjoying all the features the GBWhatsapp latest version has to offer.

Download GB WhatsApp for PC

Since GB WhatsApp is an Android app, it will not be a one-way process for Whatsapp GB APK download on a PC. You have to do it through a third-party app to download the main app and get it functional on PC.

To run the GB WhatsApp on your PC, you have to download an Android emulator first. Android emulators help run Android apps in devices that are not designed for them. There are many Android emulators currently ruling the users.

We recommend downloading Blustacks as an Android emulator. Then download the baixar GBWhatsApp APK file from any link on the internet. The link will help to install the app. You can further install the app on your PC through the APK.

How to download GB WhatsApp APP

There are three different types of devices where you might be wanting to download Whatsapp GB. They are- an Android phone, an iOS, and a PC. Whatever the device is, the download process is quite easy and similar.

For phones, you will have to allow permission for unknown sources through the settings first. Then search on the internet for links to these particular apps. You can recheck to see if they are authentic or harmful to your device.

After clearing up these confusions, you can install the app as an APK file on your device. The file will be sitting in your file manager section. From the APK file, you can install and further verify the app.

When all the verifications are done, you can relax with the new features of GB Whatsapp. The process is pretty similar for the PC as well. All you have to do is download an Android emulator first. Then you are good to go.

How to Install And Use GB WhatsApp APK Update Version

After downloading the GB WhatsApp latest version, you can install it from the APK file, sitting somewhere in the file manager. You have to click the install button to complete the process.

You can also change to GB mode through the settings option in WhatsApp. The best part is it comes with an easy in detailed settings option from where you can find out all the features you want to avail yourself.

You will also have to verify the app through an OTP before finishing the installation process. After the OTP is confirmed, you can enjoy the features presented by the app.

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Frequently asked questions

Since GB Whatsapp is still something new in the evolving tech world, there are many confusions in the users’ minds. Here we will be covering some of those where you get to know about the download process and how the app works.

1. What is GBWhatsApp APK?

It is a new modified version of Whatsapp that is more user-friendly. You can either install it from the internet as an APK or turn it on directly from Whatsapp. Either way, you will be furnished with many new and amazing features that are hardly found in the regular Whatsapp.

The interface of GB Whatsapp is also effortless to move around. It is not only a better version of Whatsapp, rather an updated one.

2. Is GB Whatsapp APK safe to use?

GB Whatsapp is nothing from an alien planet that has different developers and platforms. The same developers that made Whatsapp have come up with it only as an updated version. It is safe to use on any device.

The sending and receiving message occurs in an encrypted way. There is no way the texts or media will be leaked to anyone throughout the process. So, while you are using the app, you know you are in safe hands.

3. How to Download GB Whatsapp on Android?

Here are the steps you need to follow for GB Whatsapp APK download on Android:

  • Go to settings and enable permission to download from unknown sources.
  • Search on the internet for available download links for GB Whatsapp APK.
  • Once you go to the download link, click the button to complete the download of the APK file.
  • The APK file will be downloaded in the file manager section.
  • Install the main app from the APK file in file manager.
  • After completing the installation, open the app for verification.
  • Complete verification by filling out some personal information and OTP.

You are now good to use the app.

4. How to download GBwhatsapp on iOS/iPhone?

The installation process of GBWhatsapp on iOS is pretty similar to Android. There are GB Whatsapp free download links available all over the internet. You have to disable the security settings to download from these sources.

The only difference is it gets downloaded as Whatsapp++. Many people mistake it to be an alien app, but it is the same as the GBWhatsapp. After finishing installation, confirm the app through phone number and you are ready to go.

5. Why I’m unable to install GB Whatsapp on my Mobile?

There are two reasons you are not being able to download GB Whatsapp on your phone. One is less space, and another is a security issue.

If you do not have enough space on the device, there is no way you can download the app on the phone. Make sure to clear the device from unnecessary apps that are killing your space. Also, clean the cache for google play store through settings.

Every phone has an inbuilt security system that prevents download from alien sources. You have to undo that system via mobile settings to download any outsource app. Ensure disabling the option before downloading GB Whatsapp for a smoother experience.

Final thoughts

I could talk all day about how Whatsapp has changed the communication system around the world, and the words will still fall short. The same thing is applicable for GB WhatsApp in a broader sense. This modified version of WhatsApp has given out almost everything, I wonder how the developers are still managing to bring out the latest versions.

From a user-friendly interface to enhancing features to 100 folds, GB WhatsApp has got all the sparks for the new generation. Once you have this on your mobile, I doubt if you would ever want to switch to any other communicating apps.

This article will help you with an effortless GB Whatsapp APK download process, all while keeping your device safe. Enjoy some more time with family and friends with this app on the palm.

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