iFile for iOS (File Manager) Free Download Without Jailbreak

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A great file manager can significantly improve your experience with your device – and you are here because you already know that. Surely, you are also aware of how to file managers from the official store don’t always cut the deal, and some even might be paid.

iFile For iOS

To be sure you face no hassle whatsoever, make use of this file for iOS (file manager) free download without jailbreak guide. It will not only give you the best features, but it will also provide an amazing user experience to you –

Feature and Functions about iOS File Manager

The iOS file manager comes with some of the most fantastic features and functions to significantly improve your user experience. We will be discussing those right here so you will have a complete idea regarding what you will be getting.

  • Simple User Interface

You will only be able to enjoy an app that comes with a simple user interface. And while this feature is absent in other similar apps, you will find it right here without any setbacks.

  • Great Compatibility

No need to worry about the app not being compatible with your iOS device because it is compatible with more or less all the versions. You won’t face any errors, lags, or shortcomings while using it.

  • Automatically Adjusts to Distinct Screen Sizes

Unlike a lot of other apps, this will not look hideous in different screen sizes because it has been optimized to adjust to any. As a result, whether you are using iPhone mini or a tablet, this will work and look just fine.

  • Backup of Installed Apps

You can easily take the backups of the installed apps using iFile. Not to mention, this application will make the process of uninstalling much easier for its users as well.

  • Root Explorer Is Available

If you are passionate about technology, then you will automatically love this because it comes with a root explorer. You can also improve the security of your files using this app.

  • Multiple Themes and Icons

The app already contains a lot of themes and icons for your device – but it will also allow you to download more if you want. Hence, you will be able to customize your device however you want to.

  • Effortless Multitasking

If you have various tabs to work on at once, this app will allow you to multitask without any hassle.

Download and Install iFile Using AppValley

There are many methods of downloading and installing iFile on your respective iOS device – and one of them is using AppValley. We will be discussing the process of that right here, so you can easily do it yourself without any external help.

  • Install AppValley on Your Phone First

AppValley is a third party app installer, which is quite similar to the official apple store – except you can find many other apps and tweaks in it. So, if you want to use AppValley, then you will have to start by installing it on your device.

  • Search for iFile in the App

After you have installed AppValley, you can either search for iFile in the app or you can visit its website and download it from there. However, searching it in the app is the most hassle-free option. Then you can download iFile iOS.

  • Tap on the App and Start Installing

Once you have found iFile in AppValley, tap it and it will start downloading. The app will be installed shortly afterward.

Download and Install iFile IPA on iOS Without Jailbreak

If you face any issues using the previous method, then you can alternatively go for this method as well. This method will let you download the file manager for iPhone without jailbreak and is quite simple as well – we will discuss it right here.

  • Download iFile IPA on Your Desktop

Visit a reputable website to get the iFile IPA download link – and make sure it is the latest version. Click on the download button to download iFiles.

  • Connect your PC and iOS Device

Use a USB cable to connect your computer to your iOS device – where you have the iFile IPA downloaded.

  • InstallCydia Impactor on PC and Launch It

Now on the same PC, download the Cydia Impactor; install it using the instructions that will be provided on the screen. Proceed to open the Impactor on your desktop afterward.

  • Drop theRespective iFile IPA in the Impactor

Afterward, go to downloaded files to find your iFile IPA. Drag the file and drop it in the Impactor.

  • Provide Apple ID and Go to Settings

Then a pop-up will appear, which will ask for your Apple ID – you will have to input the information. Go to settings and open Profile and Device Management. Then search for your Apple ID.

  • Click on Trust and Continue

On the next screen, you will have to click on trust and then press on continue. The iOS file manager will then appear on your home screen.

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How do I get iFile?

There are various methods of getting iFile. You can use third party app installers or you can use Cydia Impactor. Either ways are fine as long as you are following the process correctly.

How do you iFile on iOS 13?

You can easily get iFile on iOS 13 by using AppValley or by using Cydia. However, to download iFile without jailbreak, you may need to use your computer.

How do I use iFileon Cydia?

To use iFile on Cydia, you will need your desktop. You will have to download the iFile IPA first and then launch Cydia and drop the file in it.

Is iFile safe?

Yes; iFile is completely safe, and it does not come with any sort of malware or viruses. So, your device will not be put in harm’s way, and you will be able to use it without any worries.

Is iFiles free?

One of the best aspects of iFile is that it is completely free. As a result, you will not have to worry about paying for any features of it.

Final Words

We hope this article helped you get iFile for iOS (file manager) free download without jailbreak. The processes discussed are quite hassle-free, and if you follow the steps correctly, then you are sure to face no issues.

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