The 360 Root APK Download | A Simpler Way to Root Your Android Devices

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Smartphones need to have their own ROOT mobile phone access permissions. To get this done, you’d have to go through your smartphone’s setting and many more. Luckily for you, you don’t need that much hassle.

360 Root APK

With the Root 360 APK, you’ll be home and dry before you know it. The device is easy to use and will leave you with exemplary results.

What is 360 Root APK

The 360 Root App (APK) is as you’ll learn a small one-click rooting app. The app allows you or any other smartphone user to root their android devices with just a single tap. The 360 APK rooting app can also work for tablets without any form of hassle.

360 APK was developed by a Chinese tech firm called Qihoo. The developers say that you can use this app to root an Android device without necessarily going to the tools.

The 360 APK app for rooting android devices is ideal for most smartphones. Thanks to its ability to support any devices that run android versions that fall between Android 2.2 and Android 4.4.

The Features of 360 APK Root

The 360 Root English APKlike the other forms of different languages, will perform the same job. More importantly, they all have several features that you will love. Some of the most vital features include the following:

  • Uses a Single Tap to Connect

Once you have the 360 Root APK, you don’t need to worry about accessing your smartphone’s settings and tool. The app operates so simply, and all you’ve got to do is tap the app to root to your smartphone. The app gives you a “root” button that you can tap on to carry out this function.

  • Removes Cache for Efficiency

This app again has the ability of clearing cache from your android smartphone. When this happens, the smartphone remains lighter. In turn, it becomes much more efficient as the performance of the device is highly accelerated. In other words, this app runs a regular system cleanup.

  • Removes Pre-Installed Apps

The app doesn’t perform this function automatically. Rather, it gives you the chance tochoose whether to remove any pre-installed apps that you don’t need. This is the main reason most Android users will also root their smart devices.

  • Gallery Locking Feature

This is another one of the impressive features that were introduced by the 360 root APK. This saves time and prevents you from looking for a new gallery locking app. It is a great way to maintain your privacy and prevent other people from accessing your personal stuff.

Download 360 Apk Root (All Version)

When looking for the best 360 Root APK Download, you’ll realize that there are various versions of the model. Here is the version list for this rooting app that you should go with.

How To Root Android Phone With 360 APK Root

To root your device using the 360 APK Root, you’ll require two main things. You’ll need a strong internet connection and a fully charged mobile phone battery. Thereafter, you can follow this step-by-step guide.

  • Go to mobile phone home screen
  • Tap on the main app icon
  • Leave the app to open
  • The app opens for the very first time
  • You will get an introduction tothe Chinese language
  • Swipe on your screen to skip it
  • This takes you to the main interface of your app
  • You will see the “root” option
  • Click on this “root” option
  • Then 360 root apk starts rooting your device immediately
NOTE: The 360 rooting apk is easy to use. Once you have it on the phone, you can go ahead and follow the same guide that I have given you here to access and use other relevant options. Thanks to the apps simple interface that’s set with relevant functionality buttons.
  • Installation

The Root 360 APK download is simple. It can be done on any phone. You will download the Root 360 APK directly from the web and then allow the applications to install it. Once the installation is successful, you will have the installation icon on the home screen.


Using the 360 Root APK is easier than you think. It comes with pre-set buttons for different functionalities. The module is easy to use, and you won’t require any technician to take you through.

Once the app is installed, all you need to do is to open the app and access the functionality button of your choice. Make sure the battery of the phone is fully charged before you can carry out the rooting.

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