Samsung G610F FRP Remove/Reset Tutorial 2023

Last Updated on January 4, 2023 by XDA Team

We explained how to reset and restore the Samsung SM-G610F Galaxy J7 Prime to factory settings and leave it fully restored to the factory settings. The phone will remain as the first day it is purchased, without any information or programs installed. Let’s know about G610F FRP instructions.

These are usually the most usual for which a hard reset is done. You have forgotten the security code or blocking pattern of your terminal. You want to sell or give your device to another person. Your mobile is very slow, has a virus, or is very loaded with information.


Resetting instructions for G610F FRP File

  1. The phone must be turned off

  2. Press and hold the volume up button, home button, and power button 2b at the same time. For any software version, you must press and hold the volume up button, the volume down button, and the power button

  1. At the time that the logo vibrates or appears, release only the power button

  2. In about seconds you will see a menu called android recovery

  3. Select wipe data/factory reset; you can move through the menu up and down by pressing the volume buttons

  4. Select Yes – delete ALL user data and press the power button to confirm

  5. The terminal will be formatted in seconds, select reboot system now to restart

  6. Ready! It’s that easy to restore your device The FRP allows users of Android. In case the mobile disappears, the user who finds it cannot make a Factory Reset and use it. In this way sometimes the goodwill of someone may lead that person to return the terminal to its owner. It can happen, and luckily there are many good people.

1 download combination file
2 download adb created file
3 write flash /combination file
4 write flash/ adb created file

Download Combination File

Download ADB Creation File

How to use Samsung G610F FRP File Odin

The way in which we will use Odin will depend on the process we want to perform. But in all cases, it is necessary to put our device in download mode. Generally, it can vary depending on the model. We have to press the following combination of buttons:  Home + on + Volume Down.

For Samsung G610F FRP File Odin to recognize our device, it is necessary to have the drivers installed on the PC. So, we recommend installing the drivers of our smartphone on our computer. After putting the device in download mode you will have to connect the computer to the PC using the USB cable, you will see that the port ID: COM is set to light blue. To perform the software update or reinstall the operating system of the equipment we must use the files requested by the program.

How to skip the Samsung G610F FRP?

Sometimes it may be necessary to skip the FRP on our mobile. It would not be the first time as there are people who even forget the password of their Google account. Sometimes you can recover the password thanks to Google tools. Some people do not know how to do it. They have used an email. They have not created with their normal identity and recovery is complicated.

The protection is used for stolen and lost phones. You only need to log in with the Google account of the device, an account that those who steal or find it will not know. Whether you are in favor of it or not, it is useless if you can jump and although it is difficult to do it. It is possible. FRP tool has worked hard to find some exploit to eliminate this barrier. Now, the process is long and heavy, but it can be done.

Samsung Combination Files

Factory reset protection

You need a PC. Install a special program and add a new contract that will allow us to find the device account. Get G610F FRP Z3X from here.

The FRP (Factory Reset Protection) allows you to protect the phone in case it is returned to its original configuration. You want to erase the original owner’s data.

The process is explained step by step in the video above and calls a little attention how easy it is to play with some options of the team: assign a button to access a certain menu and review the privacy policies to access the browser. Thus you can download an APK. It is not required to flash or root anything on the phone.

It is supposed that this should not happen and less in such a simple way. Let’s see if Samsung does something about it.

Final thought,

With this process, all the information, agenda, notes, photos, videos, applications will be lost. So, we recommend that if necessary, you make a previous backup. The information that is on the microSD memory card is the only thing that would not be erased. Samsung G610F FRP file download from here.

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